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  1.   1.  Appearance
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
  4.   4.  History

Vakarian is the son of Mars Bartholomew Russo and Shia'ala. He was previously a member of Anathema in February 2013.






  • Family: Russo
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Subspecies:
    • 75% Dog (Alaskan Husky)
    • 25% Wolf
  • cNPC: Shia'ala

1.  Appearance

Vakarian is a dog hybrid, though it is the husky in him that shows through the most. He is three quarters siberian husky and one quarter wolf. The majority of his body is a mixture of white and cream, some areas slightly darker than others, but he also wears a light shade of cinnamon and brown like a cape over his back, shoulders, and tail.

The brown begins in the center of his muzzle and extends upward around his eyes, framing them in a half-moon shape. It then turns to a light copper along his back, mixed with darker guard hairs in various places.

Vakarian's eyes are an intense blue, and will change to a slight green-blue as he grows into adulthood. His eyes are also speckled with dark spots of Amber around the pupils. Vakarian's eyes are very vibrant and noticeable against the color of his fur.

Vakarian will only appear in lupus form for several months until he is old enough to begin learning how to shift. His tail is not curled as some huskies' might be, but brushes the ground like a wolf's would. His paw size is indicative of how large he will someday grow due to his wolf blood. They are very big and often cumbersome to him.

2.  Personality

Much of Vakarian's personality is undetermined due to his young age. He has been on the move with his mother since birth, and that has had some psychological effects on him. He is somewhat shy and withdrawn, not sure how to react to other canines since he has never been socialized with anyone but his mother. He becomes scared and yelps very easily, and is most often seen with his tail between his legs and ears pinned back in apprehension.

Vakarian is very submissive, but also very thoughtful and insightful at times. He has a lot of pent up frustrations and energy, since exercise was limited while he travelled with his mother. The pup moves like a shadow, attaching himself onto anyone who will allow it. He is an observer and is very quiet and considerate. Vakarian is very much a "look before you leap" kind of pup, never taking any risks if he can help it and living in fear of most things beyond the scope of his caretaker's sight. He always looks to authority figures for an idea of how he should act, and tries to mimic the behavior of others so as to appear unafraid and brave.

3.  Relationships

4.  History

Vakarian is the son of Shia'ala, the wandering prostitute. Shia'ala briefly entered 'Souls territory to attempt to lure males from their packs or loners away so that she might trade the use of her body for certain prized items of value to her. She managed to lure a male named Bartholomew out from his pack border, made the deal, and did the act. However, that day the female had been more tired than most and ended up falling asleep, leaving Bartholomew to flee into the night with the items. Giving him up as a lost cause as far as exploitation went, the female continued on her journey.

A few moons later, she found herself with terrible, cramping pains in her abdomen. She had not realized that she was pregnant at all, and the litter that she bore that night was very small: one lone pup that she named Vakarian, along with one smaller one that passed away during the process. The markings on the dead pup had looked startlingly familiar, and her mind went immediately back to the half-and-half male that she had encountered two months prior.

Shia'ala turned back and travelled toward 'Souls as quickly as possible. She had already journeyed away from the lands for two months, and it took her around the same amount of time to find her way back. Many of the paths that she took looked familiar, and she moved at a quicker pace despite the nursing pup.

Shia'ala had only one mission in returning to 'Souls - to give the pup to someone else to care for once it was weaned. She had no use for an older pup, though the young boy was cute enough. Another canine would just drain her resources and run away her business. She would have killed Vakarian the day of his birth, but Shia'ala did have a bit of a soft side and she had found herself unable to. This was the next best thing.

Shia'ala is the NPC companion of Vakarian, bringing him to 'Souls in search of a place to dump him off so she can continue to live her lifestyle.

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