Reveille Dusk

Reveille Dusk

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Name Meaning"a signal to arise."
"partial darkness; shade; gloom."
Name OriginFrench "réveiller: to awaken". English word.
Date of Birth15 June 2010
Subspecies50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
25% Timber wolf
25% Dog
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeOntario
Current packVinátta

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Joining date28 Dec 2012[1]
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Reveille Dusk is a former member of Vinátta.

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Friends
    3.   3.3  Acquaintances
    4.   3.4  Enemies
  4.   4.  Appearance

1.  History

Reveille was born into a small pack in what used to be the province of Ontario. Her parents had traveled from the pacific coast before joining with the small pack based outside of the old human city of Toronto. Reveille was born during a stifling heat wave in the summer of 2010. Her litter mates included a stillborn brother and a healthy sister. Her mother nearly died during the birth, but was nursed back to health by her mate and the help of their new pack. The couple decided they would not have anymore children because of the difficult birth, which was probably a good choice since the two girls they had kept them extremely busy.

Reveille and Nocturne were inseparable from the start, always playing together and often getting into trouble with their packmates. When they were four months old a great fire broke out just west of the pack's territory and quickly swept into the den area. The girls were asleep at the time and due to inhaling so much smoke, they were unconscious and oblivious to the danger. A tree that had been weakly rooted to forest floor had given way during the raging fire and smashed into there den. The branches pinned her right side and right foreleg, gouging deep into the flesh. The force of the blow knocked her out of her smoke induced sleep. But still half dazed, she wasn't even aware she was trapped. It wasn't until her father, just back from a pack hunt, saw the smoke and flames and raced into the den to pull her to safety. He was soon back in the den searching for her mother and sister who had also been overcome by smoke. He was able to rescue her mother, but her sister was no where in sight. Upon discovering this, her mother tried to go back into the den to find her other daughter. But the flames were too hot. It was only later that Reveille discovered that her sister had been killed instantly by the falling tree that had narrowly missed her. Her father had known this when he went in to rescue her.

Reveille was never quite the same after the tragedy. She was quieter, calmer or maybe somber better described her. She couldn't believe her sister was gone and she was all alone. As she grew her relationship with her mother became strained. Sometimes she wondered if her mother wished that she was the one who died and not her sister. When she was old enough she asked her father's permission to leave the pack before bringing her decision to the alpha, as was he pack's custom. She left with her father's blessing, not saying much to her mother and set off eastward in search of her own life not stifled by her past and regrets.

  • Miscellaneous:

During her travels since she left her birth pack Reveille happened upon a male Osprey stuck in an old net trap. She freed the bird and realized its wing was injured. She help nurse the bird back to health by feeding it scraps of her kills and stabilizing it's wing. During this time Reveille discovered she was able to speak to the bird in low speech. From then on the bird, whom she named Sorin, followed her on her travels.

2.  Personality

Due to her colouration and graceful, long limbed figure some might think she is fragile or weak. In reality she is more than capable of holding her own if the need arises. She is accustomed to living on her own, trapping, hunting, fishing and living as a nomad. She knows how dangerous it can be in the wild on her own. Her desire to live as a nomad is waning and she is eager to join with a pack again, she misses the companionship.

She is normally quite friendly and open. She won't hesitate to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. She can be quiet and withdrawn at times, preferring her own company but these are rare. The shadow of her sister's death still hangs over her although she has learned to bury it before it can bubble to the surface of her consciousness and send her into a deep depression. She often thinks fondly of her father, but hardly ever of her mother. She still resents the female for scorning her after the death of her sister. However, thanks to that experience she doesn't care what other people might think of her. She is fond of animals and will always help those she finds in trouble.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Parents — Mother x Father
  • LittermatesNocturne, Unnamed

3.2  Friends

3.3  Acquaintances

3.4  Enemies

4.  Appearance

She is of average height in both her Lupus and Optime forms, although her long legs give her an illusion of height. Her pelt is dominated by a rich golden hue, which she inherited from her father. Draping over her crown, shoulders, back, and stretching over her tail is a darker tawny gold with copper hues. This fur darkens in colour the closer it comes to her spine.

The fur along her spine is also notoriously disheveled, despite her frequent attempts to tame it. It's almost like it has a mind of its own and often runs in different directions, much to her ire.

Her underbelly and under her tail are a shade of cream or antique ivory. This colour extends only about midway for her shoulder to her elbow on the insides of all four legs. It makes a reappearance, however, on her hands and feet. When in Optime form it looks as though she has covered her slender hands in off white gloves.Her head is slender and graceful, perched atop a long, well muscled neck. A cascade of dark tawny gold and copper from her shoulders runs down her forehead and along the top of her snout. Underneath her eyes is highlighted by silky gold, and lower, by a cream colour that runs under her chin and neck to coat the rest of her underbelly. An eye dot rests just above each eyebrow, coloured the same antique ivory as her paws and underbelly.

As far as body markings, she has no tattoos. But she does have an old, faded scar on her right forearm that is mostly covered in fur but can still be seen as a light pink line through her gold fur. She doesn't exactly remember how she got it, but can remember something about a fire when she was a young pup.

Her eyes are a stiking contrast to her flaxen fur. They are a bright amethyst hue with hints of soft lilac. They are deep and thoughtful, most often kind and patient or wrinkled in laughter. Rarely are they ever crossed with anger unless someone she cares for is threatened.

  • Optime Form: While in this form she does not care for wearing clothes, she sees them as a hindrance in hunting and just a general chore to put on. Her hair is a dark gold with shades of chestnut and copper. She usually wears it long and curly, or sometimes will braid the end of it and toss it over her shoulder. She had often thought of cutting it short into a curly bob, but had never really worked up the courage to do so. She had a few strands of hair in slender, long braids into which she has woven beads and a few feathers she's found on her travels. She normally tucks these behind her right ear when they get in her way.
  • Miscellaneous: She has two silver stud earrings at the base of each ear. In a old, worn leather satchel she found she keeps her necessities. These include: rudimentary stone knife for skinning and cutting up meat, a small stone ax for chopping wood, a box of matches and twigs for tinder, various herbs, spices, and flowers she picks and trades for goods when she can, and a hair comb fashioned out of elk bone.
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