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Torok Haima

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14 September, 2010






Torok looks like any normal grey wolf, although he is larger than most, standing at exactly 8ft in Optime. His coat is made up of different shades of grey with a light grey on his muzzle, neck, chest, underbelly, and a good majority of his legs. His head, back and tail are a dark grey with a medium shade of grey in between the other two. His mane matches the dark grey and starts to grow out just behind his ears and falls down a little past his shoulders. On his left shoulder is a scar that was carved by his mother when he first became a yearling. It is a symbol that shows he is a member of the assassin family and that he had earned his mark. He also has a single line right between his eyes that he was given when his training began. Torok wears a loincloth, along with the dagger at his left ankle and the sword on his hip. He is always seen carrying a staff, which he also uses as a weapon. His eyes are a cloudy grey, appearing lifeless since he was born blind. He has learned to "see" the objects around him by using his other senses, mainly his sense of smell. He has well-defined muscles that show off the rigorous training he went through and a simple pendant, carved into the shape of a crescent moon and painted red, hangs from around his neck. A matching pendant is wrapped around his staff, the only difference is that the one on his staff is blue.


Growing up, Torok was almost always with his mother so she taught him how to fight well, along with teaching him to be caring and compassionate. He never was like most of the other assassins in his family, and it had nothing to do with him being blind. Nearly all the others were violent, bloodthirsty beasts who wanted nothing more than to kill, while Torok was always kind and respectful to whomever he was around. If another did harm to anyone he cared for though, he would become just as aggressive as the others. It takes him a while to open up to strangers but once he trusts someone enough, he will be there for anything they needed. At first glance, he appears to be a weak blind man who is completely helpless, when in reality, he is a very skilled warrior and is extremely protective over those he cares for. He is normally shy and quiet at first but once the other doesn’t appear to be a threat in any way, he becomes very friendly and open, chatting away like a pup. Even without his mother around, he still follows her teachings, staying respectful to others and helping anyone in need.


Torok was the only surviving pup in a litter of four. Complications with both pregnancy and birth were extremely common in their family, resulting in many miscarriages and stillborn litters, as well as the death of the mother. Because he was born blind, his mother spoiled him and always kept him close to her. He became much more of a gentle soul and learned to respect anyone he came into contact with. He was given a golden eagle chick and soon learned low speech and was able to communicate with the bird.

A little after his first birthday, he fell in love with a male slave by the name of Lark. Since such a relationship was not allowed in their pack, the leaders became infuriated and killed Lark. They would have killed Torok as well, if his mother hadn’t rushed him off the island, but not before he collected the blue crescent moon pendant that he had given to Lark. He traveled around with his mother and uncle for a while until Thanatos went off on his own. It wasn’t long after his uncle left that a group of raiders attacked him and his mother. Torok was knocked unconscious but when he woke, his mother was gone. He traveled with just his golden eagle, Fraya, until he stumbled upon souls.


Parents — Eris & Kota
Uncle — Thanatos

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