The Wendigo

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The Ghost Demon.

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  • Date of Birth: 26 Dec, 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Residence, Packs
  • Mate: None
  • cNPC: Manidoo (Ghost NPC)
  • yNPC: —
  • Minor NPC: —

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


Much of the demon's inherent nature has been lost to the mists of time and sanity, making his appearance somewhat of an enigma of its own. Although not an unhealthy individual, the Wendigo's coat is an pale, ghostly grey, with flecks of a lighter overcoat painted lazily over his spine. The ghostly spirit himself is quite thin for such a large Luperci, as if he has remained on constant vigil and fasting throughout his years. His hair is long, unkempt, and frequently woven through various twigs, leaves, and whatever else may take root in his ghastly white mane.

The spirit consciously chooses not to shift into any other form than Optime, as he believes the feral forms are a sign of weakness. The Wendigo looks to be more like a skeleton of a wolf than an actual living animal, although the definition of "living" is somewhat blurry when considering the ghost.

However, the most peculiar thing about the spirit's appearance is not in the wolfman himself, but rather what he chooses to adorn himself with. Atop his head sits the only remains he chose to keep from his birthplace: a cleaned canine skull as empty as the soul who inhabits it. His skeletal body is draped in a swamp green cloak that looks as if he arose from the unknown depths of the swamp himself. The demon does not decorate himself in anything other than bones, which hang around his neck, alerting others to his presence via a cacophony of clinking bones.


 COLOR NAME (#272727)

104 lbs (47.17 kg)
43 in (109.22 cm)

157 lbs (71.21 kg)
54 in (137.16 cm)

248 lbs (112.49 kg)
7 ft 5 in (89 in / 226.06 cm)


  • Speech: The Wendigo speaks softly, like a whisper on the breeze. He seems to be incapable of raising his voice much higher than a growl, and has an indistinguishable accent echoing around his words. When the spirit chooses to speak, it is hushed, drawn out, and empty.
  • Scent: Wood, herbs, rainwater, and mint. There is also a trace of blood and another canine if he has recently eaten.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: The Wendigo has a strange habit of observing others constantly, his gaze from beneath the macabre headdress staring into another simply because, while the spirit may be cursed to walk the earth like a ghost, he is inherently curious about the way others work. He also has a habit of assigning his own names to strangers, disregarding the name they give him upon first meeting.
  • General Posture and Body Language: The skull-faced demon towers over most Luperci, although he does neither emphasizes nor deemphasizes this point. The spirit treads lightly, with hardly a sound heard from the large wolfman.

1.2  Images

2.  Personality

TL;DR: A wolf that's not quite alive, and yet not quite dead either. He is also an occasional cannibalist.

2.1  Traits



  • The silver-coated spirit is an enigma to most, and comes of as disturbingly obsessed with the thought of the afterlife. He ponders it constantly as he teeters on the edge between life and death. He finds a morbid peace in becoming apart from the outside world, and yet the ghost is constantly intrigued by what they call "humanity."
  • The Wendigo also has found an appetite for the flesh of his fellow canines, although he refrains from eating a Luperci unless they have proven themselves to be a weak member of the species.


If the ethereal wolf does fear something, then it is currently unknown.


  • Likes: Hunting, introspecting, observing other Luperci, learning about society and culture
  • Dislikes: Weak Luperci, non-Luperci


  • Packs: None.
  • Species: Wolves are the best-tasting, dogs vary, coyotes are good if the meat is prepared right, and jackals are scrawny but still edible.
  • Non-Luperci: Non-Luperci are inherently weak creatures and the ghostly wolf has no qualms about hunting them down like prey to be eaten.
  • Gender: No bias.
  • Color: None.
  • Sexuality: Rejects the idea of love as useless and an illusion.
  • Age: Perhaps the only canine the Wendigo will refrain from eating are pups. This fact may have something to do with the ghost of a wolf that follows him around...


