Dubhthaigh Family

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Dubhthaigh Family Statistics

Total Members:23
Surviving Members:15
Active Members:2
Location:Airgid Gleann

Dubhthaigh Family Foundation

First Member Location:Northern Ireland, Airgid Gleann
First Member Date:~1988
First Member Name:Cearbhall Dubhthaigh
First Birth Location:Airgid Gleann
Founding Parents:Cearbhall Dubthaigh & Eithne O'Sionna
Founding Birth Children:Garbhán Dubhthaigh, Alfric Dubhthaigh & Íde O'Sionna
Founding Birth Date:12th March, 1991

Dubhthaigh Family Tree

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Influence and Influences

  • Dubhthaigh — The Dubhthaigh family is very proud of its pure bloodlines, and claims to be one of the oldest family lines in the realm. They like to keep the bloodlines strong by wedding cousins, and rumors say that in the past, siblings may also have been mated.
  • O'Sionna — Since the founding of the Badb tribe, the O'Sionna family and Dubhthaigh family have always been the most commonly seen mate within the tribe; as both families stem from a single original source, mating with O'Sionna members is viewed as the most favorable way to continue on family lines and the Badb tribe.
  • Murtagh — Although not as clean as O'Sionna breeding, members of the Dubhthaigh family will occasionally wed with Murtagh kin. The Murtagh family, although an ancient bloodline, is seen as one of the poorest families in all of Airgid Gleann, and this makes mateships with them an unfavorable affair.
  • Macmathan and Ahearne — Although breeding outside of the Badb tribe is rare for the Dubthaighs, they have, on occasion, had betrothals with families from other packs, such as the Nemain (Tribe).
  • Badb (Tribe) — The Dubhthaigh family almost exclusively breeds within the Badb tribe.

Family Members

The parent that contributes the Dubhthaigh genes is bolded. Please note that Cearbhall Dubhthaigh and Eithne O'Sionna were both, selectively, 100% Canis Lupus Familiaris (assumed sighthound, probably mixed blood).

Badb Crest

First Generation

  • Cearbhall Dubhthaigh & Eithne O'Sionna
    • Garbhán Dubhthaigh
    • Alfric Dubhthaigh
    • Íde O'Sionna

Second Generation

  • Alfric Dubhthaigh & Fódla Macmathan
    • Sithmait Dubhthaigh
    • Brid Dubhthaigh
  • Garbhán Dubhthaigh & Caoimhe Murtagh
    • Muirenn Dubhthaigh

Third Generation

  • Muirenn Dubhthaigh & Conleth O'Sionna
    • Fionnlagh Dubhthaigh
    • Loughlin Dubhthaigh
    • Saraid O'Sionna
    • Faoláan Dubhthaigh
  • Sithmait Dubthaigh & Conleth O'Sionna
    • Fergal O'Sionna

Fourth Generation

Other Dubhthaighs


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Non-Blood "Family"

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