Skoll Haskel

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Skoll Haskel is the Seneschal of Cour des Miracles.

He is the son of Vigilante Haskel, the former King, and Ayita Catori, one of three puppies born into their second litter. The trio had a happy childhood; Skoll was a bold, bright youngster, if already a dominant personality. However, his life shifted when his mother was murdered. His ambition and desire for vengeance got the better of him as he climbed through the ranks, becoming violent and severing ties with his loved ones. An attempted act of revenge led to the death of innocent lives, and the young prince began to realize that he was a tarnished soul.

More tragedy followed; Skoll's father, a figure he saw as distant in youth, deteriorated and died -- leaving Skoll's sister Charlotte Queen in his stead. Though Skoll felt like the crown was wrongfully taken from him, he drove himself to protect the weak and become a Knight of the pack, a title quickly earned. He later became the Court's Seneschal, part of the Royal Council, shortly after his sister's apparent drowning. This latest death cemented his intense desire to protect his loved ones, especially if it meant spilling blood.

Skoll was one of the main instigators of the Inferni-Cour des Miracles War and lost his eye in battle. After the conflict, he retreated to a quieter life in the Court, settling down with his mate, Aurelya Shandara. They had a single daughter, Galilee Haskel, before Aurelya went missing. Skoll struggled with his grief and over-protectiveness, but with the support of friends and empathy for Lee, he mended his relationship with his daughter.

Despite speaking out against usurper Mistral de l'Or, Skoll was not part of the Winter of Tarnished Gold's ultimate rebellion. Conflicted over his friend Silvano Sadira's lies and downfall, and the revelation of Mistral's connection to his family, he sought distraction. A romantic tryst with his friend Dreyma resulted in an accidental pregnancy; despite efforts to make things work, Dreyma left the Court, leaving Skoll to raise his two new children, Oberyn and Issola, once again as a single father.





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  • Date of Birth: 12 September 2011
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Cour des Miracles
  • Rank: Seneschal
  • Co-Ranks: Brawler, Venatores
  • cNPC: --


Cour des Miracles members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations (e.g., greetings, chats about interests).
  • Seeing Skoll around CdM: patrolling the borders, training/sparring, hunting, running around, hanging out in the village, etc. Basically anything that's usual for him to be doing, it's cool.
  • Skoll being charming or kind of an asshole (or both) to your character.

PM to discuss:

  • Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP (e.g., arguments, revelations).
  • Training Assumptions

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Skoll is a clear balance between wolf and dog -- he has key hybrid attributes. Notably, from his dog blood he has inherited a spitz tail and deep chest; most of him is wolf toughness.
  • Fur: Skoll has thick fur with a double-coat that sheds biannually.
    • Optime Hair: His hair is thick and wild and shoulder-length. It is usually tangled and unruly, but occasionally worn with braids.
  • Facial Features: He has a wolfish face, especially in the muzzle, with large teeth. His doglike ears are wedge-shaped, large in proportion to his head.
  • Build and Size: Skoll is at the large end of the spectrum. He carries himself like he's bigger than he is, head high and dominant. He is muscular and broad-shouldered but not especially bulky -- despite his height, he has a lean, balanced build meant for endurance.
  • Humanization: Low -- Skoll looks very wild and feral, if not for his occasional upright posture. He has no preference in form, visiting each daily.

Art by Shannah!



Tumbleweed (#DFB386)
Pancho (#E9CDA0)
Chalky (#EED69A)
Golden Sand (#F1DA7C)
Bianca (#FAF5EA)

Eyes, Tattoo

Vida Loca (#66A21B)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Visible:
    • Missing his right eye
    • Short scar across the top of his muzzle
    • Puncture marks in right ear
  • Hidden by Fur:
    • Claw marks on shoulder blades
    • Teeth marks on right shoulder and foreleg
    • Teeth marks on his neck
    • Various teeth marks on torso



  • Always wears a sun necklace given to him by his mother on her death bed.


  • Tattoos: Stylized Vida Loca (#66A21B) sun symbol on his left shoulder. Note: The tattoo has since faded in color.



100 lbs (45 kg) — 36 in (91 cm)

Skoll is large, with the typical "wolfdog" look. His tail has an upward curl.


