Character Services

Note! This page is a work in progress -- a few of us are currently working on it to make it the best it can be! If you have ideas or opinions (like skill organization, rules, etc.), come help us out in the discussion thread!

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  1.   1.  Add Your Character
  2.   2.  Skills
  3.   3.  Character Services
    1.   3.1  Medical
    2.   3.2  Combat
    3.   3.3  Animal Husbandry
    4.   3.4  Crafting

The Character Services page is intended to showcase various characters around 'Souls; most of these characters have a particular specialty or ability, and so they have been put up here so that others can freely browse and request threads from them. If your character has a particularly rare ability or special skill (or even if they don't, and they're just really friendly, or they're just really moody or you just want lots and lots of threads) feel free to put yourself up here.

Please feel free to contact any of these people for threads! They're up here for a reason! :) Please note, you should always check the Absentees before PMing someone here for a thread; they may be listed as scarce and are less receptive to thread requests than they usually are, or otherwise absent altogether. Some player pages may list further thread preferences, availability, etc.

1.  Add Your Character

If your character has a special ability or certain trait which makes them a good plot device, let others know! Note that you should be receptive and open to threads and plots from players most of the time, though of course, no one expects you to take on more threads than you can handle. Just keep it in mind!

Inactive characters will be removed from this list to avoid confusion. However, using the History tab, you can easily retrieve this information should the character become active again.

2.  Skills

For quick browsing, skills are organized into broad categories such as hunting, combat, and socialization. Below are some examples (definitely not an exhaustive list!) of specific skills that may fall under each category.

Remember that you can briefly describe specifics (for instance, if your character is a weapon-maker but is only skilled at bone knives) under "summary," and expand upon it on your character's wiki page! Be specific -- if your character's "good with horses," does that mean riding them, feeding them, grooming them, communicating with them, training them, or capturing them? If your character is a "healer," are they better at dealing with open wounds or illnesses?

  • Medical: Treating wounds, treating illnesses like colds, cleaning or stitching wounds, making herbal remedies
  • Combat: Feral fighting, hand-to-hand, blunt or bladed or ranged weaponry, tactics
  • Animal Husbandry: Riding horses, capturing and breaking horses, raising cats, feeding animals, falconry
  • Hunting: Hunting large or small game, tracking prey, leading group hunts, trapping
  • Craftsmanship: Carpentry, building shelves, creating bone jewelry, tanning, painting, brewing
  • Scholarly: Reading, writing, historical knowledge, teaching
  • Spiritual: Paganism, monotheistic religions, preacher, witch, demonology, "prophecy," spiritual healing
  • Stealth: Scouting, spying
  • Social: Diplomacy, seduction, trade, deception
  • Other: Something doesn't fit? List it here!

"Plot" services, such as having a murderous psychopath character, super friendly character, or otherwise quirky character, will be listed under "plot!"

3.  Character Services

Character Player Service Summary

3.1  Medical




Summary of skill pros, cons and practical uses. e.g., setting broken bones or treating infections



First aid and Herbalism

Skills are focused on stopping immediate bleeding, cleaning of wounds and experimental herbalism that may aid or hinder recovery.

3.2  Combat




Summary of skill pros, cons and practical uses. Combat skills include: Hand to Hand, Armed, Archery, Tactics, Hunting / Trapping and Subterfuge / Poison

3.3  Animal Husbandry




Summary of skill pros, cons and practical uses. Do they work with Horses, Birds or other animals? Low speech?

3.4  Crafting




Summary of skill pros, cons and practical uses. Are they good at Leather working / Tailoring, Smithing / weapon making, Carpentry, etc..