Yiska Perethpaw

Yiska Perethpaw

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Yiska looks like what a normal timber wolf might. Her belly is a mix of cream and white as well as her legs, bottom neck, and her muzzle. The top part of her are a mixture of greys and browns, this includes her back, tail, nape, and a majority of her head. She also has a few scars on her neck and back from fights. Only her eyes are unique, like her mother's, they are liquid gold.

In her lupus form she is about 90 lbs and looks pretty much like a normal wolf.

In her secui form she is 180 lbs and her hair grows a little, which is closest to like a dirty blonde.

In her optime form she is 185 lbs, her hair reaches down to her tail but she keeps it braided most of the time. This is also one of the only forms she wears clothes in.

Her accessories include a grey satchel that she keeps her tools (mostly things for excavating like chisels, hammers and other things) in and her golden family crest necklace that she keeps hidden around her neck beneath her grey tank and grey-green capris. She has a few leather straps that hold her hair in place when need be.


Yiska was the youngest of the first litter and was thus a bit spoiled, being daddy's girl and all. She learned how to get things for herself when others could not provide it for her. She used this skill to terrorize her mother alot. However, it made of good use when she found herself on her own in the wild. She found herself the teacher as well to her never-harm-a-fly sister Zeru. When the trio split to go off to their own lives Yiska chose a life on her own. While Vulcan and Zeru chose to live in packs, Yiska remained on her own and independent. Because of this Yiska is nothing less than dominant. She and only she can be the ruler of her life.

However, this means she doesn't know how to act in a pack. She has never lived in one and thus doesn't know anything about rules or regulations, shes sort of a dive head first kind of gal who decides if she wants something she'll get it eventually. So if she is to be in a pack she needs to be taught how everything works with a team rather than herself. However she is born with a type of respect for those who own great things.


Pereth was a valley that laid deep in the arctic tundra. It was ruled by two major packs. Pereth-North and Pereth-South. Skin Shifters were the luperci pack that ruled the Southern Valley. The Perethpaws were the wolf rulers of the Northern Valley and it was the leaders of this pack that Yiska and her siblings were born to.

She was the youngest of the litter to her older sister Zeru and older brother Vulcan. However, like many in litters, none sought any difference in their ages. As the girl ad her siblings grew they learned many things from their father Seff and was given family crest necklaces.

However jealousy and envy throughout the pack grew and soon a young female that Seff refused long ago rose up and led a mutiny against him. He was killed and the female, named Avery took his place.

Yiska and her siblings knew that they were to be next in the line of slaughter by the enraged female so they ensured the temporary safety of their mother and new born sister and left quickly. For almost Four years now she has lived happily on her own as a nomad. As of recently though she found her sister Zeru again, who told her where Vulcan had come to rest. In finding him she ran into the Souls region where a certain scent and the hopes of restoring her family made her stay to learn more of the world around her.

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