160 lbs (72 kg) — 48 in (117 cm)

His Secui form is huge and wolfish, with stiff hackles and powerful jaws.


275 lbs (125 kg) — 7ft (84 in) (213 cm)

Skoll is tall and broad-shouldered with beastly posture and wild hair.


  • Speech: Skoll is bilingual in English and French. He has a smooth baritone voice and speaks casually, often peppering his speech with slurred French.
  • Scent: Dominant, musky, feral. Earth and shoregrass, Cour des Miracles.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He constantly brushes his hair out of his face. Defensive of his blind side, aiming to "protect" it.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Always dominant, with high tail and pricked ears. His Optime posture is often feral and bestial, slouching and pronouncing his muscle, but he still stands tall. Wild, almost aggressive posture -- fond of standing in others' space.


2.  Personality

  • Bold, Sociable, Charming:
    • Skoll is an outgoing presence, often with a bold first impression. He commands attention in a room with his sociability, chatting as easily with little "nobodies" as his equals. He uses his charm to endear others to him, playfully flirting and apparently enjoying the most mundane small talk. He is extroverted and friendly and, overall, hard to ignore or forget (if not always for the right reasons).
    • He often takes advantage of his charm to tease shy or introverted individuals. His flirting, especially, is used to get a rise or reaction out of others. He feels validated in his dominance when he can make someone blushing and awkward -- whether in love with him or secretly hating him for it.
    • He is friendly and good-humored -- but he's also kind of a prick. The aforementioned teasing, combined with an abundance of merely superficial connections, means that he isn't generally genuine. He does not make friends easily, tending to hold them at arm's length while treating anyone like a buddy.
  • Dominant, Ambitious, Stubborn:
    • From a young age, he was driven by powerful dominant instincts. He needs to be on top and in control of any situation, and he hates not being acknowledged for his actions. (He just acted selflessly -- why aren't you rewarding him?) He very much butts heads with anyone who acts dominant over him, unless they are one of the rare people he feels has earned it. He is still sour that the crown has been "unfairly" taken from him.
    • His stubborn, ambitious drive can also be used for good. He is a very active and contributing member of the pack, constantly busy with hunting, patrolling, and training to keep in good condition. He has a bit of a reputation in the Court for being a savior -- that is, kicking the crap out of bad guys and rescuing damsels and others in distress. Despite some arrogance, he knows that he can do better and so works toward perfection.
  • Spiritual, Moody, Self-Loathing:
    • Underneath a superficial friendliness and obvious ambition, Skoll is self-loathing. He has committed sins in the past that he needs to atone for. It drives much of his behavior -- from putting on overly friendly masks to hide his emotions, to working to get better and on top so he can feel like a good person again.
    • Skoll is very moody. When he is angry at himself or generally upset at the state of the world, he stops attempting to be friendly and charming and just sulks in his emotions. Symptoms of a moody Skoll include: prowling everywhere with an angry expression on his face, being an asshole to strangers and friends alike, pushing himself past his physical limits to the point of injury, and holing himself up in his room for hours on end.
    • Skoll draws a lot of strength from his faith in God, but tales of sin and damnation also terrify him. He loves his religion and tries to share it with others to boost them up, and he falls back on it when he is troubled and uncertain. Forgetting kingship, friends, love -- he just wants to go to Heaven.

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Very extroverted, thriving in social situations.
  • Expression: Very dominant -- often to the point of insubordination and arrogance.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good -- will not hesitate to break laws or murder to do what he feels is right.


  • Redemption and forgiveness from God
  • Power, leadership -- acknowledgment of his abilities
  • Protection of his loved ones, comrades, and the weak
  • Passing on his skills and legacy


  • Fading in the Background: Skoll is worried about not being recognized for what he can accomplish. He does not want to be just another guy in the pack; he desperately craves recognition and power.
  • Death: He does not fear dying (some would say he'd welcome it), but the death of others: especially puppies or family.
  • Drowning: Skoll is fine in the water, but deeper water or storms on the sea make him nervous.


  • Monotheistic belief in the Abrahamic God
  • Believes in Heaven and Hell, and redemption through prayer and action.
  • Skoll is usually private about his religion, but he will speak of it with fellow believers if it comes up, and sometimes uses it to comfort others. He is tolerant of other religions but doesn't understand how atheists cope without religion to guide or motivate them. His spirituality is slowly beginning to become a large point in his life, guiding his actions and need for redemption.


