Tiamat Amaranthe

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  1.   1.  Personality
    1.   1.1  Summary
    2.   1.2  Traits
    3.   1.3  In Depth
  2.   2.  Appearance
    1.   2.1  Basics
    2.   2.2  Forms
    3.   2.3  Modifications and Closet
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family: Amaranthe, Volkov (branch of the Russo family)
    2.   3.2  Key Relationships
    3.   3.3  Current General Relations
    4.   3.4  Former Relations
  4.   4.  Skills
  5.   5.  History

Tiamat is a small wolfdog with a big axe. Currently, she and her group are stationed in Portland, surviving winter the best they can.

Born in the winter of 2016, Tiamat was raised with her brother Lotan in the pack of Krokar. Her mother Semini was a Navigator of Krokar, and her father, Nikita, was a member of neighboring pack, where her aunt and cousins also once resided. Although she shares many qualities with her parents, Tiamat is often said to resemble her maternal grandmother, the former Baroness of Onuba, Thalia.

At an early age, Tiamat began an apprenticeship with her mother's friend, the witch Laevisa Arena and her strange companion, the supposedly immortal Sudanese Cheetah Mafdet. When her parents separated and Tiamat began acting out, Laevisa took up a more maternal role by declaring herself Godmother and began to guide her in all aspects of her life.

By the end of 2016, Tiamat discovered that her mother was having an affair with Lokr Revlis, the Lord Commander of a slaving pack. Devastated by this, she decided to leave Krokar in search of her absent father. Laevisa and Mafdet joined her, seemingly with other plans for the girl.

After a voyage fraught with deceit and grief, Tiamat split from her caretakers and journeyed through the lands of Bedaya with the Shams tribe. After learning of the plight of their people, she recruited Rahab and her sisters to help wage war against Arena slave traders. Joined by a group of warriors, and eventually by her brother, they carried this war to the civilized streets of Onuba. There, they brought down the Arena family, and helped restore Akantha to her rightful place at the head of the Amaranthe family.

She was convinced to return back to Nova Scotia and make amends with her mother, only for her to discover that her mother had left Krokar. After wandering the lands for some time, they returned to Portland to assist Mara Savoy and Agrippa de le Poer with repairs to their ship, which sustained considerable damage on the journey across the Atlantic.






Player Info

  • Date of Birth: January 1st, 2016
  • Human Age: Young Adult
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: WolfDog
    • Grey Wolf, Alaskan Malamute, Australian Shepherd, King Charles Spaniel, Husky, etc.
  • Family: Amaranthe, Volkov (Russo)
  • Birthplace: Miramichi
  • Name Meaning:
    • Tiamat: Primordial Ocean Goddess (Mesopotamian)
    • Amaranthe: Unfading (Latin, Spanish)
  • Nicknames: Tia
  • Pronunciation: tee-yah-maht
  • Epithet: The Conqueror

Animal NPCs

Pack Information

Plot Opportunities!

  • Pack: None
  • Residence: None
  • Rank: Rank
Former Rank

Anyone may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Having interacted with Tiamat when she lived in Krokar
For more specific interactions, please PM me to discuss!

1.  Personality

1.1  Summary

Following an anguished and confused childhood, Tiamat matured into a resolute woman willing to do what is necessary to create a more just and humane world. Like iron, she can seem cold and intractable, but past her well-guarded front is a fiercely loyal and compassionate person. She will be the first to speak up or defend others, and never hesitates to do what she thinks is the morally "right" thing to do. Though Tiamat can be humorless when conflicts are ongoing, she is unshakable when plans go awry and rarely looses her cool under pressure. She can have a sharp tongue when it comes to problems and rarely will she withhold an opinion in such situations, however her preference is to act before speaking.

Tiamat's most defining quality is her ability to accomplish any, and more often than not lofty, goals. She inherited her grandmother's industrious nature, and few will ever find her idle. She lives a highly regimented lifestyle and can sometimes be uncompromising with others because of it. She seems to suffer no foolishness or meekness, and typically expects others to be forthright with her as she is with them. It can be difficult to get Tiamat to change her mind once it's been made.

In times of peace, she is more willing to lighten up and engage in less serious activities such as swimming, poetry, star-reading and the occasional laugh.

1.2  Traits

  • Demeanor: Determined, Critical, Brave
  • Outlook: Realistic
  • Sociability: Ambivert
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
Chaotic good combines a good heart with a free spirit.
Follows own moral compass which may not agree with that of society
Seek to spread their values throughout the world

1.3  In Depth


  • Speech: She inherited the husky quality of her mother's voice and sounds something like Alicia Vikander.
  • Scent: Naturally smells of salt, wood and her family, various essential oils used to braid her hair.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She is hyper-attuned to the tiny changes in people's stances, shifting weight, body movements.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Direct. She has a tendency to look anyone straight in the eye when they're speaking and focus completely on them.


