Stark Stelyan

Stark Stelyan

Character originally made by Syringe
Name MeaningBare or blunt
Name OriginEnglish
Date of Birth14 Jan 2011
Subspecies75% Mackenzie Valley Wolf 25% Belgian Shepherd Dog
Birth placeUnknown
Current packLoner

'Souls Profile

Stark Stelyan is the brother of Ridpath Stelyan. He was never actively played in-game.


He lived outside of the 'Souls area with his previous pack - a group only made up of his own family. A simple, average life, little work and much play - his parents spoiled him due to him always being the smallest of his litter. After Ridpath Stelyan left to find and join a new pack, he was motivated to do so as well. Though a rather capable, independent soul at heart, he enjoyed following his brother's footsteps and those footsteps have led him to Nova Scotia. Though still on the look out for his brother should they cross paths again, he is not as concerned with following him as he was before.


Cheerful and friendly, Stark tries to make a good impression on new people, but sometimes ends up annoying them. He has a lot of tolerance and usually believes that everyone has a good side to them deep down, you just have to give them a chance. The male is very oblivious, especially when it comes to romance. This wolfdog very much prefers play but is very loyal and if someone he is friends with, or a pack mate asks him to do a type of work he will not hesitate. Because he is not talented in fighting, nor is he interested in it, he is easily impressed by feats of strength and compliments are often heard by others because of this. Stark is homosexual.







Though similar looking to the rest of his family, he carries more brown in his fur coat than his siblings, and this is also the only color mixed into his coat other than a dark gray - his main color. The brown covers the underside of his muzzle all the way to the bottom of his tail, there is also a lighter shade of brown on the tips of his ears. His body is lean and built for speed much more than strength, being rather scrawny he would have better chances running away than fighting back. Though technically an adult, his features are a lot like someone of younger age. He is often called adorable instead of manly. Around others, he prefers to match whatever form they are in. When alone, he prefers his Lupus form but if hunting he will shift into his Secui form.