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4 April, 2011






100% Eastern Timber Wolf




Robin's build is slim and sleek, but also small and petite, as she was the runt in her litter. Though she appears delicate, she has put her form to use building her speed, agility, and endurance attributes which come more easily and naturally to her than strength. Robin's base coat color is light brown or tan normally, but it lightens in winter to a sandy color. It is layered first with a gray-brown color, and then again with a dark brown, on her head, back and sides. The end of her muzzle and chin is tipped with cream, that also extends down to her belly and to the base of her tail, completely covering her underside. Her front paws and tail are also tipped with cream, while her back legs have cream from her paws to her hocks. She can always be identified in a crowd by her flagging, light-tipped tail. Her nose and pads are black, but her eyes are a rich forest green. Occasionally, due to her build and color, she is mistaken as a coyote or to have coyote blood, especially from afar, but she is pure wolf. She prefers her lupus form, as she only recently became Luperci; and, though she is growing more comfortable with the idea of her optime form each day, she still prefers to sleep and travel almost exclusively in lupus form.


Robin, as the runt, developed a fighting spirit early in order to survive. She is determined and scrappy, willing to take on prey and opponents larger than her using her superior speed to evade their blows and dart in for her own attacks. In cases where more risk than gain exists, she easily flees from her larger opponents. Problems are no different. No problem is to big in Robin's eyes to at least try to find a solution, and she understands speed is not always the key.

Robin is extremely loyal, and always has time for her friends. She's there with a comforting or cheerful word or word of advice, but she refuses to solve problems for others. She always tries to tell the truth, she's a terrible liar anyway. She's quick to defend friends and family, even when it might be unnecessary. Robin loves pups, and will always jump at an opportunity to pupsit.

Despite her loyalty and friendliness, Robin does not actively enjoy large crowds or to much interaction. In those situations, she prefers to stay on the periphery with her own thoughts and is the first to volunteer for a job or task away from the commotion. Instead, she prefers small groups, where she can engage in one conversation. She is uncomfortable in the center of attention, to the point where she's bashful in the face of praise. Occasionally she denies praise to avoid the attention, and sometimes she needs someone to remind her that she deserves it. She's not a leader, and she's not overly talkative, but she has a sense of humor and enjoys making sarcastic or witty comments with friends for a laugh, though she has been known to occasionally let something slip at an inopportune time.

Robin has her quirks, just like anyone. She hums tunes and talks to herself, mostly when she's alone but sometimes when she's not paying attention, which earns her some odd looks. She's particularly bouncy when she's excited or nervous, but is always moving normally, anything from full body fidgeting to tail twitching. Above all, Robin likes to appreciate the little things that some take for granted.


Robin was not born a Luperci, and her childhood matched that of a regular wolf in all respects except one: she was the runt. Her survival was made easier due to the large pack she was born into. Though her three larger brothers made it hard for her from the very beginning, she was a fighter. From day one, she utilized her smaller form to squeeze between them for access to milk and food, then as she aged and learned, she realized she won more battles darting and dodging than she did wrestling or fighting. She poured play hours into games of tag to build her running muscles outside the den, and when food came, she quickly grabbed her share and ate clear of her brothers' wrestling. Her slight frame and sing-songy howl, which she used to use for attention as the runt, earned her her name.

When she and her brothers began to join the hunts, she proved her time and effort towards running had paid off. Easily among the fastest in her pack, she was often tailing faster game like deer towards the stronger wolves' ambush. She was most useful during her first winter, where her speed contributed to the occasional hare or bird that made the slight difference that allowed the pack to pull through. She found comfort in the middle of the dominance chain, where she got enough food, but didn't need to worry about dealing with wolves stronger than she could handle. Her pack was readying itself for a prosperous spring and new pups when Robin's world was shaken.

One night Robin was patrolling the territory. The pack was on high alert, as the alpha female had gone into labor. Since they were not welcome in the den, they had agreed to stagger patrols during the night, to ensure they all had ample time to sleep, but that there was no threat to the new pups or their vulnerable alphess. She had offered to do her shift alone, as her howl was unmistakable and she could circuit the den site in a comparable amount of time to the rest, who were working in pairs. This did not appear to be a problem, their patrols were just ample precaution, as the previous week of patrols had turned up no threat.

But there was a threat that night, in the form of an elderly female Luperci. The Luperci was a loner, and posed no threat to Robin in her frail old form, or so it seemed. Robin warned her off after she approached in Lupus form, and turned to continue on her patrol. She was attacked from behind, the Luperci much stronger in her secui form, and knocked unconscious. She awoke miles away, and was greeted by the elder, who revealed what she was and that she had changed Robin to Luperci because she wanted a companion, but had been banished from her pack. Robin, afraid of leading the senile elder back to her pack and the new pups, agreed. She remained for only a month before the elder died. Now a Luperci, she returned to her pack to let them know she was alright, but felt the urge to find others more like herself. The elder had spoken of several packs of Luperci, so she set out to find one.