  • Packs: Loves her family and Krokar, but that doesn't prevent her from being very critical of certain aspects of their lifestyle and culture. Holds the same criticality for all the packs in Nova Scotia.
    • Salsola: Due in no small part to her mother's affair with the ex-Lord Commander, Tiamat despises Salsola. She's justified her hatred of the place with their supposed enslavement of others, though the claim was made by her mother and unverified by anyone else. She won't hesitate to attack anyone from Salsola - that is, if she learns their true identity.
  • Non-Luperci: Sees the potential in a Non-Luperci lifestyle, as a result is compassionate and interested in their kind.
  • Gender & Sexuality: Wasn't raised in a culture of strong gender roles/expectations, therefore, Tiamat is very open-minded to a variety of expressions. She sees the potential in an individual rather than in their genetics.


  • Likes: Poetry, stories, hunting, fighting, taking action
  • Dislikes: Laziness, incompetence, inefficiency, cruelty
    • Greatly dislikes: Liars, Hypocrites, Slavery, Inauthenticity, Injustice, Salsola


  • Predominantly Heterosexual (attracted to the opposite sex) and Panromantic (can be attracted romantically to anyone regardless of gender/expression without a sexual element)
  • Tiamat isn't exactly disinterested in romance, but she doesn't crave affection nor is she captive to the whims of the heart like her mother. She is rarely caught off guard by her own emotions and will approach attraction with an even temperament. Due to her priorities, she will likely project an image of disinterest even while harboring intense feelings.


  • Tiamat desires to contribute something meaningful to the lives of others.
  • She desires to be unlimited.


  • Tiamat fears and loathes qualities in herself that resemble her mother.
  • She fears and believes that someday everyone will betray her.

Spirituality & Substances

  • Agnostic
  • Doesn't drink or do drugs. She's a good girl.

Moral views

  • If one has the ability to help, then it is their duty to help
  • Goodness is compassion, empathy, and inspiring growth, though not necessarily "acceptance" and "keeping peace"
  • Lying is always wrong
  • Slavery is always bad (as is anyone who is complicit in it)

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Fur: Thick, dense and curly
    • Optime Hair: Heavy, thick curls half-heartedly twisted into braids. Her hair is lightest at the tips, where it turns to a Kashmir blue, with the exception of a streak of silver-blonde.
  • Facial Features: She has a very petite facial structure, with a short doggish nose and thick dog lips due to her Amaranthine blood, but her almond shaped eyes are more characteristic of her Volkov heritage.
  • Build and Size: Tiamat is compact and efficient, sporting a gymnast build. She is densest in the upper body and leaner and more flexible in her legs. Though small for a Luperci, she has no difficulty holding her own in dangerous situations or against opponents twice her size.
    • Lupus: Very fluffy thanks to her Australian Shepherd genes.
    • Optime: Not traditionally beautiful, Tiamat sports a small bust, short nose, little body fat and stands with confrontational body language. She has spaniel ears due to her Amaranthine blood. She isn't particular about her ears and will allow others to mess with them, if they can get past her giant messy hair.
  • Humanization: Tiamat is amenable to human ways, having grown in a more humanized pack. She prefers to use tools, live in artificial shelters and deal with most things standing upright. That being said, Tiamat has no difficulty adjusting to a more feral lifestyle, though she may seem outlandishly aggressive in feral body language (upright tail, maintains direct eye contact).


Coloration and Palette

Please note that Tiamat's color palette is artistically exaggerated in her depictions, but is not representative of her actual fur colors.

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black
  • Claws: All black except left foot, which is pink
General Colors
Black Pearl (#1a202a)
Fiord (#3a4150)
Comet (#5d6371)
Slate Gray (#66738c)
Cloud (#C3C2BF)
Quill Gray (#cccac4)
Black Haze (#eef1f1)
Eye Color
Boston Blue (#3982b6)
Sail (#AED8F5)

2.2  Forms

80 lbs (36 kg)
26 in (66 cm)


Tiamat considers lupus her "original" form and it is her preferred form after Optime. In lupus, Tiamat is compact and efficient, and can run her fastest speed. She enjoys the challenge of four legs for things like hunting or climbing, or activities that are ordinarily made simpler through Optime. She sees it as a refreshing change of perspective.

150 lbs (68 kg)
38 in (97 cm)


Tiamat considers secui to be her "third" form and doesn't like it for much of anything. She doesn't gain enough bulk to be more effective at hunting, nor is the form fast enough to justify the lack of muscle. She will assume secui only in a transitional state.

190 lbs (86 kg)
5ft 6in (66 in / 167 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Straddling the line between small to average, Tiamat exceeds the standard weight range due to the density of her muscles. Tiamat will assume Optime for most occasions. She will view Optime as being the most practical form, and for this reason favor it before the others.

2.3  Modifications and Closet


Jewelry and Accessories

Weapons and Armor


  • Scars: Small round puncture wound under her right shoulder blade, cut across her left hip, puncture wounds on her left forearm.
  • Tattoos: Kraken tattoo on her left shoulder done by Tsolin Himaa.
  • Pearl hair bands: Tiamat acquired these by trade while traveling in Bedaya. She uses them to tie her hair (example).
  • Cotton Robes: Crafted by Laevisa Arena.
  • Shargan Outfit: Each element of the dress was hand-made by a member from each of the Bedouin tribes.


Hover for artist credit!

