Sólveig Dawnrunner

Sólveig Dawnrunner


Name Identification



  • Etymology:
    • Forename: Sun-strength (Old Norse)
    • Surname: Running at dawn (English)
  • Pronunciation: SOOL-vey Dahn-ruhn-er
  • Nickname: Sulu

Credit: Mandi



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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Essentials
    2.   1.2  Gallery

Sólveig Dawnrunner is the daughter of Thyri Dawnbringer and Merlin Knight. She is an awkward little bean who was nursed by Teagan Stryder following the untimely death of her mother. She currently lives with her father and sister.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • Fur: Her fur is average length and thick.
    • Optime Hair: TBD
  • Facial Features: TBD
    • Eyes:
  • Build and Size: Sulu is purely wolf. Food-driven, she has a soft and delightfully plump figure that may, or may not, dissolve with age.
    • Lupus: xx lbs (xx kg) — xx in (xx cm)
    • Secui: xxx lbs (xx kg) — xx in (xxx cm)
    • Optime: x ft x in (xx in) (xxx cm) — xxx lbs (xx kg)
  • Humanization: TBD

1.2  Gallery

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1 25% Common Gray Wolf, 25% Unspecified Wolf Species, 15.63% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf, 12.5% Italian Wolf, 9.38% Arctic Wolf