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  2.   2.  Personality
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  3.   3.  Relationships
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  4.   4.  Skills and Inventory
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    2.   4.2  Inventory
  5.   5.  History
    1.   5.1  Achievements

Shaamah is a large, heavily muscled male, though adhered to the more civil style of Sapient culture, he was raised in a feral light.

Coming from the Marshes as the failed lord of a disbanded pack, Shaamah joined Sapient under a body-guard contract stipulation. Over time, Shaamah has risen in rank to become a figure of leadership in Sapient.

Shaamah fulfilled a contract with Miwa to birth a litter of pups out of mateship. Through this relationship, three offspring were brought into the earth in a hateful relationship. Jamaigo. Zetsubou, and Hibiki, are all to be brought up under the Ito name. Shaamah want's nothing to do with them.

Shaamah lost his right eye on Dec 17th, 17 during the infiltration of the slavers cavernous headquarters in Sapient's retaliation to kidnappings and poisonings they caused. Asura Creo helped him the the best of her ability to stave off infection, but his vision in his right eye couldn't be saved.

Recent murders discovered to be a retaliatory reaction to those that knew the truth of the Dark Horse Conflict, Nivosus cause the fall of Sapient. At Sapient's Disbandment, Shaamah left Sapient for Amherst and continued his Mercenary work with Zetsubou as his follower.

Currently holding the rank of Family in Salsola, Shaamah is seeking to make his way to the Shield Tier, to become a formidable adversary on Salsola's behalf.

Shaamah was a member of Sapient, ranked Primor Indicium, holding of the Mercenry metier, working toward a Saltier metier, and had an AOS in Combatology (The study of combat and strategy). At their disbandment, Shaamah continued to be a Mercenary in Amherst for hire, no longer offering discounts to those of Sapient or it's previous allies.








  • Heavy lifting, manual labor, patrolling or training in Salsola
  • That he doesn't like you

Everyone may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • TENSE TENSE TENSE all the time!
  • He won't wave if you're walking by
  • He doesn't care if you think he's a prick

1.  Appearance

Before his wound, the soldier had a heterochromic gaze. His right eye was once a fiery gold but is now a void, and his left, a chilling blue. His body is adorned with scars from all types of warfare, though what is left of his monochromatic pelt is thick and plush. His nose and pads are a pastel pink, and the healed tone of his scarred skin is a Spanish white. His undertones are a silver, gradually rising and darkening into Mineshaft primal stripe that runs from his hackles and down his spine, to the end of his tail. Paws follow suit with the dark color, tall gauntlets on forelegs and up to the ankle on his hind legs; Elbows reside in the same color. One silver spot adorns each leg, the two on the front are at the wrist, and the two at hind are on the foot between the ankle and the toes. A dark stripe runs from his crown to his nose, reaching out beneath his eyes almost like wings. His eye sockets are a darker gray and a dove gray holds most of his mane and body coloring, alongside a 'v' shaped marking upon his chest. Shaamah's build is a hulking, thick with muscle and broad in the chest, neck, forelegs, and hips. There is very little fat on him, and due to his wary nature, he's often dehydrated, leaving his skin taught and his muscles revealed in his optime form. The graying and wrinkling of age is quickly taking over his features.

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Shaamah is clearly a wolf, and of massive size. I MEAN MASSIVE.
  • Fur: Double Coated. Thick and plush in the mane, spine, feathers and tail. Thinner on brisket, chest, face and forelegs. Coarse with age.
    • Optime Hair: Hair is natural and remains in the same maned state as his Lupus and Secui form.
  • Facial Features: Strong jaw, high cheekbones, prominent brow. Primal look in eyes.
  • Build and Size: Hourglass body shape. Thin at the waist, broad at the chest, shoulders and hips. Dominant Stance.
    • Lupus: Giant, by wolf standards. Heavy muscle mass and tall hackles, feathers on limbs. Downward angle at the croup. Rear legs are shorter than front legs.
    • Secui: Bulk is multiplied and thicker areas of the coat lengthen. Heavily weighted with muscle with; Height increase.
    • Optime: Stands tall, shoulders back and upright. Tall hackles and feathers present. Signs of Lordisis present.
  • Humanization: Feral nature beneath a thin skin of civility, antisocial and a sociopath. The look in his eyes is highly feral and his body language is often challenging.