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Amaranthe, Volkov (branch of the Russo family)

Key Family Relationships

  • Semini: Once deeply concerned with her mother's approval, Tiamat lost faith in her mother's judgment and found guidance elsewhere. She thinks of Semini as being overly emotional to a dangerous level and selfish, despite sharing that wild energy herself.
  • Nikita: Tiamat desperately loves her father and wishes they could have been closer. The fact that Semini pushed him out of her life permanently did not help her relationship with her mother, and only makes her more sympathetic to her father. After learning that Nikita has also moved on in his life from her half-brother, Tiamat abandoned her dreams of finding him.
  • Lotan: Her feelings for Lotan began competitively (and also a little manipulative, bossy, and well, sisterly), and for a while it was Tiamat's life mission to dominate poor Lotan. After the breakup of their parents, Tiamat's feelings changed to something more maternal. She began to feel the need to protect him from the world. Following the discovery of their mother's affair, Tiamat abandoned Krokar and left her brother behind, though with great heartache. He came to her aid during the war in Bedaya, and since then the pair have traveled together. They seem to have a strange force-like connection.

Family Tree

Grandparents: Thalia Amaranthe, Zaets Russo, Edgar Lanseer, Jovanka Molotova

Other Family Relationships

  • Thalia: Tiamat is not a fan of her grandmother. Meeting Thalia has made Tiamat feel the unthinkable - sympathy for Semini.
  • Akantha: Although Tiamat was not impressed with her aunt growing up, time in Onuba has allowed Tiamat to gain a deeper insight into her maternal family. Akantha's expert navigation of the courts, and then her decision to help Tiamat, earned Tia's trust and respect.
  • Odalis: Initially, Tiamat didn't know whether to think of Odalis as friend or foe, but came to the quick conclusion of friend. Odalis rocks y'all.
  • Lucian: Tiamat and Lucian do not get along, but in the best way.
  • Solomon: He is her cousin.


  • Lazar Volkov: A half-brother from her father's side, Tiamat was fortunate enough to cross his path and share amicable conversation.
  • Malik & Calrian: Tiamat hates them. She wants nothing to do with them, and has threatened them at least once. Does it have to do with their father? Yes, 100%. Is it fair? No, but everyone has their problems.

3.2  Key Relationships

Rahab de le Poer

Rahab was initially little more than a cheeky hired hand to Tiamat. While it was a struggle at first to come to any understanding, their relationship blossomed into a trusting partnership over the course of a war, and later became a meaningful friendship during a high stakes rescue in Onuba. Their dynamic is a little odd, with Tiamat presenting a straight-man demeanor when juxtaposed to Rahab's more exuberant personality, but behind closed doors, Rahab is the only person Tiamat can relax and be herself around. Despite their many differences and oddities, Tiamat considers Rahab to be her closest friend and loves her like family.

Griffin Winsor

Griffin and Tiamat have a long and complicated history. Her feelings about him have flipped and changed so many times that she's lost count. She doesn't really know where she stands anymore, but what she does know is that when she's with Griffin, she feels like she's home. She understands why he decided to leave, but has not yet figured out what that means to her.

Mateo Salcedo

Mateo and Tiamat met in a church in Onuba, where the Salcedo Prince helped to hide her from guards. She became quickly enamored with him after meeting him several more times in the Courts, though thoroughly jaded from past experiences and a number of other pressing realities, she never pursued anything. When they finally had some time to relax in Portland, she and Mateo affirmed their feelings for one another. Mateo then tried to persuade her to leave Portland with him to explore the world, and her refusal to leave her brother and Rahab meant that they had to part ways. Tiamat was crushed by his departure, and doesn't know what to think of him now.

Tsolin Himaa

Tsolin is a good friend and an undeniably loyal one. They have a strange connection due to their similar serious natures. She's had more of a chance to get to know him because of the tattoo he gave her, and in more recent times, see his caring side when she despaired over Mateo's departure. In a moment of personal weakness, she kissed him. Tiamat doesn't know what she's doing and is scared, however, she does know Tsolin is ridiculously good at kissing.

3.3  Current General Relations


Neutral Relations

  • Neith Heiwa: She got him out of a hole, but she would have left him there if she knew he was a Salsolan.

Negative Relations

  • Marlowe de le Poer: He's mean and argumentative and always fights with Pazuzu for no reason!
  • Brocade Valentine & Etoile Montgomery: Random Salsolans that she fought with. She hopes they died.
  • Lokr Revlis: Tiamat blames Lokr for the breakup of her family and will never forgive him for this. She hates Salsola and everyone associated with Salsola mostly because of him.

3.4  Former Relations


Neutral Relations

  • Willow Cormier: Tiamat was envious of Willow and her idyllic Krokaran life, and used to look down on her until she helped Tiamat win over a love potion from Laevisa. Since then, Tiamat has conflicted feelings of respect for her.
  • Camellia Amaranthe

Negative Relations

  • Laevisa Arena: Laevisa was Tiamat's tutor, mentor, and self proclaimed Godmother. Tiamat's trust turned to the witch after her fallout with her own mother, but as it turned out, Laevisa had been grooming her since childhood to get revenge on certain individuals from her past. Tiamat killed Laevisa's companion, the Goddess Mafdet, by beheading her, and left Laevisa in Onuba to face her numerous crimes. Since her emotions for Laevisa are mixed with love and hate, it's hard for Tiamat to think about the witch in any way.
  • Scarlett Arena: Scarlett is Laevisa's scary sister who seems to hate everything and everyone.

