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  • Species: Dog/Dog heavy hybrids
    • Dog (Dog)
      • Sighthound and collie heritages and influence through muddled bloodlines
  • Family Origin: Sweden
  • Surname: English, from Huxley, Cheshire
  • Status: Active, Small
  • Statistics: 13 total (1 dead; 1 active)
    Updated 05/2019.
  • 'Souls: LN, Drygrass Posse
  • Worldwide: Portland, Sweden, England, New Brunswick
  • First Member: Wander, LN, ~2012
  • First Birth: SL, 15 June 2012
  • Languages: English, Swedish, broken French
  • Icon: The Church Grim
  • Hover: "By the Blood" or "Kyrkogrim"

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  1.   1.  Huxleys
    1.   1.1  Ancestry
    2.   1.2  Culture and Heritage
    3.   1.3  Influence and Influences
  2.   2.  Defining Features
  3.   3.  Family Members

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1.  Huxleys

1.1  Ancestry

hurrdurrr ancestry stuff here

1.2  Culture and Heritage

  • Does your family come from a certain place in the world?
  • Maybe they have a specific religion?
  • Maybe there's a certain way all members of the family are raised?

1.3  Influence and Influences

  • Families: These families are linked by {character birth} or {blood feud} or {crazy witchcraft}.

2.  Defining Features


Predominant features of sighthound blood evident in all Huxley and Huxley offspring. They have sharp and angular features, long sloped faces with tapered muzzles and large, somewhat slanting or almond shaped eyes.. Ears typically have a flop, even if only at certain angles, but their gaunt features often give a somewhat severe expression. Rare offspring will pass on with more collie-evident features in their face.It's common for Huxley-blooded canines to exhibit roach-back, or the curvature of the spine from their long-specialized and domesticated blood, and exhibit deep chests and long, powerful legs. Their fur typically presents soft and silky feathering, pointing towards Silken Windhound or Borzoi heritage.



Greens and their varying shades and tints from yellow-green to blue-green are a dominant feature within Huxley bloodlines. Radial heterchromia is possible, and typically subsists of the paler shade of green radiating from the pupil.


Golds and blues are uncommon, but possible within Huxley bloodlines. These colors should never be vibrant, or bold, and should be more muted, otherwise it's considered interference from outside bloodlines. These colors are considered impurities of lineage.


Genetic anomalies - pale pinks and lilacs have been documented, alongside deep, rich purples and blues (never red); those in possession of these colored eyes are almost deified, as it's considered something of an omen. Huxleys with these colors of eyes are more often than not subject to vision problems or early onset blindness, if they don't already have ill-defined or malformed pupils, such as Coloboma or other such disorders.


Earthy, medium-toned and neutral colors, typically grays and warm-toned grays comprise their base coat, varying up to fawns and isabella colorings. Brindle coat colors are not unheard of, as well as irish markings. Most notable Huxley markings consist of melanistic masks or muzzles and ears, and saddles or dorsal striping, along with pale-tipped ears. Tawny colorations can sway between gold and copper, but are rarely the bold accents of either. Pale colored blazes, or uneven spotting and piebald markings, along with ticking, can also be commonplace. Coats typically are variants of agouti patterning.

3.  Family Members

PLEASE NOTE: Only characters with the surname of Huxley (or specific bastard lines) can pass on the Huxley bloodline.

  • Exceptions may be made, case by case, upon requesting Despi, including the changing of surnames.

First Generation

Second Generation

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