Stygian Nothing

Stygian Nothing

Date of BirthJuly 7, 2006
Age> 3 years
Subspecies50% Timber Wolf, 25% Coyote, 25% Red Wolf
'Souls Profile

Stygian Nothing was the son of Faith Requiem and Hollow Nothing, and was a previous loner.




  • fur color: Red and White with a small patch of black running from the middle of his eyes and straight across the top of his head, fading off as it goes toward his back. Two black ears and a black splotch on the top of his nose. On each cheek he has a small trianglular black patch and a black saddle further down his back.
  • fur pattern: Random
  • eye color: Left- Pale Blue, Right- Gold Green
  • tattoos: None
  • piercings: Two silver studs in the side of each ear, one silver hoop in the top of each ear. One silver hoop in his right eyebrow and one silver hoop on the right side of his nose.
  • scars: None