  • Packs: Northern packs are suspicious. Southern packs are cool and peaceful. Inferni is full of prick coyotes.
  • Species: Jackals are murderous heathens. Coyotes are held in low regard. Wolfdogs and dogs are treated favorably.
  • Age: Puppies are to be protected and spoiled, as they are complete innocents.
  • Religion: Other monotheistic canines are brothers and sisters in God. Skoll doesn't mind if someone worships a different god, many gods, or no gods at all. However, he sees belief that one is a god as blasphemy.


  • Heterosexual
  • Skoll is flirtatious and confident with those he meets, and he is not against one-night-stands; in fact, he finds "no-strings-attached" much easier to deal with. His flirting is a way of being friendly; he's confident enough in his sexuality to flirt with men.
  • On the romantic end, Skoll is a little more uncertain and shows his inexperience. Like many men, he expresses his love through action rather than words.
  • He appreciates being dominant, but in a long-term partner he wants someone who can match his wit and be an equal partner to him.


  • Avoids most substances, finding them uncomfortable, pointless, or dangerous.
  • Skoll will drink in social situations -- e.g., at a "bar" setting with friends, or a celebration. He tends to be a sad drunk after partying the whole night.


  • Likes: Aurelya, hierarchy, combat, reading, horsemanship, wildness, flirting, hunting, socializing, religion
  • Dislikes: Cowardice, killers, strict humanization, lack of humor, challenges of dominance, jackals, coyotes, Inferni

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Ayita Catori: Skoll lost her when he was young, and his quest for vengeance in the wake of her death (at odds with her kindness and wisdom in her teachings) ruined him. From her he drew his faith.
  • Vigilante Haskel: Skoll idolized his father in his youth, but his adoration waned when Vigilante became increasingly absent from his son's life. Skoll no longer respects the man though he still secretly grieves him.
  • Charlotte Haskel: Skoll was shocked and enraged that Charlotte took his "rightful" throne after Vigilante's death, thinking her unprepared and unfit. When she was washed out to sea, Skoll realized how -- once again -- he'd lost family while focused on his anger. He thinks of her with great regret.
  • Aurelya Shandara: A beautiful woman who can match his wit; Skoll is head over heels for her. Due to past experience and his feelings about himself, however, Skoll tries to play it safe.
  • Silvano Sadira: Skoll respects the King and sees him as a suitable ruler. In a sense he tries to be Silvano's friend, a desire once rife with ulterior motives of rank -- but now that he has his rank, he only wants to keep the King happy.
  • Galilee Haskel: His daughter. He is so happy!!!

Positive Relations

  • Linden Aatte: Skoll has fought with Linden some times, but at the heart of it he respects the man and sees him as a friend -- even if he doesn't act like it.
  • Valencia Catori: Skoll loves his niece and is proud of all she's accomplished. He likes to act the fun uncle.
  • Alistair Callow-Knight: Though he is the leader of Casa di Cavalieri, Skoll sees many similarities between Alistair and himself. They confide in each other though duty keeps their meetings few and far between.
  • George Tibalt: The crass terrier is one of the few Skoll believes tolerates him. They get along as they toss politeness and decency to the wayside.
  • Pascal Sadira: Skoll likes the odd son of Silvano and bonded with him over stories. (Pascal hates Skoll, though. Probably because Skoll teases the shit out of him.)

Neutral / Negative

  • Machidael Lykoi: Ayita's murderer; Skoll spent many months of his life tracking him but has never found him.
  • Sepirah Lykoi: The mother of Machidael's children, targeted by Skoll. He attacked her and kidnapped her puppies, only for them to die in his care.
  • Liam Catori: Skoll resented Liam for defending Lottie and not being around when it mattered. They've fought, and Skoll holds him at an awkward arm's length now.
  • Atalanta Kartal: Skoll's "first love" -- she was his confidant when times were hard as they bonded over running and freedom. However, Ata wanted her freedom more than she wanted to be with Skoll, and left as no more than a ghost in his past.
  • Hati Catori: Once Skoll's favorite brother, their relationship has atrophied as a result of very different lifestyles. Skoll still loves Hati, but they aren't close.

