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Whisper Eternity is a wolfdog and member of Salsola, where she was born and raised.

The daughter of Idrieus and Grievous Eternity, Whisper is a member of an affluent household. She is the youngest of triplets, following Azalea and Lilium. Her early childhood was largely without any incidents of note. When she was young, her father brought an older girl into their house to serve as their au pair – Heulwen Chatham, a former slave from Rabenuhr. In addition to her duties as a housekeeper, the young woman oversaw much of triplets when their parents were working. These days were spent either indoors or within the familiar grounds of the Ruins, the sprawling central hub of Salsola's residential area.

As she grew older, Whisper's fascination with her father's work – or more specifically, the huge, powerful animals he trained, became obvious. When she was old enough to shift, Whisper began spending most of her free time in Salsola's stables. This has carried on into adulthood. Her primary skills focus on the training and care of horses. In addition to this, she is a saddlemaker -- a leatherworker dedicated to the production of horse-tack.

Whisper Eternity
by Alaine

Credit: Alaine

OOC Information


Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 15 June 2020
  • Birthplace: Salsola
  • Residence: Residence 41, Salsola's Ruins
  • Etymology:
    • Whisper: speak very softly
    • Eternity: infinite or unending time
  • Epithet:
Physical Description
  • Sex: Female
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolfdog
    • 57% Canis lupus (Wolf) 1
    • 40% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog) 2
    • 3% Canis latrans (Coyote)
NPC Information

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Whisper around Salsola...
    • ...in passing, especially at Marrgerd.
    • ...working with the pack's communal horses.
    • ...with Grievous Eternity or her minor NPCs.
  • For anything else or anything specific, please ask before making assumptions regarding this character.
Plot Opportunities
  • None at the moment, sorry!

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


Whisper is a tall, long-legged animal. She is more wolf than dog, and resembles this, but has notable markings that give away her domestic heritage. Her pelt is mostly a gray agouti all over, and but accented by several warm, tawny sections. Darker (but faint) spots are visible among her fur, which is thick, longer than average, and semi-coarse. Whisper truly resembles a wolf in her face, which is angular, though her eyes and pale face suggest otherwise. Whisper has a rather mean looking resting face, though she is otherwise very expressive. She has sectoral heterochromia, with a single blue segment in her left eye.

Clothing and accessories play a big role within Salsola, but Whisper (like her father) prefers to wear as little as possible. When she does dress up, her style favors bright colors, tassles, and whatever fashion choice is trending among her peers. Her hair is very long, and rarely seen outside of a braid.

Though she currently lacks any permanent scars, it is not uncommon for Whisper to sport a minor cut or abrasion, especially on her hands. While she disguises her scent outside of Salsola, Whisper always carries the smell of horses.

  • Build, Size, and Forms:
Long all over, but especially in her legs. Slightly larger than average, fit and tall.
  • Lupus: 92 lbs (41.7 kg)36 in (91 cm)
  • Secui: 164 lbs (74 kg)49 in (124 cm)
  • Optime: 223 lbs (101 kg)6ft 5in (79 in) (200 cm)


  • Speech: Despite her name, Whisper is loud.
  • Scent: Salsola (pine, salty, marshy), Eternity
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Whisper has a rather mean looking resting face.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Whisper stands tall, with a good posture and obvious confidence.
Color Palette
 Whisper (#F7F5FA)
 Bone (#C6C3B5)
 Tapa (#7B7874)
 Ironside Gray (#676662)
 Muddy Waters (#B78E5C)
 Harvest Gold (#E0B974)


 Sun (#FBAC13)
 Malibu (#7DC8F7)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

 Cape Cod (#3C4443)


 Silk (#BDB1A8)

Reference Images

By Alaine By Alaine By Alaine By Despi

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.
* indicates character does not know this person by name.

  • Parents: Under the guidance of her parents, Whisper was brought up in a very stable home. Though Grievous and Idrieus both played unique roles in her upbringing, their unified front made it clear to Whisper that they were the leaders of their unit. She fell in line with this role of thinking but gravitated towards her father, who encouraged her interest in horses. When family difficulties (namely, her sister's assault and surprise pregnancy) put strain on the unit, Whisper elected to relocate in order to put more distance between herself and the conflict. She remains close with her parents, however. Whisper regularly works with her father and takes lessons from her mother.
  • Siblings: Whisper has two sisters that were born alongside her. In their youth the three girls were thick as thieves, but their personalities and life-choices saw the trio grow more distant as they aged.
    • Azalea was firstborn in their litter, and since then, she has made it a point to be first at everything. This included the completion of her Cueponi ceremony, her decision to move out, and later, her pregnancy and whirlwind mateship. Aware that Azalea suffers from visions, presumably sent from their ancestral gods, Whisper fears their influence in her life may be dangerous. Whisper has tried to council her sister on personal and family matters, believing that both she and their parents have misunderstood one another greatly in the past. When Azalea moved in with her new husband, Whisper had less contact with her – to the point that she has become something of a stranger to her sister's many children.
    • Lilium is Whisper's bookish sister, and the only one in the family with a hyper-fixation to rival her louder sibling. Even if Whisper doesn't always understand what's going on in her sister's stories, she is very impressed by Lilium is able to write as much as she does. She has always provided Lilium with space when it was needed, and for this reason was perhaps less upset when she heard her sister would be spending time in Portland. She has not seen or exchanged word with her for some time.

