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April 11, 2012






50% Common Gray Wolf
50% Border Collie





As a canine in Lupus form, Sura looks much like a border collie, only with the added size that wolf genes can provide. Her ears flop over, adding a tender softness to her almond, lilac-colored eyes. All of her paws are socked at different lengths, matching her mostly black pelt. Her face wears the same mask as a panda, with dark eyes, ears, and back. Her tail is all-together too long for her age, causing her to stumble often, and sports a white tip, as if she dipped it into milky paint.


In Sura's Secui form, her body is bulked up and strengthened, gaining size and retractable claws. Her muzzle gains breadth, and her mouth gains length and a few additional teeth to fill the new space. Her back becomes more rigid, muscles sprouting like a body-builder, with thicker thicker hair similar to a mane, but of no distinguishing color. Her tail also gains length and volume.


Sura's Optime form sports a small chest with the same coarseness and thread-count as before. Her arms are long, her fingers slender yet nimble. Her knees jut out quite far, with her back legs extending at an awkward angle forwards again to counter-balance her weight. Her tail becomes long and slender. Surprisingly, her mane and hair hardly changes from Secui to Optime form, leaving a short, fly-away style of hair. Her ears and face stays the same, with the subtraction of a few whiskers and the addition of more expressive eyebrows and thicker eyelashes


It is important to remember that Sura is only a young child. Within her lies only a seed, the earth around it the atmosphere and environment of the world and her conditions. Whether grains of dirt, pebbles, or heavy rocks are dropped on the sapling hardly matters as much as Sura's own reaction to such events. Will she strain and give up or persevere and move on? Will the glass be half empty or half full? Within her lies the unconscious power to change, grow, and mutate her personality any which way. The motives and purposes inside her are undeveloped, but already certain roots have begun to weave into the soil she has been planted in.

On the outside she appears a happy-go-lucky inquisitive child with all manner of embarrassing questions and half-baked theories to answer them. Like most children her age, she abounds in energy, bouncing to and fro. When said reserves run out, she quickly crashes, nearly instantly becoming groggy, grumpy, and sleepy. Her imagination is bright and vivid, perhaps too over-reactive to her environment.

On the inside, Sura bears a complex heart. A longing for her parents manifests into an attachment onto anyone who will accept her, as she longs for validation and love. This has the potential to become a disastrous quest to please everyone and to try her hardest to make every soul she encounters love and adore her. Because of her non-luxurious upbringing, Sura is a humble soul, thinking of others first, and herself last. Her self-confidence hangs by tattered threads, but her bravery is enormous. While she craves stability and routines, she also has a longing for adventure.


The sunset the eve of her five year birthday was special. With streaming grays perfectly blended into a suave violet, it then dripped into a bright chic pink, cantelope amber, and at last the faintest of golds. She had felt that the colors reflected who she was, the hues of her soul, and incidentally the same moods and feelings of her current situation : content, masqueraded danger ever looming on the horizon.

Wherever Sura went, she was followed with whispers of amusement, as if everyone knew something that she didn't. As if she didn't know who her parents were. And that they were siblings. The shame was her shadow, even in the state of their slavery.

Her parents, Raphael and Druiel were together that night, but it was hardly a happy occasion. Druiel had performed some sort of favor for the man and thus ensured his presence for tomorrows big event. It was only special to Sura because her father would be present, but as the night continued on, Sura's hopes looked bleak. Their words went from a raging river to an erupting volcano until it was clear they were not talking about tomorrow at all.

Recently, a particular buyer had been purchasing females from various rings to serve at a particular household. The slaves shipped there never seemed to last long, and always were re-sold broken spirited, sickly, and no longer virgin. The slavering dealers saw no cause for concern, not even when the buyer in question began to ask about smaller children, and Sura in particular.

"Raphael, you have to do something!"
"Do what!? Exactly! What do I care if she gets sold! I never wanted this, I never wanted her, or this condition, or any of this!"
"It's not about you! It's about her! We have to do what's right for her."
"Maybe I'd rather see her sold, she is half mine, and I'd rather her toughen up. Her head is always in the clouds."
"It won't toughen her up, it will destroy her! She's only five, Raphael! Do you know how big of a man Jarek is! How can ... that... he... even fit... it's not even physically feasible but still he does it! Haven't you seen the condition of the slaves he discards? Why do you think they are all women?"
"Who, what! Why do you keep making things up to get your way! "
"Jarek is the man that Keera works for!"
"Who the dung is Keera now!"
"The woman who wants to buy Sura!"
"Why can't this wait! "
"Because we're running out of time! Sura is running out of time! Raphael, for once in your life, do something good! Please, just consent to start the process, we'll call them and they can take her."
"Who, our half-nephew who abandoned you? Why would I want him raising a little girl, out of all the canids. And how are we even going to explain it in the first place? It will be our hides when the Master finds out that his next sell has disappeared. You're not even thinking straight, Druiel. I hate it when you're like this! I hate you, I hate what happened, I hate that we were even littermates! I don't want to be there tomorrow because all that will happen is this-this-fighting, all day, all night! I'm tired of it! I'm tired of your half-baked conspiracy theories to protect the little flower daughter who is no more than the byproduct of a mistake!"
"They never abandoned us, they just moved on. Look... Please... we have to... Just let me make the call..."

A long silence proceeded, accompanied by the sniffles of a terrifed Sura, hiding in the shadows, unaware to the two.

"On the condition that I never have to see her, or you, again.", were the man's words as he shuffled away.

The next morning there were no decorations to greet the groggy child's eyes, but instead a howl that echoed through the mouths of many, across vast distances, sentiments of grief a dripping heart in the consonants, urgency salted in the vowels. The following days were a blur of persistent weariness, a half-slept dream-walk of anxiety.

Soon after, Sura awoke to Driuel's kiss. "You must never fully shift...", her mother's words were stern but so chocked back by tears that Sura could not make out the rest of the mumble. The arms of two strangers marked the beginning of a long journey to lands beyond.


Parents — Raphael Savin & Druiel Gemavin
Aunts & Uncles — Pethel Geminus, Jazar Savin, Anahita Gemavin
Cousins — Kail Savin, Aftiel Savin, Macer Geminus, Ocella Geminus, Hael Savin, Samax Savin, Kabniel Savin

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