del Iva Family

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The del Iva family is really only one trading canine, a she-wolf named Vera. Her mate, Jasper, only supports her. He never engages in trade himself. Vera specializes in all manner of scavenged human items, and commands a fair price for her wares.

1.  Location

Their trade is done in a three-walled lean-to shack. Pelts cover the front and protect their items. The inside of the shack contains only enough room for two Luperci at a time. Vera invariably sits on a very comfortable-looking salvaged chair, "reupholstered" in pelts. She does not bustle around her shop, nor is she seen outside of it. Jasper usually stands behind her chair, still and silent.

Only the day's particular wares remain in the little shack; everything else is within their den. When Vera closes for the day, her wares go underground with her. The del Iva home, located just behind the lean-to shack, is a typical wolf's den. All that is visible in the low underbrush and shrubbery is the beginnings of a hole.

2.  Trade Information

2.1  Trade Pricing: Good

  • Although Vera is a very sharp woman, her prices are fair. She does not attempt any swindling and expects the same of customers.
  • Closes for the night in the afternoon (~3 PM)

2.2  Items Wanted

  • Vinegar (very valuable)
  • Junk that can be pieced to other junk or just traded as is -- e.g., a sheet of metal small enough to move (very valuable)
  • Rusted items that can be used -- e.g., scissors or a knife (middling value)
  • Anything that can be used as a holding item (jars, buckets, bags, etc.) (middling value)
  • Broken things that can be fixed -- e.g., a knife with a loose or missing handle (low-middling value)

2.3  Items Offered for Trade

  • Guaranteed stock:
    • Small mirrors, many torn from cars, motorcycles, etc.; some from makeup cases
    • Untreated wood, cut into planks
    • Tools (hammers, nails, screws, screwdivers, saws, etc.)
    • Containers (jars, tins, boxes, etc.)
    • Tattered human cloth -- most of it is rotten, molded, or otherwise mostly unusable.
  • Fluctuating stock of different human items, rarely the same:
    • Human furniture
    • A random selection -- hairbrushes, mugs, bags, birdcages, gym weights, fishing lures, a kitchen door, long lengths of wire advertised as "weird human rope," keys, light fixtures, a filing cabinet... you get the picture: you never really know what you'll find.

3.  Members




3.1  Vera

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wolf (Ortus)
  • DOB: 2007

Vera is a deep gray with pale turquoise eyes. She is a rather short woman, petite and almost frail in appearance. Vera moves slowly and seems almost arthritic; she suffers from a strange disease that gives her pains all over her body without apparent cause. Her hair in Optime form is very long and frequently tied back with a thin leather strip, and she is almost always wearing thick clothing regardless of the weather -- she's always cold.

Despite her frail appearance, Vera is strong-willed and sharp-tongued -- she is a Cranky Neighbor who indulges her own crankiness and wants to be left alone to live by her own devices. She does not allow herself to be overshadowed by others and demands deference, overcompensating for her physical being. All the same, she is a fair-minded, good-hearted individual and mildly pleasant when treated with "proper respect."

3.2  Jasper

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Wolf-dog (50% dog)
  • DOB: 2007

Jasper is a rather large gray wolf. He stands a foot and a half taller than his short mate, and is muscular and well-built. He shears his mane short in Optime form, though he appears in Lupus form beside his mate just as frequently. His eyes are a pale stormy gray, and his stare is unmistakably cold. He wears dark-colored leathers, strapped over various parts of his body.

Not much is known about Jasper other than his apparent devotion to his mate -- he's The Stoic to a T and rarely speaks except to Vera. He does no trading of his own. He does not typically respond to chitchat, and will give only short answers to any trade-relevant inquiries.

3.3  Other

  • The del Iva family is gifted with several gallons of vinegar by Orazio del Sandeo da Roma every time he visits the outpost; in turn, he is given various containers and jugs as a gift.
  • The boys who hunt for the Arcadius family chop wood in their spare time and saw it into planks under Jasper's direction.

4.  Members

5.  History

From Freetown.

5.1  Threads

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