Ruari Knight

This character is Under Construction! I haven't worked on her in quite some time. D: Please don't eat me!

Ruari is the daughter of Nira Knight and Unnamed. She is a hybrid, part wolf-part dog (various species of collie). She is supposed to arrive in 'Souls to scout out the Casa di Cavalieri- the location of the most Knights- to attempt her quest.

Ruari Winters-Knight

by Trollface




Date of Birth

15th February 2011





Roar - ee


Ru (Roo)


From rua and ri; “red-headed King (Queen)”
A combination of Winters and Knight




Birth place





Dog-wolf hybrid

25% Gray Wolf
25% Australian Shepard
25% Australian Kelpie
25% Blue Lacy




Mate --
Pack None.
Rank None.


  • Optime Hair: Buccaneer (#582a2a).
  • Eyes: Astral (#3b829e) and Rhino (#273951).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Eclipse (#291612).
    • Legs, underbelly and some facial markings are Indian Khaki (#c7a58a) or Iron (#d3d8dc).
    • Muzzle and various tones and markings are a darker Leather (#906f56) or Rock (#533c34).

Art by Trollface


Ruari is a mixture of several cultures, and this is almost entirely evident in her speech. Having grown up among Irish-speaking canines, it should come as no surprise that the young lady exhibits a Dublin-Irish accent while speaking English. [1] Through her mother she learned Scottish, and her father an Irish Gaelic, and tends to slip into either language when lacking a better word for something, stuttering, or frustrated. When excited, upset, or passionate about the subject, Ruari is prone to speaking very, very quickly, and as such tripping over and mixing up her words. This tends to be when she grumbles or grumps and narrows her eyes at her own muzzle before re-situating her speech patterns with odd words supplemented by self-depreciating comments; "Blahblah- and I can't speak like a normal canine- so anyway..." When calm however, she speaks eloquently, almost regally, with an air of easy confidence. Her mind does like to go a mile a minute, however, and she can change tracks with the greatest of ease, following trains of thought that sometimes leave others in the dust.





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Family: Knight

  • Great Grandparents: Lochlan Knight, Brigid Arthur
    • Grandmother: Athena Knight
    • Grandfather: Unknown
      • Mother: Nira Knight
      • Father: Unnamed Male
      • Siblings: Eachna Knight, Sorcha Knight
  • Extended Family:


This story begins not with Ruari, but with her grandmother, Athena Knight - and not even originally with Athena, but with her brother, Ares. Ares Knight was an integral part of the Knight Clan, being the first born male child to the Alpha. By Clan law, any mating pair could have children until they bore their first son, who would take over as the family head once their father passed away- and also by law, a Knight could only choose for him or herself a mate that was large, strong, and otherwise a fit choice for a parent. Ares, however, desired the creamy-hued and slight female, Taka Angel, for his mate- something that was so frowned upon by the pack leadership, that he was kicked out of the pack lands upon solidifying his position. The male took his preferred mate and then left Scotland for Nova Scotia, where he could live with his wife and make a family in peace. (See Jazper Rhiannon-Knight for more on Ares.)

This, however, left the Knight Clan with quite the dilemma. Having borne their first and only son, the alpha pair were by law forbidden to spawn any more children - but that son was wayward, and had banished himself from the pack. Left with only his daughters, the Alpha, Lochlan Knight, decided to send one girl, Athena, across the waves to Ireland as a means of fostering relations with one of the warring Irish Tribes of Morrígan residing in Airgid Gleann (the Badb Tribe, specifically). The Badb Tribe had, after all, presumably destroyed another of the Tribes living in the beautiful valley- surely these wolves would be the most fit to allow his daughter to bear sons to take his place as Pack head. Athena, however, did not make it immediately to the Badb Tribe as planned - instead, she first came across Niall Winters, the lost son of the Macha Tribe, in Dublin. After an evening of drinks, conversation, and a roll in the hay, Athena convinced Niall to return to the remains of his Tribe and rebuild it as a king - like a true Knight would. And so, Niall did, taking a wife called Elenore Harper, and rebuilding the family. (See the Winters family for more information on Niall.)

Athena, already aware she would never return to the Knight Clan in Scotland despite having taken a "small", dog-luperci to bed, proceeded to the Badb Tribe the following day and met up with the Tribe leaders before being handed off to her new mate. Following another roll in the grass with the luperci-dominant tribesman, Athena went through her first shift and lived among the Badb as if nothing had transpired with the Winters male she saw occasionally out in Airgid Gleann. The war was over, and at last Athena gave birth to her children- three females with varying degrees of wolf and dog in them. One very strongly resembled her father, while the other two gradiented down from him to better resemble their mother and, interestingly, Niall. Athena was undaunted, claiming all three children were her mate's, and, aware that dog blood ran through his veins, simply wrote it off as genetics. The male consented to this explanation, and the three children were raised to maturity. When they came of age (and were officially freed from the grasp of Knight clan mentality, being all females) they were allowed to stay or go as they pleased. Athena pulled the daughter that most closely resembled Niall aside before she took her leave, however, and told her the truth of her conception. Armed with this new information the female, named Nira Knight, left the Badb tribe and changed her name to Nira Winters-Knight, proud to be a blood relation of the Macha Tribe, wisest of all, and related to the Knight Clan - in principle.

Nira took a mate in another dog, and produced three beautiful daughters - Sorcha, Eachna, and Ruari. Ruari's early life was grand, filled with trips across Ireland and over other areas of Europe. By the time she and her sisters had reached a year of age, they had seen almost the whole of Europe, and were well-versed in several languages, cultures, and religions. While Sorcha and Eachna seemed content to know only about their mother's Winters ties, Ruari took an interest in the Knight side of the family. She knew everything about the Macha clan than she cared to know, but so very little about the Knight aspect, where her grandmother was from. Despite warnings from her mother and her grandmother, the hybrid decided to visit the lands she carried genes from, traversing alone to Scotland and meeting her maternal grandmother's family. Lochlan was less than pleased with the slim, if tall, wolfdog, and it took a lot for her to even manage a conversation with the old Alpha. He was a giant, this black behemoth of a great-grandfather, but he was the last link to the Knights she could reach. He explained the tale of the lack of a pure Knight to lead the Clan, and he quickly quashed any inkling she might have had about a female taking the lead of the pack instead. But then, the grizzled old wolf came upon an idea for the determined young woman - a prince among princesses. She was so driven to be accepted as she was instead of looked down upon as an impure Knight... he decided to take advantage of this desire of hers to be seen as an equal.

Aware of where his wayward son, Ares, had gone and uncaring of the time passed, the old Alpha offered the wolfdog a chance at being looked upon as a pure Knight - by travelling to Nova Scotia in search of the defected male or his male offspring to sway him to take his rightful place as leader of the Knight Pack. Overjoyed by this prospect, the girl returned home to her grandmother and mother and explained her plan to them. They were rightfully taken aback, and her grandmother told her she was going on a fool's errand for something not worth such a trip. Ruari waved the pair of them off and finished packing her things. She would not hop a boat from Dublin to Barbados and from there to Freetown for another week, preparing herself and making sure to go through all the extended goodbyes to her family.



  • February: Ruari is born.