Tucker Shepard

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Tucker Shepard

by Jazzy



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Date of Birth

01 July 2013





To Torment


Old English




Birth place

North America


50% Great Plains Wolf
25% Australian Shepherd
25% Dingo




Current pack None
Current rank None

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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Forms
    2.   1.2  Modifications and Accessories
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
  4.   4.  Family
  5.   5.  History
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1.  Appearance

Most likely stocky and strong. Looks more wolfish than his other siblings. Often looks confused and dizzy. Size is up to player.

1.1  Forms




xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

xxx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xxx cm)

xxx lbs (xx kg)
xft xxin (xxx cm)

Slim like a Dingo, has more wolfish features such as thicker fur. Would probably like Lupus form the most. (Feel free to add details such as frequency of use etc.)

Up to player

Thick fur, strong and muscular, Optime hair is up to player. (Feel free to add details such as frequency of use etc.)

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Around his neck, Tucker has a small glass tube with a few stones in it. He can't remember exactly where the stones were from, though his parents once told him as a pup, he loved collecting random things. Tucker now uses the necklace to make a rattling noise and call over his goat/flock.
  • Extra modifications are up to player.
  • Tucker suffers from Stuttering, just like his other siblings. He doesn't really care about it, and due to his active personality, Tucker tends to talk quite fast, and because of that, his stutter is rather severe. (Example: "H-h-hello m.. m-m-my my my n-name i-is is T-t-t-tucker Sh-shepard Shepard.").

2.  Personality

Very jolly nature, and over-reacts about a lot of things. He loves life, but doesn't have much of a brain. Tucker is incredibly active, and enjoys anything that requires him to run around. As a pup, he showed a lot of shepherding dog behaviour, chasing the flock to get them to move. (Any additions/changes are up for discussion).

Tucker was underwater for a long time during the fall that took his parents away. Due to it, Tucker faces mental issues resulting from the struggle to get oxygen to his brain. When overly excited or active, or when thinking too hard, Tucker is prone to Dizzy spells and Fainting. He's lived with them over a year now, and whilst Tucker isn't really aware what causes them, or what they are, he's gotten on with life despite his issues.

3.  Relationships

4.  Family

Tucker belongs to the shepherding family originating from Australia, the Shepard's. There are many tied bloodlines to the family, though it is unsure whether any Shepard's beyond Tucker's father travelled to North America.

Immediate Family


  • Kiko Goat:

Tucker's first goat was lost to a mountain, and when he was 1, his parents got him a new friend to keep the wolfdog company. Tucker's goat is still young and energetic, but still appears wiser than his owner and cares very much for Tucker. (Name is up to player).

5.  History

History begins with the large Shepard family. Monty Shepard, Tucker's father, was a traveller at most. His long family line over the ages had journeyed slowly from Australia to Europe. For a long while, the Shepard family lived in the Alps, there earning their last name as they raised and farmed all sorts of Sheep. The family was so large, including uncles and cousins and grandparents, that alone the Shepard's were their own pack. They were primarily lead by Monty's father, who kept the family safe from outsiders. But sickness took over the large family, carried from their flocks to the Shepards themselves. Many of the elderly members died, as did Monty's father after a year of struggling. So Monty took charge of the group, although it was now weakened. And worse was still to come for the family pack. Monty was strong like his father, but never as skilled. So numerous times, the pack was raided by others. Sheep taken, stock taken. Even moving to different areas of the Alps, Monty and his family still found themselves in trouble. Monty took it to heart each time he failed to keep the family, including their precious sheep, safe. And so he came to a decision, the family was safest on the road, constantly moving with small flocks. Others thought it was a ridiculous choice, but with all the years of tragedy, no one else had a better idea. Plus, the family knew they couldn't remain together forever. So they split, Monty's younger siblings taking shares of the flock and going off in different directions. One north, a few back to the east. And Monty, he decided to take his portion of the family overseas to the continent of America. He'd given much of his portion of the flock to his siblings, and traded off the few Sheep and supplies he'd been given off to sailors to gain access across the ocean. Monty didn't like the seas very much, it was nothing like the green fields he'd known in his life. But he stayed strong with his decision to leave to America, and was glad he stuck to it. Because not half a year into finding a life in North America, did Monty meet Bella Field, a farmer she-wolf living in a nearby pack. Monty didn't want to join the pack, stubborn in his decision to not settle down like that again after a life of failures. But he did bond to Bella when they met in neutral lands. The two sparked a romance, the only issue was Bella's pack. They didn't approve of outsiders, and so demanded that either Monty joined, or Bella left. And the bold Luperci woman bid farewell to her family, who reluctantly accepted her decision. She was given two sheep from the pack's farm, since they'd belonged to Bella anyway, as a parting gift. And like that, Monty Shepard had a flock to look after again, be it a small one. Though quite soon their numbers would increase, as Bella became pregnant with the pair's first litter together. And thus, Tucker Shepard was welcomed into the world, with his bulky sister Marie, and timid brother, Leo.

Tucker was always the most curious and active one, and never sat still to learn from his parents. Because of this he is rather simple natured. Tucker doesn't know as much about herding than his siblings, and has adapted his own style which refers back to how sheep dogs used to herd sheep. He loved his family a lot, and didn't have any plans other than to be with them forever, and explore all sorts of fun, new places. The energetic 1 year old couldn't contain his energy, but one day it lead to the downfall of the majority of his family. Tucker caused part of a cliff to break loose, and he along with his parents and Leo fell down to the bottom of a waterfall. There, Tucker was bashed about by the horrible river, until washing up miles away from the others. He had broken a leg, and Tucker's head was so severely damaged that he couldn't get up without passing out. The only one who found Tucker in his state was his recently adopted goat friend, who'd travelled far along the river until he'd found the wolfdog. Tucker's damage to his head caused his memory to be broken down, and he couldn't remember where he was, or how the whole accident had even happened. He could remember the others, his family, and that was all. So when he'd recovered enough to get up at least, Tucker began to limp back along the river. It took him days to get to the top, exhausted and hungry from eating only what he could scavenge. But there was nothing at the top of the waterfall, no cart or family, and their scents were all washed away. So, lost and confused, Tucker decided to continue looking elsewhere, healing up, and exploring as he went. What Tucker discovered in his year of journeying, only the wolfdog and his goat knows, but somehow, Tucker's journey led him to Nova Scotia, at a point when Tucker had given up hope of finding the others.

5.1  Timeline



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5.2  Threads