4.  Skills

Language & Literacy

  • Education and Learning: Tiamat grew up in a multilingual household. When she was 6-7 months old and shifted, Laevisa began to tutor her in traditional Onuban skills, such as reading and writing.


  • Education and Learning: Starting as early as 5 months, Laevisa and Mafdet began to teach Tiamat how to hunt without weapons. Mafdet was her primary tutor, although as a cheetah in a swampy environment her hunting lessons were more abstract than practical. Most of it involved Tiamat hunting on her own and receiving critique for improvement.
  • Fluent: English, Spanish
  • Semi-Fluent: Russian, Portuguese
  • Beginner: Arabic, Turkish
  • Reading (Beginner): Tiamat has the fundamentals down and can read very basic and short English/Spanish texts. This is why she enjoys poetry so much - it requires less effort and concentration to actually read while evoking strong emotions.
  • Writing (Beginner): The act of writing for Tia is slow and cumbersome, but fulfilling all the same. She enjoys writing even if it takes her all day to fill a page. Her efforts to keep a journal have improved her ability to write and read. She frequently mixes Spanish and English.
  • Poetry (Beginner/Appreciator): Tia will write down poems that she reads or hears in her journal, and compose some of her own. Her journal is her treasure.
  • Tracking (Apprentice): Laevisa began to teach Tiamat how to track her prey using more visual cues (broken branches, foot prints, reading the scene/lay of land) and inferences rather than by scent, as it was discovered early on that Tiamat has a poor nose (inherited from her mother). She instilled in Tiamat the importance of identifying the patterns of prey movement and predicting where they will be vs. simply sniffing and chasing.
  • Feral Method (Apprentice): Tiamat enjoys hunting in her lupus form, and due to her shepherd blood she has an instinct for anticipating action.
  • Dressing Kill (Apprentice): Laevisa taught Tiamat how to properly skin and harvest material from her kills rather than simply tear in and eat.
  • Weapons Hunting (Apprentice): Beginning with a bow and arrow, Tiamat had just begun her weapons training before she left Krokar. She has an average aptitude for it, but dislikes the distance it creates between her and the action.


  • Education and Learning: Listed here are skills which Tiamat acquired naturally during her upbringing and during her travels but aren't a major focal point of her character.


  • Education and Learning: Tiamat began to train for combat long before she actually knew what she was doing. She learned acrobatic skills from Laevisa, and trained in strength-building exercises from a young age. While traveling in Bedaya, Tiamat learned to combine her agility with hard-hitting attacks.
  • Animal Care (Beginner): During her time in Krokar, Tiamat became familiar with the livestock but was disinterested in learning much beyond the basics. Most of her knowledge will expand during her time in Bedaya. She knows how to brush a horse and trim and pick out hooves, how to groom livestock and has sheared a sheep once. She is familiar with the different needs of different livestock (sheep, goat, cows, caribou, horses) but doesn't know anything in depth.
  • Swimming (Intermediate): Having grown up in Krokar's rivers, Tiamat learned how to swim in both Lupus and Optime forms. She is a competent swimmer and isn't afraid of any body of water, but she isn't as skillful as her mother and can't dive for long periods of time.
  • Healing (Beginner): Rudimentary
  • Close Combat (Journeyman): At close range, Tiamat is a veritable force of nature, especially with an axe. Her ferocity and agility quickly overwhelms opponents. Tiamat will use the weight of her axe like a counter-balance as well as a bludgeoning force. A common tactic of hers is to plant her axe into something (be it a tree or a ribcage) and use the momentum to launch herself into a physical attack. This momentum also allows her to dislodge the axe and deal a finishing blow. She is practiced with a variety of short-ranged weapons as well, including daggers, maces, short swords, and a manner of knives. Dat Amazon jump tho.
  • Long Distance (Novice): Tiamat learned the basics of a bow and arrow and slings, but she is too impatient to learn how to time them. She favors javelins, spears, and staffs if forced to use a long ranged weapon, and these she will mostly use in mounted situations, never thrown.
  • Middle Distance (Novice): Tiamat can get away with a sword, and she has some practice with a whip.
  • Weapons Care (Level): Tiamat is very invested in her beautiful axe. She is very adept at sharpening things.

5.  History



2016 proves to be much like Tiamat - unrelenting and unpredictable. In the blink of an eye she grows up and makes the decision to leave home.


  1. NPC the only moment we are alone (01 Jan 2016)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Semini, Thalia Amaranthe, Laevisa Arena. Tiamat and Lotan are born.
  2. NPC hope that something pure can last (01 Jan 2016)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Semini, Akantha, Thalia Amaranthe, Laevisa Arena. Akantha arrives and reveals her own pregnancy. Thalia informs them that their father's ship, The Saltwater Storm, is now in possession of the Amaranthe family. Tiamat and Lotan are just baby nuggets in this thread.
  3. NPC hello world (13 Jan 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Semini, Lucille, Gus, Eliza, Ciara. Tiamat and Lotan are introduced to the pack alongside the children of Gus and Lucille, Eliza and Storm.


