Xia Napier

Xia Napier, born to Sy Napier and Haiku, alongside her three other siblings, Anette, Merlowe & Rhaeka, resided in Ontario, Canada for a long while as a member of a pack that had no name. It wasn't exactly an "official pack" as it was led by her mother, Sy Napier, and functioned as an unofficial family pack of sorts. It strongly consisted of the Napier bunch, mostly the children and their mates and children. Those who resided in the unofficial family pack at the time were: Sy Napier, Haiku, Kaze Anette, Tyko Amini, Merlowe, Xia, Rhaeka, Aatu, and Axelle, Nero, Anzu, Aatu (Jr.) and Amorello were born into the pack and only remained for a short time.

Because the group consisted of feral and Luperci warriors alike, there was never entirely a dull moment. Merlowe was infamous for going on long hunting sprees and coming back caked in his own and someone else's blood; he also appointed himself to take care of any aggressive strangers that thought they could push them around. Then there was also Anette's mate, Tyko who was seemingly insane. Xia never liked him, and her suspicions proved correct when he took Anette into the woods one night and snapped her neck with his great jaws. She made sure as hell she drove him out as soon as she got the affirmative from her mother. The family group took care of their pups, Axelle and Nero for a short time while they were still too young to leave on their own. Unfortunately, Axelle seemed anxious to leave them and soon Nero followed, even though he lingered a short time afterwards. Xia was not able to develop the relationship she wanted with either of them before they left.

Xia's family group broke up shortly after the fall of her mother, Sy Napier. Xia suspects the old warrior died of sadness after her mate and Anette's deaths. Haiku was violently killed by a bear. Aatu and Merlowe found him in the forest a few miles from their dens, barely alive and stayed with him until he was gone, and then brought the grave news back with them. Sy was never the same.

After their "unofficial" pack broke up, many of the siblings split off and went their own way. Merlowe was one of the first to go his own way, naturally being a loner by birth. Xia kept close to Rhaeka and her mate, Aatu, for a while before eventually splitting off from them too. She promised Rhaeka to always remain in the area and to look for her in times of need - but she rarely saw her sister again.

Xia was well-off on her own though. She was a trained, feral warrior. Her dark coat, though it had splashes of red from her father, helped her blend in well with her surroundings. She mainly kept to wooded areas because the bark's color was similar to her pelt, and as long as she hid her bright eyes, she could blend in particularly well. Except when she was in heat.

Xia was resourceful when she was in heat and usually hid herself away from the prying noses of wandering males. Hunger had driven her own one unlucky morning though, and she was pursued and raped by a German Shephard Luperci who succeeded in his task. Even though she fought him with everything she knew, leaving bloody didn't seem like a loss for the male. Eventually he managed to knock her out at some point during the procedure and swiftly left when it was over.

Unsatisfied, Xia eventually hunted him down and killed him. She had retracted the Luperci virus from him and after taking about a month to learn the new limbs, made a dagger out of an antler and a piece of sharp rock (even though she didn't entirely need it), and killed her rapist. However, even as she had done so, she knew that he had succeeded in his task. She was pregnant with his pups.

She believed that it was no fault of the pups and decided to keep them anyway, feeling that the memory of the incident would not disturb or hold her down. She later gave birth to Xylia and Ianthe. Her children know nothing of their father, only that they must've had one at some point. She never talks about him, and when prompted, avoids the subject entirely.

The small family remained in the general area of Ontario, Canada and eventually, out of habit, made their way East sometimes and then back West. Xia had hoped to find Rhaeka eventually, but so far no such luck. Xylia later left her mother and brother to explore the world, where she headed far East. Xia remains in the vicinity of Ontario still, with her son, Ianthe.


Dune (#342C28)
Cherrywood (#5D1F13)
Espresso (#5C2C1D)
Kongo (#483A2A)
Kabul (#4F402D)
Millbrook (#644E35)
Sand Dune (#807265)
Mine Shaft (#242424)
Mint Tulip (#C3E7F3)

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Xia Napier

Date of Birth:April 18, 2005
Subspecies:100% Eastern Timber Wolf
Birth place:Canada