Rumpa Nightshade

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Rumpa Nightshade is the son of the infamous Raine Nightshade, former member of Casa di Cavalieri. Thanks to his father's reputation, Rum has lived under constant scrutiny and skepticism within his pack. A product of his unfortunate upbringing, he's known for his rude behavior and thefts around the pack. A novice tailor and determined pacifist, the boy struggles with daily life in the pack of knights and hopes to one day find a place he can truly call home.

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  • Date of Birth: August 7, 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: The Courthouse, Room CR2, Casa di Cavalieri
  • Mate: None

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • MM/DD/YY - MM/DD/YY: Packmates might notice this big thing during this timeframe!
  • Casa di Cavalieri members may reference seeing Rumpa doing the following:
    • Spending time in the library or in the tailor shop

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


A basic summary of everything physical, all in one place! Pelt, mane, clothing, accessories, scars, tattoos.


 SPICY MIX (#916347)
 ROSEWOOD (#5A0000)
 ARSENIC (#414141)


  • Fur: Primarily RAISIN BLACK and SMOKY BLACK
    • Markings: SPICY MIX saddle and tail, LIGHT TAUPE shoulders and eye markings, PASTEL GREY toes.
  • Eyes: ROSEWOOD
  • Optime Hair: SMOKY BLACK roots and SPICY MIX ends
    • Nose and Paw Pads: COLOR NAME

0 lbs (0 kg)
0 in (0 cm)

0 lbs (0 kg)
0 in (0 cm)

0 lbs (0 kg)
0 ft 0 in (0 in / 0 cm)


  • Speech: Soft-spoken with a slight stutter
  • Scent: Smells of books and fresh linens
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: oh man what a weirdo
  • General Posture and Body Language: He's short, a little pudgy, and he slouches

1.2  Images

2.  Personality

TL;DR: A basic summary in paragraphs or bullet points.

2.1  Traits



  • People-pleasing, fitting in, having friends and comforts


  • Abandonment, social distance, turning out like his father


  • Likes: Domestic tasks, simplicity, friendships
  • Dislikes: Lying, manipulation, being punished for someone else's crime, prejudice


  • Packs: Anathema is where he was born though he remembers very little about it. Casa di Cavalieri is where he was raised. He is very familiar and comfortable with it in that it's all he's ever known, but he hates the militaristic and feral mindset of its people. Cour des Miracles was his dream home before it fell.
  • Non-Luperci: He envies their simplicity and how they may never know anything else.
  • Gender: He's generally scared of physically superior males, and crushes on every pretty girl who looks his way.
  • Sexuality: Theoretically has no problem with homosexuality, but he doesn't really understand it.


Heterosexual with potential for bi-curiousness towards pretty boys, but he's taken a vow of abstinence he's not likely to break any time soon.


Rumpa has been studying the Bible for some time and finds that it's promise of mercy and forgiveness is very comforting. He has found peace in prayer and reflective meditation, though he has never 'felt' God, he has begun to believe in Him more every passing day.


Rumpa looks down on substances and would avoid partaking in all of them.

2.2  Skills


  • Reading/Writing (Master): Rumpa has spent most of his short life with his nose in a book. His reading level and comprehension skills are quite high and he's begun teaching others how to read and write as well.
  • Tailoring (Journeyman): He began his training in this shortly after he shifted under the tutelage of Darius Pierson and he's slowly been gaining a reputation for it.
    • Sewing (Journeyman): The first skill he learned and definitely his best. He can sew seams and embroidery both with ease and comfort.
    • Garment-Crafting (Accomplished): Though not always the most sturdy, they do tend to look nice after he's through with them.
    • Leather-working (Novice): He's only just begun learning this particular craft and he doesn't seem to be very good at it yet. He's somewhat of a perfectionist with leather as it's harder to fix, so his pieces tend to be much slower than his cloth ones.
    • Cloth Making/Dying (Novice): Even though he's been working on this since the beginning, he's still at the level of a complete novice and he doesn't seem likely to make any progress AT ALL.


  • Self-Confidence: The boy has no concept of self-worth or pride. He's constantly slouching, staying at the edge of the room, and staying out of the public's eyes. He finds it hard to believe that he has friends or people that would ever like him and it definitely shows.
  • Combat: Rumpa hates physical exertion and violence so at the detriment of his standing in the pack, he has taken a vow of non-violence even in self-defense.

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Arlen Stryder is the bane of his existence and the very reason Rumpa has never felt comfortable in Casa. The man makes his life miserable at every opportunity and Rumpa avoids him whenever possible. It is not always possible.

Positive Relationships

  • Nora Knight was one of his first friends in the pack. She has defended him against her own kin and has stood by his side even when he wasn't worthy.
  • Everett Moreau was his mentor and role model. The peaceful scholar left a deep impact on Rumpa's life.
  • Veri Secanti, Damon, and Alaric Ivanov acted as his stand-in family after his father was executed. The close-knit people always considered him one of their own despite his attempts at pushing them away when he was younger. He now bears them no ill-will and sees them as close as family as he thinks he will ever know.

Poor Relationships

  • Knight - He bears some amount of resentment towards all of the Knight family for having killed his father.

Notable Associations

4.  History

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4.1  Post Log & Archives

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