  1. NPC blind faith, God's grace, nothing else left to impart (26 Feb 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Semini, Nikita, Lotan. Nikita has been back for a little less than a month and he's come to visit his children. As Tiamat and Lotan show off their sweet swimming skills, Semini and Nikita rekindle their relationship.


  • Children are mentioned passively in Semini's posts throughout the month, though are not significantly featured. During the Austringer Hostility, Tiamat and Lotan are looked after by both Caoba and to a lesser extent, Laevisa. Laevisa begins to teach the children the basics of reading and other skills. They stay with Nikita while their mother is away during this thread.


  1. NPC [m] blood of the moon on us all (01 APR 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Semini, Caoba, Lotan. The meteor strikes. Semini saves her children by passing them off to Caoba just before the cabin roof collapses onto her. Tiamat witnesses this happen.
  2. NPC we should run like rivers (25 APR 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Semini, Ailie Morgan, Malcolm, Lotan. Tiamat and Lotan help their mother dig for grubs, and when they start bickering, Ailie comes to save the day.
  3. During the month of April, Nikita comes to stay with them and is demoted in Sapient for his absence.


  • Life goes on in Krokar and Tiamat finally hits a growth spurt. Nikita teachs the children the basics of sailing and ships, and Laevisa continues tutoring them.


  1. NPC LASKY: you tend the ash, I'll tend the pine (01 JUNE 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Semini, Laevisa Arena. Tiamat and Lotan swim in the river while Semini hangs out nearby. Laevisa plays a game with them, asking them to dive down into the river and bring back interesting objects.
  2. NPC Read Only: [m] your silence covers me (01 JUNE 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Tiamat. After Semini and Nikita break up, Tiamat and Semini have a conversation which starts a small fight. Tiamat is very upset about their family coming apart.
  3. NPC [m] let the water in (01 JUNE 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Laevisa Arena. Tiamat runs to Laevisa after the fight with her mother, and Laevisa comforts her with magic tricks. She then tells her that she will show her her destiny when it is time. She brings her to stay with Caoba even though she doesn't want to, and urges her to "see", and Tiamat sees that her brother needs her.


  1. NPC LASKY: [m] love for a forgotten future (27 JUL 2016)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Laevisa Arena, Mafdet. Tiamat is frustrated that she can't shift yet but all the other guppies in Krokar can. She runs away and comes across a strange woman who claims she can show Tiamat how to shift. The woman ends up trying to kill Tiamat, and Laevisa and Mafdet have to come and save her. Tiamat shifts though, and she gets a prophecy! Woo! Basically a PSA about stranger danger.


  • Life goes on in Krokar. Tiamat continues training with Laevisa, although she begins to exhibit a temper and bitterness. To help manage this, Laevisa creates a journal in which Tiamat must chronicle her emotions (while improving her writing). Tiamat thinks journaling is stupid, but she begins to have fewer outbursts.


  1. in little ways, everything stays (EARLY SEPT 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Sylven Firebringer. Tiamat is practicing fighting with an axe and could use some instruction!
  2. ask yourself if this is how we fall apart (EARLY SEPT 2016)
    River of Fire, with Ailie Morgan. Tiamat has a small argument with her mother, leaves, and runs into Ailie and Malcolm. They make baskets together!
  3. hole in the ocean floor (EARLY SEPT 2016)
    Krokar (Briar Patch), with Willow Cormier. Willow rudely interrupts Tiamat's training session, and Laevisa decides to make a game of it (whose side are you even on, Lae?). She challenges the girls to do a successful backbend, all for the sweet sweet prize of a love potion!
  4. still that girl (MID SEPT 2016)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Petra Damaichu. Tiamat is out exploring the neutral lands and runs into Petra. She decides she wants to play with her.
  5. Of Prickly Plants and a Pricklier Coyote (LATE SEPT 2016)
    Krokar (Briar Patch), with Lucille, Pepper. Tiamat is enlisted to help Pepper and Lucille hunt for plants. Lucille and Tiamat have to work together to avoid Pepper's wrath!


  1. better than love (01 OCT 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Semini. Tiamat has a small cold and Semini comes in to check in on her. Things are kind of ok between them, for once.
  2. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good (04 OCT 2016)
    River of Fire, with Iroquois. Iroquois catches Tiamat drilling holes in the canoes to pester her mother.
  3. The colder the heart, the warmer the gun (11 OCT 2016)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Lotan. Tiamat scares off poor Jill in order to force Lotan to spend time with her.


Tiamat continues to train under Laevisa's guidance.

  1. She was just like a ghost to me (02 NOV 2016)
    Krokar (Ruins of Tog), with Ailie Morgan, Malcolm. Tiamat ropes Malcolm into searching the Ruins of Tog with her for ghosts, while Ailie spies on them.


Tiamat discovers her mother's affair and goes mad. She leaves everyone behind in a storm.

