Zachary Moran

Zachary Moran

Zach, by Mel
Age5 Years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus nubilus
Birth placeLiverpool, England

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  1.   1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History
  2.   2.  Bleeding Souls History

1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

Piracy, piracy, it is the life for me.

2.  Bleeding Souls History

Zachary was a pirate who came to Bleeding Souls while on the run from the English law [1]. He hid in Syemv, courted Michi Rouyaken, and then ran off when his crew came to pick him up. Later on, he also picked up several other people, including Vienna Havazik, Ahren de le Poer, and Poe D'Angelo. He and Vienna and Poe also had a threesome. It was pretty hot.