Sacrilege Acidic

Sacrilege is a daughter of Ravesque Acidic, born in the secluded and small cult of Whispers.

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Name Meaningthe violation of anything sacred; acid-forming
Name OriginLatin sacrilegium; word acid + suffix ic
Date of BirthJuly 6th, 2009
Species100% Canis lupus ortus
Birth placeWhisper Springs?, Ontario
Going toAnathema

'Souls Profile


Cult of Whispers

StatusChild of the High Priestess


1.  History

Born alongside her two sisters and two brothers to the High Priestess of the Cult of Whispers, Sacrilege was the distinct twin of now-deceased Scripture Malebolge. Displaying typical twin attachment, Scripture and Sacrilege appeared to have a psychological link that allowed them to interact on a deeper level than the rest of their siblings; it's assumed that this link is the reason why Sacrilege helped her sister oust her mother. Despite the heavy involvement Sacrilege had in removing her mother from power for her sister, it has never come to light that it was actually Sacrilege who chose to orchestrate the entire act without full agreement of Scripture. With the return of Apostate and the death of her twin, Sacrilege left the cult for reasons unknown to her mother and other siblings.

2.  Personality

While unwilling to be in the spotlight herself, Sacrilege is a highly intelligent and forward-thinking woman. She suffers no genetic psychological problems, but the death of her twin, Scripture, has since caused several 'unpleasant' psychological phenomena to occur in the woman's mind; most significant is auditory hallucination, a thing she attributes as 'hearing the Heresiarch' (Whisper Springs' primary deity). Though this might appear as a true psychological illness, it isn't; while she appears to have a psychopathic brain, this supposed illness is really just her way to cope with the death of a sister she felt close to.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

4.1  General

Like most of her siblings, as well as her father, Sacrilege is a dark-coloured wolf. Her base coat is mine shaft (#333333), with only a cod gray (#181414) backside. This cod gray color spans from the tip of her tail to a place between her ears and overtakes much of her back as well as a stripe on her nose and faint streaking through the mine shaft furs. Other than this, there is no extra color to her body. Her eyes are bright red (#a80000).

4.2  Forms

Lupus (H.27in. — W.77lbs.)

The smallest living sibling, Sacrilege possesses a lean and well-kept body. Faint scarring can occassionally be seen through the thick hairs of her pelt. Her body is well-proportioned, with long legs and a bushy tail and evenly set ears. Though she wasn't required to care for herself, Sacrilege chose to hunt on her own and carries a subtly more muscular build than her sister, Vainglory. She carries herself with a feminine four-legged gait. Her fur is even length over the entirety of her body, and is thick and protective. Usage: Sacrilege is not often seen in her Lupus form, as she prefers the sheer bulk of a Secui body or grace of Optime.

Secui (H.34 — W.160lbs.)

Optime (H.73in. — W.190lbs.)

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