  1. it was a flood that wrecked this home (12 20 2016)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Lokr Revlis. Tiamat finds the cabin in the woods and the man who visits.
  2. there was only me and my disgrace (12 20 2016)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Lotan. Tiamat returns to Krokar to pack her bags and runs into her brother. She drags him a long a bit before ultimately deciding that it's best if he stays, not wanting him to be a part of her mess.


2017 marks the first year of Tiamat's life and another period of growth for the Amaranthe daughter. She embarks on a journey across the sea and encounters a multitude of people - giving her the perspective she needed on her own life.


Tiamat and company travel down the coastline and eventually reach Maine, where they pick up Scarlett Arena. They then barter passage by boat all the way down to Barbados, where they spend a week looking for a trade ship that will cross the Atlantic with passengers.


After securing passage on a ship by the name of Dancing Courtesan, they set sail across the sea. Tiamat makes a new friend in the First Mate, Griffin, and a new enemy in the Captain. Tensions are high on board as Tiamat works to supplant Captain Declan with Griffin, only for Tiamat to discover that Griffin is in fact the Captain's son, which he lied to her about in order to get her cooperation and trust. Appalled by this deception, Tiamat withdraws her affection and nurses her wounded pride, vowing then to seek more information about a situation and its participants before rushing to a side.


The middle of March they make landfall at Cape Verde. Tiamat leaves Griffin, despite his proclamation of love, and travels with her company to Senegal. At the port there, Tiamat barters away her clothes for a camel, which she then uses to flee into the desert in order to escape her keepers. Laevisa and Mafdet soon catch up to her and convince her that they aren't going to take her to Onuba, but will follow her to Sobirat'sya so she may see her father. Scarlett is infuriated by their abandonment and meets up with other Arena Traders in the area.


Tiamat, Laevisa, and Mafdet journey into the lands of Bedaya. Laevisa tells Tiamat the stories of the First People and of Mafdet's Immortality. They eventually encounter a tribe of Badawī known as Shams and are welcomed as guests. Laevisa hides her identity from them though they recognize her wardrobe as being of the Desert. Tiamat learns to observe these details and think more on them at the suggestions of Mafdet. She also begins to integrate into tribal society and learns about their way of life, especially after becoming friends with Naji and her small but caring family. She begins to heal emotionally and mature.


The Bedouin allow Tiamat and Laevisa to go with them to an Oasis, only to discover that it has been burned and ravaged. There are carcasses of dying and dead animals scattered throughout. Laevisa recognizes this as the work of the Arena family, and is left with the choice to either reveal her identity to the Bedouin or say nothing. She chooses to reveal herself and her former tribe, and upon recognition, the tribe casts her out. Tiamat has a choice to stay with Shams or leave with Laevisa and Mafdet, and she chooses to stay with the tribe.


Tiamat journeys with Shams to Oasis after Oasis in search of one that has not been desecrated by Arena Traders. She learns more about Laevisa's true identity and her betrayal to her people, and begins to doubt her own involvement with the witch. One night her tribe is ambushed by Arena Traders and Tiamat, along with the rest of the tribe, is taken hostage. In an attempt to be diplomatic, Tiamat reveals herself to be an Amaranthe, which only causes her to be identified and separated from the tribe. The tribe is then taken off to be bartered and sold to slavers. Tiamat is taken towards Morocco where Scarlett awaits. However, before they can reach Morocco, Laevisa assassinates one of Tiamat's captors and frees her, though the other captor escapes. The witch reveals that she had been following the tribe this whole time, leading Tiamat to suspect Laevisa's loyalties, though she keeps this thought to herself. Rather than continue on and killing the escaped captor, Tiamat urges Laevisa to help her save the rest of the tribe. Ningal joins Tiamat's cause here, having been a part of the group traveling to Morocco.


While they plot their rescue, Laevisa begins to train Tiamat in combat. Tiamat acquires her first axe, which is one-handed and rudimentary, and discovers her adeptness with close combat fighting. She comes to realize that the skills Laevisa was teaching her before were all a foundation for fighting. Their training is cut short when Mafdet returns one evening, reporting that the Arena Traders had arrived at Tripoli. Laevisa informs Tiamat that many Arena Traders conduct their slaving business through Tripoli because of its neglected and dilapidated state. Laevisa settles on creating a diversion while Tiamat frees the Bedouins. The plan goes accordingly until Scarlett arrives with the escaped Arena captor, and a fight quickly erupts. Tiamat is successful at freeing the tribe, but rather than stop there and escape, she continues to liberate the other captives who are not Bedouins. While attempting to free everyone, she is hit by an arrow and faints before the conflict resolves. She later awakens and learns that the Bedouins saved her, and that all freed captives managed to escape to a nearby Oasis. Laevisa and Mafdet, however, are nowhere to be found.


