The Knight Family

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Knight Family Statistics

Total Members—45
Surviving Members—40
Active Members—16
Location—Casa di Cavalieri, Midnight Shores

Knight Family Foundation

First Member Location—Current: Casa di Cavalieri, Midnight Shores Previously: Crimson Dreams, Twilight Vale, Cercatori d'Arte and Jaded Shadows
First Member Date—~ 2008
First Member Name—Jazper Rhiannon-Knight
First Birth Location—Crimson Dreams
Founding Parents—Jazper Rhiannon-Knight & Ghita Marino
Founding Birth Children—Aro Marino & Sophia Knight
Founding Birth Date—November 3, 2009

Knight Family Tree Knight family tree

1.  Ancestry

Many generations of Knights have ruled over the Knight Clan of Scotland. Although named after the ruling family there are also other surnamed wolves among them, with the Knights only taking up about 25% of the pack. The Knight family within the Clan only allows it's offspring to have as many litters as it takes to produce a son. The pack is run under the Knight's belief in Fenris (see Religion).

The wolves within the pack are typically very large, with the Knight family normally producing the largest sons. In order to decide who is allowed to mate the males fight for dominance at the first signs of Spring, often the smaller males leave the pack at this time to avoid serious injury. The few males at the top of the power based hierarchy are allowed to mate with the female of their choice, though this is always the largest females in order to ensure their line.

1.1  Families

1.2  Packs

2.  Members

The parent that contributes the Knight genes is bolded. Dead characters are struck. Parents are ordered Mother X Father.

2.1  Offboard Generation

  • Renee Damaichu x Jazper Knight
    • Ares Knight

2.2  First Generation

2.3  Second Generation

2.4  Third Generation

2.5  Fourth Generation

2.6  Fifth Generation

2.7  Appearances



  • The majority of the Knight family has traces of black somewhere on their body, and almost always leans towards a darker shade coat, there is an approx 25% chance of a Knight having a purely lighter colored coat with no traces of their dark coated heritage.


  • Eye color appears to be mostly random ranging from icy blue, emerald green, and bright amber to the odd purple.


  • The Knight family is built very thickly with most reaching over 7'5" in Optime form, though as the generations continue the size of the offspring will depend more on the parents and less on the giant gene originally from the Scottish Pack. There will always be a chance of a pup turning out very tall and broad. Due to the larger size of the family they thrive with large heavy weapons or at simply using their size to over power.
    • Jazper, Lorenzo, and Tony notably have the giant gene[1]. Tony's sons Luca and Callum are quite large as well, though not as massive as their grandsire.

2.8  Religion

The Knight Clan runs on the belief of Fenris, the sun god. Legend tells that when Fenris lived the sky was only lit by the stars, good souls that had fallen. He lived his life as a mighty warrior working for others, protecting the weak, helping those in need, and vanquishing all that would harm for selfish reasons. He died of old age, loved by all around him. When he died he became the brightest star in the sky, the sun, so that he may shed light in all corners of the Earth as he did in life. His heart was so pure that even when he rests and the other good souls lit up the sky, he is still the brightest in the sky (the moon).

It is not mandatory for all Knights to be very religious though the majority believe that Fenris is the sun and moon and that the stars are the souls of those who led life as he did. The goal of a Knight religiously is to live in the sun god's footsteps by protecting others and trying to do as much good in the world as they can so that they too may help light up the night sky while he rests.