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The small eradicated clan of Izumi started off with their first birth in Japan, hundreds of years ago. They were mostly Akita Inu dogs, with little mixture of wolf as the generations went on and on. Once the Luperci virus was introduced to the growing clan, they quickly adapted to the ways of the humans. They began to make poisons, and learn the way of the assassin as did the humans that once owned them had done. They took the name from the humans "Izumi", and made it their own over many years.


  • Orochi: These families are linked by the birth of Orochi Kanshinjou Kenji and Itzumi Kyoko. The joining of the two families completed a peaceful agreement between two opposing assassin clans that existed within the same area. They were on peaceful terms until up until the eradication of the two clans.
  • De Gama: The De Gamas were the one to eradicate the Izumi clan.


War is the main theme of the Izumi clan's rise and Peace was their fall. The Izumi clan was almost constantly fighting against the other ninja and samurai clans that made their home around them. They did not play well with others and many of the Izumis were powerhungry. Each of the Three heads of the family split up into three sections of the Izumi clan, each of them taking a similar last name to Izumi(Itzumi, and Ichizuma). conquer land, and then regroup to make their land more plentiful. They also were barbaric with their executions such as stabbing others with poisoned weapons (which caused opposing Orochi clan adopt similar methods) and beheading their foes, which made them rather un-favored in the world of the Samurai. Slowly, a rebellion in each sector of the Izumi clan which caused them to wain in numbers and soon lose some of their land. They had other problems too.

At some point there was a war that Izumi just could not beat. Not only could they eradicate the Orochi clan but the ones who owned the Orochi clan could also not be taken down so easily. With Izumi on their own, the last few warriors of the Izumi clan are forced into submission and then taken under the reign of the same clan that Orochi was living under. Orochi family and Izumi clan are then forced to end their generation long battle and become friends under their same leader.




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