Crow Nakado

Trinity "Crow" Nakado

Date of BirthAugust 30th, 2005
Birth placeBleeding Souls.
Current packn/a
'Souls Profile

Trinity is a manly-man with a transvestite's name. :] Of course, he actually fully changed his name to Crow Nakado, but no one seems to care. ;[

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1.  History

Trinity was born alongside the Yawrah River with his sister Yamka and his mutant sibling-thing that never survived birth. He lives a simple puppy-life with his mother Konane until the den is flooded and they all fall into the river. His sister drowns, but he survives, even though everyone thinks that he drowned as well. He is rescued by a she-wolf named Batuuli, who mistreats him and renders him socially in-adept, turning him into a social misfit. He hides his true name under the alias Crow after becoming self-conscious of his original name. Batuuli gives him his scars, and he runs away from her to find a new, less angst-ridden life. He comes across Bleeding Souls and ironically, joins his mother's pack, being greeted by her at the borders. But she doesn't recognize him, and he doesn't know her since he was only a child when he'd seen her last. He is accepted, traipses around for a bit, and meets Jade, whom he loses his virginity to and falls in love with. In the end, he and Jade mysteriously vanish one day and the end. For now.

2.  Personality

He is quiet, reserved, and horribly shy. Horrific physical and emotional abuse as a child have left him stunted.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Please see the Eternity or Kali family page for more information. Konane and Chael are his parents. Yamka and mutant!puppy are his siblings. And Fatin is his grandmother in some weird way.

4.  Appearance

He is jet-black, ragged, and skeletal thin. His eyes are blood-red, just like his grandfather Mercido, whose basic appearance he shares, and he is covered in scars, the most notable being the three across his left eye forming a sort of inverted cross.

5.  Images

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