3.  Personality

Summarized: Alert, Caring, Disputatious, Fiery, Imaginative, Patriotic, Political, Stubborn, Venturesome

A product of her upbringing, Whisper seeks to live her life in a way which not only brings renown to her House, but to The Thistle Kingdom as a whole. Her strong opinions about her place of birth have led to a blind patriotism that leads her to believe local propaganda more fully than others. Even so, at her core what Whisper seeks is harmony – though her direct approach to most things and mean-looking resting face may suggest otherwise. She is a highly creative person, and often looking for ways to expand her knowledge and skills. These are primarily focused around horses. Whisper is, in fact, a horse girl.

  • Motivations: Learning, developing her skills, horses, establishing herself in Salsola
  • Fears:
  • Likes: Horses and horse accessories, racing, exploring
  • Dislikes: Scholarly pursuits, being told to be quiet, losing
  • Packs – Salsola is the best. New Caledonia has a trade alliance with their Kingdom, and therefore can be expected to uphold their words. She knows that the Del Cenere Gang raises horses, and has met several members of their collective. To her understanding, Casa di Cavalieri should be avoided.
  • Social Class – Whisper knows she is of a royal (if diluted) bloodline, and believes herself to have inherited this superiority. Those who are of similar status are likely to be more equal to her, and therefore more worthy of her time.

Homosexual. Whisper is only interested in ladies.

Spirituality & Substances

3.1  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Horse Training, Saddlemaking, Trade
  • Horse Training (Apprentice):
Still learning, but has done plenty of ground work, trail riding, and combat training.
  • Saddlemaking (Apprentice):
Self-taught, but practicing a lot!
  • Trade (Apprentice):
She just started learning!
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Running:
Gotta go fast!
  • Grooming:
Whisper really likes to take care of both her horses and herself.
  • Multilingual (Common Tongue, German, Sign Language):
Growing up in a house where German was regularly spoken has led to Whisper being fluent in the Mountain Tongue. She knows a very limited amount of sign language.
  • Reading and Writing:
Capable of reading and writing. Whisper is a relatively fast reader, but has a slow, meticulous hand when it comes to writing.

4.  NPCs

Tanya (Pauson Horse)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions
Template by Alaine

Template by Alaine
Active: Spring 2020 - Present

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Pauson Horse
  • Date of Birth: 2020
  • Size: 16.3 hands ( 67 inches / 170.18 cm ) high, 1400 lbs (616.8 kg)
  • Key Features: Sturdy and large, resembles a destrier type horse.
  • Coloration: Palomino, with four white socks and a blaze. There is dappling in Tanya's coat.

Around Salsola:

  • Seeing her…
    • …at Whisper's home, or accompanying her locally.
  • Knowing that she belongs to Whisper.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

Will make an excellent war horse.
Tanya is capable of carrying 280 lbs of weight comfortably. Her saddle is lightweight (20lbs), allowing her rider to carry a maximum of 37lbs of extra weight.


Tanya is a large horse, with strong hindquarters and a sturdy, powerful frame. She is a warm gold all over, with a lighter mane and tail. White markings can be found in the form of a blaze on her face and half-stockings on all four of her legs. Dappling can be found throughout her coat.


Mean and smart, requiring a firm handler. Tanya is likely to "play nice" when she wants something, and be pushy with other horses.


Tanya is part of Salsola's Pauson horse project. She is a prime example of the breed, though due to her personality not an ideal candidate for the breeding program. This has, however, made her an excellent candidate for combat situations.
  • 2020: Born in 2020 to Zaria, sired by Altan.
  • 2021: Traded to Grievous in 2021, and was then gifted to Whisper.
  • 2022: Trained extensively by Whisper.

5.  Miscellaneous

  • --
  • Awards
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1 32% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, 13% Caspian Sea Wolf, 7% Eastern Timber Wolf, 3% Arctic Wolf, 2% Red Wolf

2 Minor percentage: Australian Shepherd, mixed breeds.

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