Serene Eternity

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Serene - née Wretch D'Angelo - is a hybrid born 15 December 2010 in Anathema. She is the daughter of Eris Eternity and Larkspur D'Angelo and littermate to Salvia Eternity and Pandemic D'Angelo. Very early in life she was separated from her family by a terrible storm, lost her memories of her original family, and spent much of her formative years with her adopted Stormbringer family in Ichika no Ho-en before leaving the pack and traveling on her own. She was briefly enslaved by the Dawnrunner wolves but was rescued by her adopted uncle Gideon Stormbringer who brought her to Vinatta where she stayed until she recovered the memories of her early life.

She left Vinatta in search of her birth family and found them just across the bay in Salsola, which she joined in September 2014 despite her conflicting views that did not align with the pack's use of slaves. She later moved out to Salsola's Freetown Outpost and then again to the new Portland Outpost - following the fall of the red star - which was where she lived for a few years, helping out mainly with animal care and keeping inventory.

Serene returned to Salsola proper in December 2016 and - along with several other packmates - was attacked by a group of wolves that were later discovered to be a resurgence of the Boreas faction hell-bent on destroying Salsola. It did not take long for the Family to discover their hideout and in a joint effort with Inferni they were swiftly wiped out for good.

Life returned to some semblance of normalcy until April 2017 when a strange sickness struck the realm and nearly claimed Serene's life. It was through the exhaustive efforts of the Jagermiester and others that she was able to pull through and after a few weeks in recovery she was well again. Grappling with death caused her to rethink the course her life was taking and in an effort to make more out of it she changed her name and devoted herself to her pack and to her new mate.

She is currently ranked as Confidant in Salsola and doing her best to contribute to the pack in any way she can.







  • Date of Birth: 15 December 2010
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: The Ruins, Salsola
  • Mate: Scorpius D'Angelo (01 June 2017)
  • Pack: Salsola (09 Sept 2014)
  • Rank: Confidant (06 June 2017)
  • Co-Ranks: None




Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking...

  • General interactions: her offering a wave in passing or briefly saying hello, that sort of thing.
  • Seeing Serene around the pack; accompanying Scorpius, around The Ruins, tending to the garden, visiting the animals at Marrgerd and Grimrun, and so on.

Please PM to discuss specific interactions...

  • Plants and Poisons: Serene knows a lot about plants, especially the ones that hurt and heal.
  • Trading: She's got lots of seeds, herbs, baskets, yarn, thread, and candles for trade.
  • Nothing at the moment

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Although Serene is a heavily wolf-dominant hybrid a lot of her coyote genetics are fairly obvious when compared to her siblings who look much more wolf-like than she does. This is particularly obvious in her more slender and svelte build as well as slightly larger ears and a somewhat longer thinner tail.
  • Fur: Probably the most run-of-the-mill average thing about her; the typical double coat of a wolf. Thinner in the summer, thicker in the winter, and all around short and sleek though perhaps a little more soft and plush than average. This is hardly noticeable without close inspection.
    • Optime Hair: Kept slightly short and somewhat layered with a fringe that always falls over her eyes and tips that feather out a bit. She keeps her hair well groomed and maintained as she worries she wont take good care of it if it grows too long and unmanageable.
  • Facial Features: There isn't much worth noting about her face as it is very average looking and wolf-like with no particularly defining features aside from her slightly oversize coyote-like ears that belie the otherwise very wolf looking appearance she has in most forms.
  • Build and Size: Again there isn't much noteworthy about her size, which is quite average even as the runt of her litter. Due to a sheltered early life of sickness and injury however she doesn't carry herself at her full height and tends to appear much smaller than she actually is.
    • Lupus: In this form Serene looks very much like the hybrid she is with a notably long and slim body and lends to quickness and agility more than strength and power. Her somewhat oversize coyote-like ears and slightly longer coyote-like tail are more pronounced though she still looks very wolf-like everywhere else.
    • Secui: She appears somewhat gaunt and almost skinny in this form despite being much stronger and stockier than her lupus. Her fur lengthens considerably, especially around the neck and scruff, and her coyote traits disappear as the wolf traits are expressed more strongly. She doesn't like secui very much.
    • Optime: Serene is slim and slender and ever so slightly curvy in spite of her overall leanness. She does not look sickly or malnourished but tends to come off as fragile and delicate at first glance though she is sturdy and resilient at her core. She doesn't carry herself at full height and tends to hunch a little; an unshakable side-effect of her time in servitude.
  • Humanization: She is relatively humanized and enjoys the finer things in life from time to time, though she tends to favor simple and easy to maintain fabrics and garments over the more delicate and elegant fineries preferred by her family and packmates.


