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  • Status: Active
  • Statistics: 2 total (0 dead; 2 active)
    Updated 05/2015.
  • 'Souls: KR, SP
  • Worldwide: Onuba
  • First 'Souls Member: Semini, KR, ~2014
  • First 'Souls Birth: Krokar, 01 January 2016
  • Icon: Amaranth Flowers


The Amaranthe family originated in Onuba, Spain, and they are one of six of the main ruling families. They are primarily dog in blood, carrying varying percentages of Spaniel, Shepherd and Malamute breeds, with the introduction of wolf in Thalia's brood. The family is Matriarchal and the bloodline is officially passed through the first daughter of the first litter of the Alta Baronesa.


PLEASE NOTE: The parent that contributes the Amaranthe genes is bolded. Italics indicates adoption. Strikethrough denotes deceased. This tree was coded by the loveliest Alaine!

First Generation

  • Thalia Amaranthe x Edgar Lanseer
  • Eloisa Amaranthe x Matisse Durante
    • Viola Amaranthe
    • Coretta Amaranthe
    • Eione Amaranthe
  • Rosalind Amaranthe x Rainerio Puga
    • Undine Amaranthe
    • Xanthia Amaranthe
    • Armando Amaranthe
    • Felipe Amaranthe
  • Petunia Amaranthe and Madura Secoya
    • Azalea Amaranthe
    • Bergamot Amaranthe
    • Camellia Amaranthe
    • Primrose Amaranthe
    • Marigold Amaranthe
  • Flor Amaranthe and Sebasti├ín Avellano

Second Generation

Third Generation

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Background and Bloodlines


Onuba, formerly Huelva in the Human Era, was created by a large group of dogs who contracted the Luperci virus from their owners and took over the city once their human masters perished or fled. The Amaranthe family has origins tracing back to these dogs, and their ancestors are part of the packs that helped established Onuba and divide the Onuban territories.

With the introduction of the Lanseer line, Semini and Akantha and their progeny will have a percentage of wolf stemming from both Europe and the Americas.

Non-Blood "Family"

Patron Families (Outer Court)

Patron Families are the smaller families that make up the majority of Onuba. By offering support to an Inner Court Family, patrons are granted protection, services and deals by that family. It is customary that Inner Court families select their spouses from one of their Patron families.

  • Durante
  • Puga
  • Secoya

Related Bloodlines (Souls Only)


Thalia Amaranthe frequently adopts orphans into the Amaranthe estate. These orphans are mainly raised by maids or servants and thus frequently become maids and servants, or they are adopted by branches of the family if they have very attractive appearances.

  • Laevisa Arena was taken in and partially raised by Thalia Amaranthe, though this is a secret known between the two of them exclusively (the third party maid who helped to wean and care for Laevisa disappeared under mysterious circumstances).

Defining Features

The Amaranthe family is known for its beauty, poise and elegance.

Most notable of the Amaranthe blood is the Spaniel ear which is a very long, fluffy and folded dog's ear. The main branch of the Amaranthe carries these ears, while in other branches it occurs less frequently.

Only one branch of the Amaranthe family does not partake in the aesthetic-obsession due to their work (horses, livestock and mining), and they are generally pitied by the rest of the family. Despite the condescension they face, they take great pride in their duties. They are known to have a great sense of humor and acerbic wit. It is rumored this branch of the family was crossed over with Robles dogs at some point, and though the rumor is largely unfounded, there might be a small kernel of truth due to the coat colors and above-average builds that sometimes spring up in the children.

Physical Appearances

Men: Men of the Amaranthe family can sometimes be called peacocks for their tendency to stylize and adorn themselves with rich fabrics and jewelry to the point of sometimes being mistaken for the women. Their coats come in a variety of Amaranthine hues, and their builds range from short to average height. They tend to wear their hair longer than is standard for men in Onuba and style them in elaborate braids. The men with beards stylize their beards as well.
Women: Women of the Amaranthe family are instantly recognizable for their warmly colored coats, their long curling hair and their striking yet simple beauty. They don't adorn or paint themselves half as much as the men, but rather have a different standard of beauty that has more to do with composing flattering yet pragmatic designs. The women have builds that range from average to tall, with the taller variety being seen as more matronly and the average variety as more attractive and flirtatious.



Mustard (#ffdd4d)
Moon Yellow (#f0b016)
Mandalay (#b07730)
Bourbon (#b4673e)
Blizzard Blue (#a5eaf0)

Eye color in the Amaranthe family tends to fall in the spectrum of warm reds, oranges and yellows, but can sometimes vary into stark blues owing to their shepherd genes. Heterochromia Iridis can sometimes appear in Amaranthe bloodlines. They tend to have large, round eyes with thick lashes.

Peach Puff (#ffdfb8)
Harvest Gold (#eab675)
Reno Sand (#ae6f30)
Russet (#7c4a17)
Rope (#8b503b)
Falu Red (#722d16)
Waikawa Gray (#5f719c)
Manatee (#8f94a4)
Blue Bayoux (#5f6880)
Catalina Blue (#243254)

Amaranthes are commonly found with coats of creams and rich reds, varying into deep browns and warm blacks. They have a variety of coat patterns, but the most frequent to occur is the merle and tri-colored patterns. Rarer are blue merle coats and cool black hues, but these do spring up from time to time. The Amaranthe fur has a fine, silky texture that tapers into curls at the ends. Maintenance is important to Amaranthes in order to avoid severe matting. Brushed every day, their coats hold a beautiful sheen. Some Amaranthes may experience a certain coarseness in their fur stemming from their malamute heritage, and these individuals will grow thicker undercoats if faced with colder temperatures.

Culture and Homeland

See Onuba for more details on the general culture.


To be elaborated.

The family officially worships the Lantern (see Onuba: Moreno family).


To be elaborated

  • Distant, neutral
  • Pretend to care


To be elaborated.

  • Refined, Elegant, Poised
  • Charming, Witty, Conversational
  • Haughty, Arrogant, Aloof


To be elaborated.

  • Amaranth stars & flowers
  • Reds, pinks, purples
  • Fun Fact: They added an 'e' to the end of Amaranth to distinguish themselves from the flower, and because they though e's look more feminine and pretty.


Brief overview of Amaranthe history with other Onuban families.

Credits and Out of Character Information

Onuba and the Amaranthe Family was created by San. If you are interested in creating an Amaranthe character or adopting one, please contact San.

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