Rianorix Stormfast

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Other Information

  • This character does have a few constraints, but they are up for discussion!
  • Pre-adoption changes to this character will be acceptable. (Please ask)
  • This character MAY have some additional constraints on their adoption and may be involved in plots.
  • Selected Relations: Aisling Stormfast, Iorek (Cousin)
    • Rianorix has a connections within Casa di Cavalieri as well as to the Stormfast family and plots immediately available upon adoption.


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  2.   2.  Personality
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Rianorix Stormfast hails from Storm Valley.

Additional notes here if desired.






  • Date of Birth: May 27th, 2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Residence, Packs
  • Mate: None

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • MM/DD/YY - MM/DD/YY: Packmates might notice this big thing during this timeframe!
  • Packs members may reference seeing Character doing the following:
    • Kickin butts and doing squats
  • Plot opportunity!

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • She looks the most wolfish out of her siblings and shows little from her dog heritage except in her thicker fur.
  • She has very thick fur that is made for the northern temperatures. It is waterproof though her fur is fluffy due to her dog heritage.
  • She has a wolfish muzzle and triangle ears. Her cheek fur is also thick.
  • She is a large female, taking after the Stormfast blood and added size from her dog heritage. In all forms she has a broad and muscular build.
  • Her Lupus form is wolfish and large with thick fur. She does have some speed to this form though it is only used for when she feels like she needs to be smaller.
  • Her Secui form is a beastly figure with a broad, muscled body under thick fur. She prefers this form for its brute strength and large size. Typically used for hunting or combat.
  • Her Optime form is large and she is very feral-looking. She does have a moderate bust and a nice figure though there is muscle on her bones. She does try to stand as tall as she can though her leg posture is feral. She has a long, thick mane.
  • Humanization: Describe the level of humanization your character has, e.g.: Often wears Accessories.


Base Color:

 Driftwood (#B97E4A)


 Brandy (#DBB492)


 Oil (#2E221A)
 Eclipse (#332419)
 Metallic Bronze (#523720)
 Espresso (#62321E)


 Wild Willow (#B8CC71)


 Oil (#2E221A)

120 lbs (0 kg)
36 in (0 cm)

220 lbs (0 kg)
50 in (0 cm)

300 lbs (0 kg)
7 ft 0 in (75 in / 0 cm)


  • Speech: how does your dude talk, son?
  • Scent: i hope you have a smelly, smelly coyote~~
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: oh man what a weirdo
  • General Posture and Body Language: do you have an imposing bro? or a meek and mild mouse?

1.2  Images

2.  Personality

It is up to adopter to discuss the personality for the character though here are a couple of ideas

  • Rianorix is new to the world of humanized Luperci and often seeks to find at least one person that is like her.
  • Tomboyish due to being raised alongside two brothers and seeks to compete.
  • Very dominant, she may seem like a bully.
  • Can be playful and maybe rough with others. Sometimes breaks things due to her strength and lack of dexterity.
  • She is curious and asks a lot of questions, sometimes can be insensitive, especially concerning humanized aspects. May also examine things without asking.
  • Uncivilized and may come off as rude.
  • She doesn't have a good idea of right and wrong.
  • The Stromfast girl will try to mimic what she sees though often has lines she won't cross. She doesn't understand aspects such as the keeping of livestock and may attempt to hunt them if she sees fit. She likes keeping true to what she believes is the true feral spirit though may use Optime form though may find some types of clothes are not to her liking.

2.1  Traits


  • Outlook: Optimistic/pessimistic?
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    • "Relevant excerpt."
    • "Relevant excerpt."
    • "Relevant excerpt."


  • Family, Self-preservation, defense of values



  • Likes: things, things, things
  • Dislikes: other things, but also, stuff


  • Packs: If your character has a bias against a pack?
  • Species: Has never seen anything that isn't a wolf or wolfdog. Is unfamiliar with anything else but sees smaller species lesser because they are smaller than wolves.
  • Non-Luperci: Some of the members of her family were Luperci so no bias but may be protective of them.
  • Gender: Maybe your character is a misogynist or maybe they're really frightened of men!
  • Sexuality: Doesn't really care. To each their own.
  • Size: Rianorix was raised around a family of fairly large wolves and sees smaller canines lesser.
  • Humanization: Will be more wary around very humanized Luperci and prefers to hang around feral individuals like herself.