As Tiamat recovers, Ningal recounts the details of the fight. Tiamat learns that the fight quickly escalated when captive animals (notably a couple lions) were released. It was only by this chaos that they managed to escape, though she is uncertain if Laevisa or Mafdet survived. Tiamat learns that some of the Bedouins did not. Tiamat and the other outsiders bear witness to the Bedouin funeral. Following the funeral, Tiamat approaches the tribe leader Asianne to ask for her assistance in locating Laevisa. The tribe leader reveals that she thinks Tiamat is responsible for bringing the Arenas into their lives. She tells Tiamat that for freeing her people, she will allow Tiamat to stay until she has fully recovered, but she must leave afterward. Upon returning to the Oasis, Tiamat is pulled aside by a stranger who turns out to be An-Nar, Seer of Sekhmet, disguised as one of the outsiders. She confesses to have used her lionesses to foil the Arena Traders, and tells Tiamat that she had a vision of the end of Bedaya. She tells Tiamat that there must be war or else the tribes will all perish. She tells Tiamat to go to Cairo and find her fate there, and then disappears before Tiamat can ask her for help with Laevisa. Tiamat gathers Ningal and departs from the Oasis that same night.


Tiamat arrives in Cairo, and bit by bit trades everything she accrued during her time with the Bedouins in order to survive. She eventually parts with her axe, too. The locals come to know Tiamat as "majnun wahid" (or "crazy one") because she returns to the market every day to call for warriors to help save the Bedouins. There, she encounters Pazuzu, and learns that Lotan is in Egypt. She realizes that she could abandon her cause and go find her father together with Lotan, like they once planned. Despite this temptation, she asks Pazuzu not to tell Lotan that she's there. The next day, Tiamat meets a woman and manages to enlist her and her sisters, by promising them "all the spoils of war". As they agree to this, Arena spies attack. They successfully stop the assailants, and Rahab earns Tiamat's respect and trust from the encounter. They decide to leave Cairo and head to Bedaya right away.


Tiamat and Rahab first ambush a small group of Arena Traders in Tripoli, but plans go slightly wrong and they are only successful with the help of the freed slaves. Tiamat realizes that the slaves need to be liberated before they can help the Bedouins. Although this change of plans lengthens their contract, Rahab accepts. With the help of the former captives, Tiamat and Rahab locate different groups of Arena Traders and free the slaves. Their party swells as more liberated people join their cause. Along the way, Anzu is found by Tiamat and joins them. Their disruption of the slave trade spreads across the lands. The Shams tribe hears of two ferocious women leading the fight, and afraid that An-Nar has unleashed her power upon the world, call the other Bedouin tribes. The tribes converge in the Siwa Oasis, where they are eventually met by Tiamat and Rahab and their large following. Tiamat meets with the tribe leaders and convinces them of the necessity of war by showing them the number of people they freed, including some formerly enslaved Bedouins whose righteous anger has led them to join Tiamat and Rahab's army. The Bedouins and Tiamat and Rahab design a plan to lure the remaining Arena Traders to one location where they can eliminate them once and for all.


The tribes of Bedaya spread rumor of all the freed slaves congregating in the ruined Oasis, Tassili N'Ajjer. The Arena Traders predictably begin to go to this location, however, they arrive in full force. Tiamat and Rahab employ guerrilla tactics to initiate the fight, but the Arena's retaliation compels the rest of Tiamat and Rahab's soldiers to intervene, and the fight devolves into an all out melee. When surprise help arrives, Tiamat and Rahab's forces are pushed to victory.

In the aftermath, the displaced former slaves are welcomed by the Bedouins. However, a faction unwilling to abandon violence in order to join the Bedouins, decide to form a new Peace-Keeping tribe so that they can defend the tribes from harm and enslavement. As a token of their appreciation, Tiamat and company are given gifts by the Bedouins.

Free at last to find her father, Tiamat once more decides that she must help Laevisa and Mafdet in Onuba and stop the Arena family at their source. She asks Rahab and her sisters, Lotan, and Naji to join her, and they agree. They set sail for Onuba, and for a short time they get to enjoy each other's company without the looming threat of battle.

Upon arrival, they spend a few nights exploring the city and scouting the Arena territory. Eventually Tiamat runs into cousin Lucian, who invites Tiamat and friends back to the Amaranthe estate. Rahab senses something off about the situation, and expresses as much to Tiamat, but Tiamat does not listen and insists that Lucian, being family, would not lead them to danger. This angers Rahab and after a small fight, Rahab leaves.

Tiamat and company are welcomed to the Amaranthe estate. They are given guest rooms and treated to food, recreation of their choice, all the niceties of Onuban upper society. As they settle, Tiamat meets her grandmother for the first time. The Alta Baronesa is kind to Tiamat initially, and they bond over Semini's failures. However, Thalia reveals that Tiamat's actions in Bedaya have tarnished their relationship with the Arena family and that she has been in a bind trying to make amends. Although Thalia has no love for the Arenas, she expresses that her priority is to preserve the Amaranthe family rather than rectify any wrong-doing, revealing that she is aware of the Arena family's slaving deeds. Tiamat is angered by Thalia's selfishness. When she tries to leave, Thalia reveals that if Tiamat refuses to comply, she will "take care" of Rahab and the others. She requests for Tiamat stay in Onuba and agree to a political marriage to take responsibility for the damage she did the Arena family, and if she complies, Thalia will ensure no harm comes to her friends. Tiamat bitterly agrees.




Things calm down for Tiamat and company when they return to Nova Scotia, although they arrive too late - her mother has already left, and Tiamat is forced to adapt now that she has a whole cadre of people with her. It's not such a bad thing to relax!