  • Fur:
    • Gray
    • Scorpion
    • Mineshaft
  • Markings:
    • Cod Grey: Ears, Gauntlets tapering upward on front legs, boots on rear legs, upper half of tail, hackles.
    • Gray 'V' shaped marking on Chest
    • Silver: Around mouth, inner ears, ankle patches, underbelly.
    • Mineshaft
  • Eyes: Right is an empty socket; Left Polo Blue
  • Optime Hair: Scorpion, with Mineshaft Widows peak and hackles.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Clam Shell
  • Scarring: Akaroa


Gray (#808080)
Scorpion (#695F62)
Mineshaft (#323232)
Cod Gray (#0B0B0B)
Golden Tips(#40E0D0)
Polo Blue (#40E0D0)
Akaroa (#D7C2A7)
Clam Shell (#D4B6AF)

By Kayfedewa on Da!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: See Profile for scar references.
    • Outstanding scars: Large scar across croup, and scar across the bride of his nose.
    • Right eye is missing, an empty socket where it once was. Nerve damage apparent.
  • Piercings: —
  • Tattoos:
  • The word 'Tierney' stamped on his left buttcheek


205lbs, (92 kg)
45'' (114 cm)

Lupus (Preferred)

Lupus is the form that Shaamah is more naturally inclined to use. Because of his previous nomadic lifestyle, he can cover more ground and preserve more energy in this form.

580 lbs (263 kg)
8 ft ( 96'' - 244 cm)


He lacks dexterity for finer details, so the addition of thumbs is only a slight improvement to heavy hands. He is known to break finer items with his grip and destroy furniture with his weight. Massive size and massive weight. Cannot use a Mount. Cannot run for extended periods.

280 lbs (132 kg)
Secui: 52'' (132 cm)


Rarely uses this form. Will only utilize in battle against non-luperci near his size.

Clothing and Armour

  • Thick black linen harem pants, waist band, and vest. Light white linen long sleeve shirt. Leather loincloth.
  • Heavy brown and black leather armors with slabs of scrap metal on the knees, forearms and right breast.


Due to Sapient's cultural influence, he utilizes more civil appearance with clothing. Now, in Salsola, he continues this trend due to their civil society.


  • Speech: His language is stilted and extremely formal. His voice is usually a low, rolling hum. Doesn't speak much.
  • Scent: Stone, Mulch, Sunflower and blood
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Glares at people, stands at idle with folded arms, condones child abuse, is not above harming the women and children
  • General Posture and Body Language: His body language is dominant, tense, and confident, and more often than not irritated.


2.  Personality

Nova Scotia has caused a shift in Shaamah's perception of who and what he needs to be. Previous to Sapient, he was a stoic, stern and aggressive creature; Malevolent and cruel without need. Sapient had it's effect on him, but only for a short time. Those he knew within the pack would remember him as diligent and loyal, if not abrasive and cold. A select few might remember him standable, at least, witnessing his desire to engage more with pack mates and socialize beyond his limit of comfort. However, before he could find himself at a calm and finally settle down in his age, Sapient disbanded with a traitorous leader. Shaamah immediate grew exponentially distrustful. Despite now being more civilized in appearance, he's regressed into his previous self. Previous mental weaknesses, such as Complex PTSD, Hallucinations, and hyper awareness, have made his psyche virulent. Taking these disorders as a strength, he actively relies on the instinct that these disorders create for him. Paranoia, dissociation and increasingly antisocial behaviors bend his reality and battles are slowly slipping into black-outs. He is a ruthless killer, efficient as possible considering his size, and surprisingly stoic despite his aggressive tendencies.

2.1  Ideals


Callous -- Disciplined -- Austere -- Assiduous - Scrupulous

  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted, Dominant
  • Expression: Dominant; Submissive to appropriate ranks within Salsola, but no one else
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil


  • Ranking Up
  • Maintaining Musculature


  • Dying of old age, rather than in battle
  • Another traitorous leader


  • Packs: Follows in tune with Salsola's preferences.
  • Species: Hates coyotes and has learned to hate Jackals. Will not be cruel only for diplomatic necessity.
  • Non-Luperci: He is encouraged to see them as lesser, despite the fact that he preferences lupus form
  • Gender: Dislikes overly feminine nature; He believes it to be a sign of frailty
  • Color: Has a particular hatred toward earth pelted red-heads
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual; Has the libido of a pine cone.
  • Age: Hates pups and the youth; highly respects very aged souls, especially retired soldiers


0 on Kinsey scale. It is hard to believe that he somehow has children, with how completely out of tune he is with sexuality.


  • Likes: Combat, abusing Zetsubou, Hard work, exercising, Patrolling, Wood-cutting, Training, Murdering innocents in the Wilds
  • Dislikes: Pups, idle prattle, frailty, disrespect, parties, trespassers, Servants


Will occasionally drink alcohol with great consideration to when and why, and especially who has provided it due to a poisoning that happened with Sapient. Has unintentionally inhaled Marijuana once, but will never use on his own accord.


