Zachariah Aput

Zachariah Aput

By Tri
Name MeaningZachariah Deep Snow
Name OriginZachariah = Hebrew, Aput = Inuit
Date of Birth25 September 2010
Subspecies100% Canis lupus albus
Birth placeAlaska
Current packLoner

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Pre-'Souls History

Zachariah Gabriel Aput believes at his very core that he has been lied to for most of his life, a belief eventually founded on fact. It all started when he was born. The night was cold and his pack in chaos. The story was told to him like this: His real father had committed a horrible sin days before his birth and was to be executed that very night. His mother, noble and kindhearted, did not believe her mate to be guilty of his accused crimes. She went to his side shortly after giving birth fought the executioners valiantly. The few who survived her retold the encounter as something beautiful and horrifically deadly even with her fatigue from bring life into the world. But alas the man she loved was truly guilty and evil to the core. Zach’s father quickly and painfully killed his mother not but moments after she saved him before escaping the pack and his deserved death.

While untrue, this story haunted Zach all his life. He and his only surviving sibling, a sister named Ellyzabeth, were pushed into a life of pain, brutality, and murder with only the name of their father and a promise that someday they would be able to make him pay for his actions. Life was difficult for the both of them but his sister always had it easier. The pack looked down on him for his father’s actions as they did his sister and their mother's but his father was the rapist multi-murderer, their mother was only a misled kind heart in the story. He had much more to disprove about himself then she. It only grew more difficult when he found that he was skilled at the same things his father was, namely archery and stealth. “A killer by blood” they would call him.

So he trained. If he had to be good at the same things then he would be better! Zach would be faster, stronger, smarter, and more accurate with his arrow. He learned to read and write, a skills he had been told his father struggled with, and became the best archer in the pack but it wasn't enough. His pack’s belief was so strong in the ties of blood between father and son that his skills earned him not praise and love but fear. Everyone but his sister and his adopted father, Daren, singled him out and treated him like an outcast.

By his third birthday Zachariah's name was known for miles. He had become quite infamous and not because he did only the dark things that were detailed when other spoke of him but because even few and far between good and kind things he did were ignored or shunned by his adopted father. Daren lead most of the negative talk too having truly hated Zach since his birth but growing more hateful as Zach became a threat. He began to spread gossip and lies pinning atrocities he had committed on Zach. Their pack was tolerant of things violent and terrible so it took extra “finesse” to make them cringe. Needless to say it wasn’t long before fear became loathing. Only weeks later Daren knew he could kill Zachariah and few would argue that it was undeserved.

Daren surprised Zach while they were alone and far from the pack. He beat the life from his unsuspecting adopted son before standing over him and reveling the truth: that he had brutally killed Zach’s mother, not his supposedly criminal father. He left Zach bleeding and broken with only those words believing he would surely succumb to his injures and die.

Luckily for the injured ebony male this would not be his fate. Daren had taken them far enough away from his packland that not even a dark reputation could follow. A small pack of Luperci traveling traders took him in and nursed him back to health. He stayed with them for near half a year nursing his broken body and spirit. The group traveled east from Zach’s previous home in Alaska stopping and selling to any pack that would have them. Zach learned a lot in his time with them but made few friends. The young male found his behavior unsettling even to those who did not know his past and knew that he would never fit in among the traders just as he had never fit into his birth pack.

It wasn’t until nearly a continent later that Zach was jarred back into his old life. His father's name was heard on the lips of a merchant and that was all it took. Zach violently squeezed every inch of information from the man, ruining his relationship with the traveling merchants who had saved him but effectively finding a location. He lost all care for his new allies. He had found the canine, the one whose fault his whole life was and he would pay.

It didn’t take long before Zach found the old man. He made sure there was no fight, surprising his father just as Daren had done to him. Then he quickly and painfully killed the man, looted his corpse, and moved on…

But to where he didn’t know. He headed east where he would find Souls but had no idea what he was looking for. He was different from anyone he had met. He felt that nowhere would take him in and they wouldn’t be safe with him even if they did.

The Haunting

For his first few months in Nova Scotia Zach wandered along the peninsula harassing other canines and exploring the land. Being unsure of what to do with his life, the killer had only a vague sense of revenge against his uncle, Daren, to keep him going. He looked for soldiers he could use as cannon fodder should he decide to return to his birth pack for vengeance but ended up making far more enemies than he did allies during this time.