Minor Relations

4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Skoll was interested in the military tier from a young age. He trains frequently, especially during periods of obsession, and was mentored by many warriors greater than him. He has one-on-one combat experience and has dispatched several foes to keep his pack and allies safe.
  • Optime (Journeyman): Skoll is a brawler -- he fights best hand-to-hand, without weapons, where he can grapple and use his size to defeat foes. He has no qualms about supplementing his attacks with teeth and claws and is overall feral in his fighting.
  • Lupus/Secui (Journeyman): Skoll is a decent fighter on four legs as well. He throws his weight around and again uses his teeth and sheer endurance to bully others with his large size.
  • Spear (Apprentice): He is learning how to fight with a spear and shield, taking advantage of his already long reach with a long weapon and defending himself with his shield.
  • Endurance (Master): While not the fastest or strongest fighter, Skoll is enduring -- it takes forever for him to tire, and if he is patient, he can outlast almost any opponent. This is likely a result of hybrid vigor, his enduring dog breeds and wolf blood lending him natural resilience.
  • Skoll has no defense against weaponry, unless he has his shield -- so he'd be outmatched by someone with a sword.
  • He relies on his endurance to win fights, tiring out the opponent until they trip up. While this works well, someone who ends the fight fast might be able to defeat him.
  • His temper can get the best of him in a fight, still; while his rage and hatred can make him dangerous, like a beserker, he is also easier to trip up.


  • Education and Learning: Skoll learned to read and speak French from childhood, raised by a bilingual mother and getting his paws on books almost before he could shift. He practices these skills generally on his own. Alder taught him the basics of riding, and since then he has practiced more or less on his own.
  • Shifting: (Master): Skoll is a fast shifter -- one of the fastest, taking no more than a couple minutes to shift from Lupus to Optime form. He can hold conversation and focus on other tasks while shifting as well. Because he shifts daily and is comfortable in all his forms, he's become great at it.
  • Reading (Journeyman): Skoll reads frequently and spends a lot of his time looking for new books. He has a large vocabulary and especially likes books of fiction and action.
  • Canadian-French (Journeyman): Skoll was raised more or less bilingual thanks to a French-speaking mother. He spices his speech with terms of endearments and other brief phrases -- though he is capable of carrying on a longer conversation with another Canadian-French speaker.
  • Horseback Riding (Journeyman): He knows how to sit a horse and is in tune with his mare. On a familiar horse, he can go through all the paces -- from galloping to jumping obstacles -- and even on new or difficult horses, it takes a bit to throw him off.
  • While Skoll can read very well, he is a slow reader. He can absorb every word on the page, but only if he takes his time. He also cannot wrap his mind around more abstract description -- beyond the obvious Luperci-unfriendly jargon or philosophy, Skoll has a hard time following written instructions.
  • Skoll will balk at some vocabulary in French as he has not learned every single word -- but corrections help him, and the prominent French in his pack aids him. Still, he generally keeps to brief phrases rather than long speeches in this language.
  • His skill at riding does not mean skill with horses in general; he leaves everything but simple tasks (like washing, saddling) to the experts. While he won't be thrown off an unfamiliar horse immediately, he is far less comfortable and prone to make mistakes with a flighty or aggressive horse. His size also means he is far more comfortable with larger horses.

4.2  Inventory


Chien Hotel, Cour des Miracles

Skoll lives on the first floor's west ring -- room number six. His room is in the center at the end of the hallway, not sharing a wall with any other rooms.

His bed is really a wooden king-sized bed-frame with padded pelts and blankets in lieu of a mattress. It takes up a great portion of the room, leaving little area for activities. An old bookshelf that has underwent obvious Luperci repair is pressed to the wall and is empty of books. A single nightstand sits by the bed -- usually, a Bible rests there.


Skoll is willing to trade other Courtiers in the following skills:

  • Combat, both feral and Optime hand-to-hand
  • Hunting, feral basics
  • French language

Contact me if you would like your character to be trained by Skoll in one of these skills, and we can set up OOC assumptions for ongoing practice. Non-Courtiers may seek training on a case by case basis, especially part of a trade.


Skoll is an infrequent but honest trader. He seeks out useful or entertaining items, but knows he has little to offer in return other than his skills.

5.  History

See Skoll Haskel's History & Thread Archive.