Has no beliefs, faith or spirituality. Looks down on those who believe in gods/religion blindly.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name. ** Does not know of this person.

3.1  Family: Ad'j

  • Nephews/Nieces: --
  • Extended: Ad'j

3.2  Relations

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

  • Elphaba Shaamah is loyal to, if not suspicious of, due to his history with Sapient

Minor Relations


  • '''Dusk Hushhowl - Attacked Dusk while pregnant in order to kill the unborn pups of Zetsubou Oct. 27th, 18'
  • '''Nyx Greyfire - Nyx was caught in the crossfire of a bar fight that Shaamah engaged in. She was injured due to Shaamah and he offered no aide, leading to the death of unborn pups. Sept. 11th, '18

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Over many years in a war-faring pack, he's learned how to surprise his enemy by amazing unarmed combat skills. If he fought poorly, his life was on the line. He absorbed the knowledge of the warriors that fought at his side, and against him, and picked what styles worked, and what didn't. The greatest element of surprise that he has to offer is absorbing damage, utilizing the force to return the blow in close-contact.
  • Unarmed Fighting (Master): Unarmed hand-to-hand combat. Utilizing his own body as a shield.
  • Armed Fighting: Tekko (Master): Utilizing weapons that enhance the fist, such as his Tekko, he can combat armed opponents.
  • Berserk Style Defense (Master): Absorbs damage to get in close, and uses the force to return devastating strikes.
  • Long Bow Archery (Green): While he understands the general idea and usage of longbows, he requires a great deal of training to perfect.
  • Shaamah is not fast; he is weighed down by his size and muscle.


  • Education and Learning: After stealing an axe from Lilith Fairbreeze, he started chopping down trees and clearing paths for Sapient. He learned from trial and error. Reading up on the job aided in fast and efficient work.
  • Woodcutter (Master): Chops down trees and makes firewood from the leftovers.
  • While capable, due to age, he is not fast at this skill.

4.2  Inventory


Shaamah tends to barter in more natural goods and services.

  • Offering: Firewood. Large predatory or prey pelts. Mercenary work.
  • Accepting: Based on Need. DM for details


Usually on Hand

  • Tekko - Oriental, Iron knuckle weapon. Blunt nodule style.
  • Woodcutter's Axe

For Trade

  • Mercenary Work - Free to Sapiens

Small Dilapidated House in Amherst

  • Items are not stored here. All items are either with Shaamah or Zetsubou.

5.  History

Previously, the King of the Marshes, Shaamah was of royal blood and lived his youngest years striving for the trophy of survival in a world that valued only the strong and diligent. With a swampland pack that fought harder to usurp his throne than conquer their enemies, it didn't take long for his lands to fall victim to the manifest destiny of their neighbors. With no pride in this pack to go down with this ship of mutineers that sought him dead, as did his enemies, he made the choice to flee the warzone and leave those that struggled to find his leadership enough at the mercy of his foes.

Gone of the Marshes, Shaamah traveled north. He satiated the deathwishes of any fool tempted enough to try their strength against his, and left a trail of tall tales in his wake as he finally arrived to Nova Scotia. There, he found that the winters were much more pleasant than the humidity of the marshes, and after being a loner for what seemed months, the beast finally settled down in a pack called Sapient. It was the price to pay at the beck of a man who'd cauterized an arrow wound for the beast, elsewise Shaamah would have remained a loner. Finding the benefits of pack life again, however, he chose to stick it out with the Sapien's. They didn't quite understand who he was, but with good intention and an easier way of life, Shaamah and the Sapiens he lived among finally found even ground.

It wasn't long until the soldier had gone up a few ranks, building relationships along the way with his fellow packmates that neither of them understood quite how it all worked. What Sapient knew was that they had a loyal protector, and Shaamah by nature was willing to fill the shoes to aid in the pack's survival, even when the heavens fell. Charred and damaged, Miwa, the pack's local medic, put the beast back together with the prize of a trade for his life. Through this contract, Miwa was prized with a litter of Shaamah-sired whelps, to whom Shaamah desired nothing more to do with than the conception itself.

In the mean time, Shaamah's past had caught up with him. Ohja and Sinner, of his lineage and legacy, both had tracked him down with the notion of bringing the beast to a grave, to which eventually was fueled by a hatred for the pack that took him in. Sapient fought alongside him, defending their home and effectively killing Sinner, while Ohja scrambled off to leave his comrades to die. To the Sagax, Nivosus', direction, Shaamah left for the University of New England offsite of Sapient to allow time for the pack to recover, and any other bits of the soldier's past to clear up before returning. All the while, leaving Tierney behind, questioning whether or no Shaamah was a good fit for her future.