Describe your character's sexuality here -- sexual orientation (e.g., heterosexual) isn't enough of a descriptor, by the way! How about their libido (their desire for sexual activity)? How promiscuous are they? Are they monogamous or polygamous? How do they go about obtaining sexual partners (are they a nervous approacher, or a giant flirt)?


Describe your character's spirituality. What do they believe? Do they believe in (a) higher power(s)? Do they perform rituals? What do they believe after death? Do they have a creation myth? Maybe this section is long enough to require more space.


What substances has your character tried? Are they highly experimental or not at all inclined to try? Do they have an opinion on those who do indulge in "illicit" substances?

2.2  Skills


  • Strength (Journeyman): Brief description on interest level and training. Anything goes! Skills, talents, and strong points of character (e.g. confident, charismatic) can go here with or without a ranking.
  • Strength (Journeyman): Brief description on interest level and training.
  • Strength (Accomplished): Brief description on interest level and training.
  • Strength (Master): Brief description on interest level and training.


  • Weakness: Brief description of a characteristic shortcoming (e.g. bad at scouting, language barrier, zealot, frail).
  • Weakness: Brief description of a characteristic shortcoming (e.g. bad at scouting, language barrier, zealot, frail).
  • Weakness: Brief description of a characteristic shortcoming (e.g. bad at scouting, language barrier, zealot, frail).

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

  • Family: Stormfast
  • Extended: Stormfast
    • Grandparents: Lovetta Stormfast and Faolan Stormfast
    • Aunts: Lyra Stormfast, Maera Stormfast, Katria Stormfast, Bestla Stormfast, Freki Stormfast
    • Uncles: Lyall Stormfast, Lycidas Stormfast, Marrok Stormfast, Minigan Stormfast, Bleiz Stormfast, Faelan Stormfast
    • Cousins: Iorek, Rianorix Stormfast, Artair Stormfast, Roarke Stormfast, Mharie Stormfast, Dearla Stormfast

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Characters is an important fellow and I'm gonna tell you why

Positive Relationships

  • Characters made a big happy impact because reasons
  • Characters is also worth knowing and here's why you should know lalala

Poor Relationships

Notable Associations

4.  Property

4.1  Residence

credit, location, whateva

A description of the residence! Where it is, layout, what have you.

Residence Inventory


  • You can list individual accessories, clothing, etc. with links here.
  • You can add Inventory icons below this header.
  • Or you can do what Lin does
  • and just make a Pinterest board and link it here!


  • Actual belongings you can list and detail one by one.
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  • You can add Inventory icons below this header.

4.2  Trade

Offered Goods

  • Specific stuff
  • Even animals I guess
  • Don't forget commissions or mentorship is an option

Requested Goods

  • Stuff you want
    • Specifically this maybe
    • But also this probably
  • Thing
  • Thing

5.  NPCs

Character NPC

Youth NPC

Minor NPCs





Can be Referenced...

NPC Name (species)

credit: CREDIT

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Eldritch Horror
  • Date of Birth: 6/16/04
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Appearance: Yo, how it look
  • Personality:
    • Personality traits
    • Likes, dislikes
    • How it interacts with strangers
    • What it does in its free time
  • Birth location, parents if applicable
  • Traded to So-and-so by Datoneguy
  • Accompanied So-and-so to Packs

Around Packs:

  • Location, doing a thing
  • Location, with So-and-So

6.  History

Rianorix was born in Storm Valley to Minigan Stormfast and Halia alongside two brothers, Artair Stormfast and Roarke Stormfast. Her brothers were all similarly sized, if not larger. As a pup,she had many playmates and often competed with them, being one of the largest She learned to hunt and later fight alongside her peers and lived a normal life in the valley.

6.1  Post Log & Archives

January 2017

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March 2017

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1 Wolf breeds: Mackenzie Valley Wolf, Tundra Wolf, Eurasian Wolf, Interior Alaskan Wolf, Yukon Wolf

2 Dog Breeds: Saint Bernard, Caucasian Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Pyrenean Mastiff, Malamute, Tibetan Mastiff, et al.