Not long after his arrival to this new place Zach realized he wasn't alone one his journey. A dark figure first started by haunting his dreams and depriving him of sleep. This continued for a short time before the entity showed itself in the waking world. It was the spirit of his slain father come back to haunt him. For weeks after his first conscious sighting he lived in fear of the thing. Though he was strong willed and used to difficult situations there was something specifically unnerving about an enemy he couldn't defend himself from and Zach soon began to grow depressed realizing he might never know a safe moment or whole night's sleep again.

Luckily for Zach he met a sweet young wolf by the name of Leela from the nearby pack of New Dawn. Small and weak, she was someone he would have regularly wasted no time interacting with. Due to his state of mind however, he was coxed into speaking with her about the situation. Leela eventually is able lean of Zach's condition and helps him rid himself of his father's spirit though an exorcism. During this intense experience Zach learns that his father was an innocent man and this changes his view on the world. For once he doesn't see the world as unfair and cruel but himself instead.

Plagued with self-doubt and reality shaken, Zach is left questioning everything he has ever done. Only weeks after his exorcism he happens across Leela again who is in heat and being assaulted by a pair of loners. He saves her from them but not before they nearly kill the small female. Nearly losing the only friend he has makes Zach start to realize how much the little heroin means to him but inexperienced as he is in feelings of the heart, Zach is left bumbling though his emotions and insecure. -To date as of November 4th 2014


Zachariah was raised as an outcast in a pack full of trained killers and manipulators. He had few friends and as such has a warped view of friends, family, and socially acceptable action. He does, however, understand that most disagree with a majority of what he "is", but has learned to accept this and sometimes embraces a standoffish or hostile nature when dealing with strangers. Zach is usually quite brash too since he doesn’t feel the need to be pleasing unless it suits him. While very suspicious of others, he has begun to open up a bit more to people than he once might have but still demands proper respect from anyone he meets and will easily be provoked if he believes he is being disrespected. If someone is able to make a friend of this male it will be well worth the effort. He is quite intelligent for those he truly cares for Zach would offer assistance with anything whether it was simply hunting, or something as dark as murder. He expects honesty but would not hesitate to lie to a friend should it be beneficial.





  • Birds - They are the masters of the sky.
  • The sky - There is something free about the sky, something carefree that Zach envies.
  • Combat - Having seen more than a few fights in his time Zach has grown fond of a good fight.
  • Fire - Finds it fascinating because of both it's usefulness and destructive power if miss used.
  • The color green - Because of his eyes which makes him feel unique since they are uncommon.
  • Rain - Loves the rain and can be found out enjoying himself when others might take shelter.
  • Reading - Knowledge is power and human books are full of it.
  • Deep dark or cold water - Related to a traumatizing ritual preformed in his birth pack.
  • Being lied to - Easiest way to make an enemy out of this dark wolf.
  • Fish - Doesn't like the taste due to eating an abundance of this when he was young.
  • Males - Since many males lead interactions with a macho or dominant attitude there are few who don't end up arguing or even fighting with Zach on their first meeting.
  • Snow - His last name is feminine and means 'deep snow'. He was constantly reminded of this by his stepfather and pack members when he was young causing him to grow an associative dislike of the real stuff.
  • Extreme heat - Being a tundra wolf has it's up and down sides.
  • Determination - Zach believes he can do
    something, he will.
  • Demeanor - Hard to read due to his usual
    lack of obvious emotion.
  • Self preservation - Can easily betray a 'friend' if it means saving himself or someone he loves.
  • Social Skills - While he isn't as black and white as he once was Zach is still outmatched by those who might have a 'silver tongue'
  • Weak Spirit - There are few canines who believe Zach to be anything but evil, a nuance, or even a monster. He struggles to find good in himself even if it presents itself. Is quick to anger if insulted because of his belief that he is already 'less' than most canines.
  • Demeanor - Hard to read due to being taught early on that his emotions were a weakness his pack and stepfather would prey on. Can take extreme emotions to break this learned mask which could leave some to feel that he is unfeeling or uncaring in some situations.



Coming soon.

  • Parents

Also Coming soon.


  • Leela Amarok - Helped him banish the spirit of his dead father.


  • Ronit - Helped her catch some fish
  • Juliette Grimm - A few brief meetings.
  • Violeta Rose Soul - Nearly shot this lady. Found some respect for her bravery in the face of death.


  • Callum Knight - Fought with his mate, Veyra
  • Veyra Damaichu - Fought with her after a meeting at the New Dawn border.
  • Tyris Kurosoul - Insulted this male and chased him back to his borders.
  • Aspen - Tried and failed to bully this little female. Would likely try again if they met.