After months in the University, nothing of Shaamah's past came up. No stragglers looking to fight the behemoth, and nothing but time on the soldiers side. He eventually learned to write, among intense training with new weapons. He and the rest at the University agreed, and they sent word to Nivosus that he was ready to return to Sapient to dedicate his life to their borders once again. It seemed he had re-entered their ranks just in time for another crisis. Sapien's were being murdered and going missing, ultimately leading Sapient into a raid of the caverns where their friends had been kidnapped and stored. It was in this battle that Shaamah lost his right eye from a wooden club to the face.

While there was peace in the time it took for Shaamah to heal from his impressive injury, there was a murder that gripped Sapient. On edge due to the previous kidnappings, the pack was called together by Asura, and a note was found on the corpse of Leonardo. It was assumed that the murderer had been Nivosus, and in that note revealed a history with the late Miwa and a bad trade that ended in the death of Diarmid. Despite their attempts to find Nivosus, he had fled in the night, and Sapient disbanded. Furious with the scheme that had happened beneath his nose, he left Sapient without so much as a goodbye, and moved on to Amherst. There he worked as a merc for hire, until Helena came to him with the opportunity to join Salsola. He made way for Salsola soon after, but not before imprisoning Zetsubou as and indentured servant.

When he arrived at Salsola's borders, he swore his loyalty to Elphaba and Salsola.

5.1  Achievements


go get yo' catacombs template, son



  • 15 Nov:
A warrior was born to a single mother in an neutral claim marsh den.


  • June:

June was the downfall of any good that had come of Shaamah's life. Amadè was murdered when on a hunting trip and Shaamah returned to find her corpse and his father, Isaiah. It was revealed to him that he was the product of incest, and Shaamah's opinion of his own worth was gone. He avenged his mother and abandoned his parent's bodies in the unclaimed den.


  • July

Early July marked the moment that Shaamah found his parent's birth home. He revealed to the King of the Grey Paws, Ad'j, that he had killed Isaiah, the Prince. Through tradition, Shaamah had been given Isaiah's rank and they ensured that he was ready for battle with the Red Paws to the North. It was now his destiny to inherit the pack from his grandfather.

  • 13 August

Shaamah slipped into the Ad'j's den and murdered the King as he slept. The next morning, there was no time to mourn for the death of the late Lord. Shaamah's reign of the Grey Paws had begun.


  • October

The Fall of the Grey Paw pack was nigh. Through various attempts on Shaamah's life in the past year, the Marsh King was growing ever paranoid of his own kind, much less the Red Paws that encroached on his borders. The General of the Red Paw Army broke the Grey Paw borders and chaos unfolded. Shaamah was no coward, but he knew that there were things that were worth dying for, and that the Grey Paws were not one of them. With no reason to go down with this ship of mutineers that sought him dead, he made the choice to be rid of the warzone and leave those that struggled to find his leadership worthy at the mercy of his foes.


Shaamah arrives with Mercenary companion Mercier Benoit Voclain to Nova Scotia with a more settled mindset now that he was no longer in the warzone. Not long after, the Mercenaries parted.

Shaamah's arrow wound inflicted by Daeva Lykoi grew infected. Maximilian Barnet healed him, which indebted him. Shaamah filled a contract for bodyguard as repayment. Max later required him to join Sapient's claim as part of the contract.

Shaamah Officially joins Sapient's claim. He is accepted by Sagax Nivosus Moineau. Through the summer, he gets assimilated to the pack's more civilized culture. Akantha helps him get better adjusted to suit pack life.

Miwa and Shaamah spar for the first time in their initial meeting.

Akantha found herself at the center of a bar brawl and Shaamah came to her defense. After receiving several lacerations from the armed bar squabble (And decking someone with a table), they escaped Amherst and Shaamah made his way to Miwa's care for healing. It was through her attitude and haughty nature while cleaning him up, Shaamah found he detested the woman and animosity toward her had been born.

A random change encounter with Orochi Kanshinjou Kenji lead to a fight and enemies between the two warriors.


Miwa is found to be in cohorts with Kenji and Shaamah's old paranoid habits begin to blossom again. He loses any trust that Miwa serves Sapient before herself and begins to investigate into anything he hear's that Miwa does to ensure the pack's safety. Miwa's intentions were deemed not traitorous.

The Dark Horse Conflict Begins


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