Vainglory Acidic

Vainglory is a daughter of Ravesque Acidic, born in the secluded and small cult of Whispers.

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Name Meaningboastful vanity; acid-forming
Name OriginMedival Latin vana gloria; word acid + suffix ic
Date of BirthJuly 6th, 2009
Species100% Canis lupus ortus
Birth placeWhisper Springs?, Ontario
Going toAnathema

'Souls Profile


Cult of Whispers



1.  History

The eldest daughter of the High Priestess, Simony Malebolge, Vainglory was marked to replace Simony at her death; because of this, she was raised apart from the rest of her siblings by the 'Handmaidens of Silence' — women who attended the shrines to Covenant and the Heresiarch. Vainglory was raised learning the many teachings of the cult, indoctrinated into their heavy belief system. When Scripture overthrew her mother, Vainglory was torn from the world she'd become so comfortable in, only to be left in the dungeons with Simony. Upon the death of Scripture, after months of being within the dungeons, Vainglory and Simony were reinstated to their positions. It was some time after Apostate and Hierophant left to find their father that Vainglory decided it would benefit her to meet the man as well.

2.  Personality

Due to her supposed 'preferential' treatment as a child, Vainglory stays true to her name and suffers under heavy megalomania. Believing herself to be the daughter of the Whisper Spring deity, Covenant, she places herself and her siblings above all other creatures. Because she was chosen to be a future High Priestess of Covenant, she places herself even higher than them.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

4.1  General

An average sized wolf, what marks Vainglory as unique is her pelt. Her base coat is satin linen (#e4e2cf), sandwiched between a white (#ffffff) underside and dusty gray (#999999) backside. Her limbs are lined with white, and her paws are dipped in it. A dusty gray stripe appears on her nose, ending between her eyes; this is seen in a hook that curls beneath her eye as well. The white of her face is trimmed in silver (#cccccc), a color that also occurs as faint streaking through the fur on her back and outder-sides of her limbs. Her ears and the tip of her tail are cod gray (#181414) and her eyes are bright red (#a80000).

4.2  Forms

Lupus (H.30in. — W.80lbs.)

The largest of the SimonyxRavesque females, Vainglory holds all of the normal proportions of a female wolf. As she wasn't expected to do anything on her own in her earlier life, her body is slender and holds little more than natural muscle — this has made it consistently difficult for her to protect herself and hunt for food, so she often asks a sibling to. She carries herself with a haughty, four-legged gait. Her fur is even length over the entirety of her body, as well as thick and protective. Usage: Vainglory prefers to travel on four legs, and finds this form easiest to maneuver in.

Secui (H.37 — W.170lbs.)

Optime (H.75in. — W.200lbs.)

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