Due to his current state of mind, the skeletal spirit believes himself incapable of feeling any sort of attachment to the physical world, including romantic partners. In fact, he has come to the conclusion during his years of wandering, meditation, and soliditary that love is merely an illusion the brains of those less-informed create to distract from the inevitability of death.


The spirit seems to be obsessed with the thought of death and the afterlife, and often ponders about the world outside of the one he can sense. The skull-masked creature also believes a higher power has cursed him, although which god is responsible remains unclear.


Similar to love, the ghostly beast has come to the conclusion that any substance, manmade or otherwise, that clouds the senses prevents the consumer from seeing the truth about everyone's mortality.

2.2  Skills


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  • Weakness: Brief description of a characteristic shortcoming (e.g. bad at scouting, language barrier, zealot, frail).
  • Weakness: Brief description of a characteristic shortcoming (e.g. bad at scouting, language barrier, zealot, frail).

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Owlmask
  • Father: Stormhawk
  • Littermates: Crowtalon (now known as Manidoo)
  • Half-siblings: Unknown
  • Family: None
  • Extended: Unknown

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

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4.  Property

4.1  Residence

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4.2  Trade

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5.  NPCs

Minor NPCs

Youth NPC

Character NPC





Can be Referenced...

Manidoo (ghost wolf)

credit: CREDIT

  • NPC Type: Character NPC
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Wolf (ghost)
  • Date of Birth: 26 Dec, 2012
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Appearance: Mani's form on the physical plane is always transparent, although the level varies on the circumstances. The ghost has the appearance of a wolf with a more prominent mane, longer neck, and larger ears. He also does not seem to have paws, as his legs fade from view before they get to the wrist and ankle joints. His tail, likewise, fades from view before reaching the tip, but the odd thing about the long, cat-like appendage is the fact that it doesn't seem to be affected by gravity. Instead, it is held level as a resting place, with Mani being able to raise and lower it depending on mood.
  • Personality:
    • Mani is even more of an enigma that the ghost-like wolf he calls a companion. It is a mystery to most on what caused him to become a ghost, although the Wendigo seems to have a connection with the ghost that implies a close bond beforehand.
    • Mani is extremely protective of the ghostly wolf, oftentimes feeding into his already dangerous cannibalistic tendencies when someone so much as speaks negatively about the masked beast.
    • The ghost does not get along well with strangers, and whispers words of murder and feasting into the ear of the silver spirit.
    • Mani also provides cryptic answers to the creature's questions about the afterlife, which only serve to add to his morbid curiosity.
  • Manidoo was born alongside the Wendigo in Canada and is tied to the ghastly wolf's empty soul.
  • It is unknown what caused the wolf to die, although he seems to have a dislike for the Wendigo's taste in canines.

Around Packs:

  • Location, doing a thing
  • Location, with So-and-So

6.  History

The Algonquin legend of the Wendigo is of a man who transformed into a monstrous beast from tasting human flesh. Likewise, the Luperci-like entity that dons the name of the mythical creature was born a regular Luperci somewhere in the Canadian wilderness. His mother was a gentle soul, his father much less so. Even the spirit himself has forgotten his original name, although he still remembers that faithful day clearly. The day he lost his humanity.

He was out scouting for food with his brother, when they both came upon a wolf lying in the woods, mauled and left for dead. As his brother ventured nearer to help the stranger, the grey ghost had something overtake him as the smell of the wolf's blood entered his nostrils. He had lost the ability to distinguish prey from predator as he smelled the blood and gazed upon the open flesh of the wolf, and he attacked. He finished the wolf off first, then went in to devour his flesh, his mind lost to his hunger and bloodlust. As his brother tried to stop the beast's rampage, he, too, met his end at the sharp ends of the spirit's teeth and claws.

Still not completely in his right mind, the Wendigo continued his hunt for canine flesh, turned nearly insane from the experience. He still wears the cleaned skull of his brother's corpse as a reminder of the true monster he is, the hunter of hunters.

6.1  Post Log & Archives

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