Tiamat and her crew arrive in Portland, and she and Rahab scout ahead.

  1. morning glory and a midnight sun (22 Jan 2018)
    Frost Reaches, with Rahab de le Poer and Armand Boucher. Tiamat, Rahab, and Armand scout ahead of the group.
  2. when you were born in the little town (23 Jan 2018)
    Krokar, with Oscar Morelli. Ready to finally face her mother, Tiamat goes home and learns that her mother has already left from an old pack-mate. He invites her to stay a little while, and she accepts. They catch up.
  3. From fairest creatures we desire increase (24 Jan 2018)
    Cape Acadia, with Bijoux Ristil. Tiamat is followed by Griffin and runs into Bijoux.


Tiamat continues to wander around the peninsula, meeting people and gathering information.

  1. the lie remains a lie (Early Feb 2018)
    The Borderlands, with Anri of Soul. Griffin and Tiamat encounter Anri, and Anri gives Griffin a well deserved punch in the face.
  2. until we get there (Mid Feb 2018)
    Shattered Coast, with Rahab de le Poer, Armand Boucher, Mateo Salcedo, Naji. The gang's all here.
  3. (m) forfeit passage across the bridge that you’ve destroyed (11 Feb 2018)
    Biffs Bar, with Rahab de le Poer, Armand Boucher, Griffin. Griffin, drunk off his ass, brags about their wealth in a bar. Tia and Ray have to save his dumb ass.
  4. there but for the flip of a coin go we (15 Feb 2018)
    Biffs Bar, with Roxy Blackrust, Gaston Trouillefou, Griffin. Tiamat and Griffin learn a new game and a new way to gamble.
  5. love gnawed my skin to this white bone (Late Feb 2018)
    Moaning Wood, with Clover, Tletica. Tiamat, traveling alone, runs into a couple of Infernians and learns about bone-fortunes.


Tiamat, somewhat exhausted of her travels, finally heads back up north and the group collectively decides to hang around Cape Acadia.

  1. a daughter scorned (Early Mar 2018)
    Cobequid Foothills, with Tamara de le Poer. Tiamat has a pleasant run in with a stranger.
  2. be your violent overnight rush (8 Mar 2018)
    Drifter Bay, with Neith Heiwa. Tiamat and Ningal find that someone has fallen into a pit. His name is Rust, of course.
  3. I slept on my back in the shade of the meadowlark (12 Mar 2018)
    Cape Acadia, with Mateo Salcedo. Tiamat returns up north and they build camp in the Cape. She and Mateo have some quiet bonding time.
  4. I built a home and wait for someone to tear it down (16 Mar 2018)
    Cape Acadia, with Mateo Salcedo, Cedrus Amaranthe. Everyone does camp things. Look, it ain't all glamorous ok.
  5. the freedom of falling (18 Mar 2018)
    Cape Acadia, with Lazar Volkov. Tiamat runs into her half-sibling from her father's side.
  6. Spirit of my silence I can hear you (21 Mar 2018)
    Cape Acadia, with Yulian Lebedev. Tiamat finds the remains of a suicide, and decides to bury it. A couple travelers find her.


Things are going ok until Tiamat decides to pick a fight.

  1. here it goes again (8 Apr 2018)
    Amherst, with Ailie Morgan. Tiamat runs into her old pack mate and they catch up. It's very heartbreaking.
  2. just a slip away (Early Apr 2018)
    Cape Acadia, with Zander, cameo from Naji. Tiamat rescues a loner from a grizzly death and drags him back to camp.
  3. (m) but its killing me, and its killing you (14 Apr 2018)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Brocade Valentine and Etoile Montgomery. Tiamat wakes up from a dream about her brother in danger, goes out, hears some people having sex, and then starts a fight with them. Just your average Saturday.
  4. (m) and I always will (14 Apr 2018)
    Cape Acadia, with Mateo Salcedo. Mateo finds an injured Tiamat and brings her back to camp. Awww.
  5. (m) hard feelings (30 Apr 2018)
    Cape Acadia, with Griffin. Griffin finally returns to camp and hears about Tiamat's injuries. He comes to make sure she's ok, and then can't help himself but to scold her for not thinking about anyone else. He's right but he didn't have to say it.


Tiamat recovers slowly from her injuries, and also slowly patches things up with some members of her cadre.

  1. (m) my heart went with you (26 May 2018)
    Isthmus of Chignecto, with Griffin. Tiamat finds Griffin puking his guts out and brings him to a river to wash up. They sort of patch things up.
  2. what is coming is better than what has gone (Late May 2018)
    Cape Acadia, with Rahab de le Poer, Armand Boucher Mateo Salcedo, Naji. Everyone gathers to eat Naji's stew and share stories.


Summer lyfe is here ma dudes

  1. eternity 'til I live (1 June 2018)
    Cape Acadia, with Tsolin Himaa. Tiamat is still being relegated easy tasks even though she's mostly healed since her little row. She invites Tsolin to go swimming with her in the river.
  2. don't let them speak for you (3 June 2018)
    Miramichi Valley, with Ezra Vahn. Tiamat goes out to trade and finds a bustling market.