Zachariah is a sight to behold. While he is large when compared to most, it isn't his stature that most notice. His body is trained, fur groomed, and coloring gorgeous but he has been admired by few. There is something about him, in the fluid way his jet black body moves, in the way his brilliant emerald eyes scrutinizes his environment that most can feel. He has the look of a predator and rightfully so. From the words of those strong at heart he has been described as troubling or threatening. From those without a heart so strong words like terrifying and evil have been uttered.

It is Zachariah's voice, though, that truly seals the deal. It's deep, and often cold like the blue of solid tundra ice. Closest comparison is Tobin Bell.


  • Fur: All Cod Grey
  • Eyes: La Palma
  • Optime Hair: Cod Grey
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Dk. Cod Grey


Cod Grey (#151515)
La Palma (#368716)
Cod Grey (#101010)





92 lbs (41.7 kg)
32 in (81.3 cm) tall

155 lbs (70.3 kg)
49 in (124.5 cm) tall

224 lbs (101.6 kg)
6ft 10in (82 in) (208.3 cm)

Handsome brute. A small bite scar can be seen on his left shoulder at close range.

Fluffier, stronger, slower, and scarier.

Optime hair is cut short so it is easy to manage. Handsome fella ;)

Personal Effects

  • Large Backpack - A backpack given to Zach by a group of merchants. Adorned with all sorts of pockets, pouches, and tie-downs, this backpack is meant to carry enough goods for to supply a merchant. When completely full it looks almost comically large and is extraordinarily heavy.
  • Bows - Zach has three bows.
    • The first is a simple longbow and made of oak with a sinew backing.
    • The second is a longbow also made of oak, but has a larger than normal and slightly misshapen bow rest that is meant for the ability to shoot more than one arrow at a time. This bow is not sinew backed.
    • The third is by far the most exotic and beautiful. This longbow is masterfully crafted from iron wood and is sinew backed. There is also decorative carving along the ends of the wood that depict ferocious wolf heads. From the gaping maw of these wolves is where the nocks of the bow sit. Because the bow is made of ironwood, it has a high draw weight and would be quite difficult to draw if used by someone with poor upper body strength. (Has one quiver to hold arrows for his bows made of brown leather)
  • Colichemarde Daggers - Two Colichemarde daggers in good condition with Black leather hilts. Each dagger has a hip holster and belt to secure it to the body.
  • Throwing Knifes - 10 simple western-style balanced throwing knives.
  • Gauntlets - Specially made bladed battle gauntlets. These beautiful weapon/armor combination tools were hand crafted by Zach’s mother. They offer solid protection and have swept back, spike-like blades that come off of the outer edge of each gauntlet. These sharpened spikes are meant for cutting or tearing depending on which way they are swung because of their back-swept angle. What makes these pieces of armor truly beautiful though is that they are in near perfect condition, having seen a small handful of battles, and have glorious gold inlay around the outer edges and near the bottom of the blades where the decoration is least likely to take a direct strike if the gauntlets are used to deflect an attack. The gold makes small but intricate wavy and curly designs.
  • Flask - A beat up stainless steel flask of human origin that still has a perfect seal.
  • Menacing Painted Wolf’s Mask - A mask shaped to fit atop a canine head and cover the face and muzzle. Two decorative white fangs hang from the tip of the muzzle guard and dark crimson eyes gaze out from a menacing expression worked into the colored leather. Though hard to see at night, in direct light a thick and angular dark red line can be noticed running along the sides of the muzzle to the cheek guards where the mask ends. The mask does not cover the ears, leaving them easily visible nor does it cover the back of the head, leaving hair to flow freely. Two straps are used to fasten it, one that runs around the back of the head and another that runs below the jaw. They are connected by a piece of leather to give the harness more stability. They have simple iron clamps to keep them in place. The eyes are colored crimson by a piece of thin fabric which hides the eyes at a distance but can be seen through from the inside of the mask. The leather isn’t very thick, just enough to make it ridged, so it offers little in the way of protection and even has a few small holes at the end of the muzzle for ease of breathing. It is mostly meant to hide one’s identity and cause unease to those who view it.
  • Cougar Tooth Necklace - This necklace was originally his fathers but he found it months after the man's death. It is made of a natural cord that is brown and stringy. The teeth are weathered and point out and down from the inside of the neck. They are lined up smallest to largest starting at the shoulders of the wearer and descending. A single fang sits carved with intricate spirals as the necklace's pendant. It is secured via a toggle clasp on the backside of the neck.
  • Random Stuff - A few vials of assorted herbs. One is wolf’s bane extract while the others are either for cooking or medical applications. One whet stone, two empty eight ounce jars, one water bladder with a screw on top which leaks if held upside-down.