By Sie

Coloration and Palette

  • Fur: Predominantly Westar with an underbelly of Athens Gray and hints of Parchment throughout
  • Optime Hair: Mix of Athens Gray and Parchment
  • Eyes: Curious Blue
  • Nose, Pads, and Claws: Cod Gray
  • Scars: Oyster Pink
Westar (#DCD9D2)
Athens Gray (#EEF0F3)
Parchment (#F1E9D2)
Oyster Pink (#EDD0D0)
Curious Blue (#2596D1)
Cod Gray (#1B1A19)


90 lbs (41 kg)
30 in (76 cm)


  • Uncommon

Used very rarely and only ever if the situation absolutely calls for it for some reason.

166 lbs (75 kg)
36 in (91 cm)


  • Rare

Used only when she absolutely must, most likely to protect herself as it is her strongest form.

185 lbs (84 kg)
6ft 4in (76 in)(193 cm)


  • Preferred

Used almost exclusively as she prefers the use of her hands as opposed to trotting about on paws.

1.2  Etcetera


  • A brand of the number 77 on the back of her thigh
  • A small scar at the corner of her right eye
  • Whip scars on her back (most covered by fur)
  • Various cuts, scrapes, and bruises (most covered by fur)


  • She has a leather sling she is only decent at using. She normally keeps it loosely tied around the strap of her bag, on her belt, or around her waist as a makeshift belt. She usually keeps a couple of stones with her somewhere to go along with it, just in case she can't find any when she needs them.
  • She also has a small hunting knife that is duller than it should be and used more for utility than protection, but it could get the job done in defense if need be. She uses the knife more for cutting rope, thread, meat, and so on more than anything else.


  • Serene is almost never seen without her blue seaglass necklace. The two inch "stone" is held upon a black leather cord by silver wire. Despite not knowing where it came from, she treasures it deeply.
  • She also wears an intricate silver pendant set with a small oval shaped blue zircon gemstone on a shorter black leather cord that hangs closer to her throat.
  • She is also very rarely seen without her large leather satchel brimming with all sorts of items, mainly flowers and herbs. When she doesn't have her bag, she usually wears a leather belt with a pouch on each side to carry things.
  • She has a deep navy blue hooded poncho lined with plush rabbit fur. It is rather oversized and reaches down almost to her knees, serving her well in the winter and on inclement weather days.
  • For special occasions she has a handful of fine dresses of various colors and materials. She very rarely wears these.


2.  Personality

AdorkableNo Social SkillsNot Good With PeopleHidden DepthsThe IdealistThe Unfavorite




3.  Connections

Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.

3.1  Family

3.2  Relationships





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4.  Skills

  • Plants
  • Poisons
  • Cooking
  • Weaving
  • Spinning
  • Candlemaking
  • Diplomacy

5.  Residence

  • Bloop

6.  History



Pack Ranks
Dec 15 2010 - ??
Kinshou Yokai
Ichika no Ho-en
?? - ??
July 27, 2012 - August 2012

Wretch, Salvia Eternity, and Pandemic D'Angelo were born in the winter of 2010 in Anathema. She was seperated from her family and swept away during a thunderstorm.

Wretch was taken in as a pup by Saul Stormbringer of Ichika no Ho-en, and was raised there. She had many injuries as a pup and grew up in a very sheltered environment due to that. She had her leg broken twice in her first year of life and was attacked just beyond Ichika's borders three times before she chose to leave it.

Wretch lost her traveling partner Tawny and could not find her. She also chanced across an abandoned pup outside of Ichika when she went back to see if her father Saul had returned there. Wretch left the lands to live her own life for a while, and soon tired of the pup that she carried with her. It was very needy and difficult for her to care for, so she gave it to a mated couple who had always wanted to have children but never could.

Wretch then went in search for somewhere to live, perhaps more permanently. She stumbled into the camp of the Dawnrunner wolf clan and was perceived to be an enemy spy. She was taken captive and made to work, and was whipped and beaten if she could not. Wretch noticed one canine that continually seemed to be popping up around the Dawnrunner territory, but never made any effort to communicate with her other than a quick, occasional smile.

Wretch had been worked nearly to the point of exhaustion by the time she was rescued. Gideon Stormbringer, her uncle, had somehow discovered her whereabouts and broke into the camp during the night to try and free her. He managed to grab her and escape, but not without confrontation. He fought off two canines before suffering a sneak attack from a third who had wielded two daggers against him. He barely escaped with his life.

Since that day, Wretch and Gideon have been recovering and gaining supplies for the trip back to Nova Scotia. They left Ascher and Shiloh behind in Stormbringer territory, inviting them to return to Nova Scotia if they could get a break from the fighting.

6.1  Threads


7.  Achievements