Ronald Winthrop

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Ronnie Winthrop is a tobacco famer and younger brother to Redtooth and Johnathan Winthrop hailing from the southlands of Homestead, Virginia. Of the loud and rowdy Winthrop triplets, Ronnie is a laid-back, joking male. Throughout his childhood (and well into adulthood), Ronnie and Andy were the bane of their older brother, John, who often tried and failed to keep them in line.

After the death of Mary Winthrop in the Winter of 2017, John and Ronnie sold their mother's farm and traveled to find their brother.






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  • Playing Ronald in a game of cards.
  • Talking with him about general topics - pack projects and the like.
  • Seeing him hanging around The Ugly Coyote at Charmingtown.
  • Watching him tend to livestock.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


A basic summary of everything physical, all in one place! Pelt, mane, clothing, accessories, scars, tattoos.


 Graphite (#211206)
 Clinker (#39200B)
 Espresso (#643C1C)
 Potter's Clay (#8E613C)
 Mule Fawn (#8D582C)
 Sorrell Brown (#C9A486)
 Dune (#38342F)
 Fern Green (#447939)


  • Fur: Primarily Potter's Clay.
    • Markings: Mule Fawn accents, Espresso dorsal ticking, Clinker patch between shoulders, and tail tip.
    • Underbelly: Sorrell Brown.
  • Eyes: Fern Green.
  • Optime Hair: Graphite.
    • Nose, Scars and Paw Pads: Fern Green.

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-- in (-- cm)

-- lb (-- kg)
-- in (-- cm)

-- lb (-- kg)
-ft - in (-- in) (-- cm)

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September 2019

  1. Bargain price (28 Sep)
    The call of a wolf is heard at the borders and Evelyn, concerned for the safety of her family, asks Ronald to join her in investigating.
  2. Turn your head toward the storm that’s surely coming along (05 Oct)
    While Ronnie works on building the foundation for the gang's new storage structure, Evelyn starts digging out the foundation.
  3. And maybe he doesn't know that you're blinding (11 Oct)
    Evelyn and Ronald take a look over their current horse stock and discuss which animals are worthwhile to keep, and which are only sub-par.