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July 3, 2011






50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
25% Great Plains Wolf
25% Siberian Husky




Ray Branstone is a very large wolf, though all of his weight is from his hard earned muscles. In Lupus form, Ray stands at 36 inches (91 cm.) and weighs in at 140 pounds (64 kg). In Secui form, Ray stands at 42 inches (112 cm.) and weighs in at 260 pounds (118 kg). In Optime form, he stands at 7 feet 6 inches (229 cm) and weighs in at 275 pounds (125 kg). Ray will never be in any form other than Optime form unless he is required to be. Because Ray is so tall, he does not look at heavy as he truly is.

Ray gets most of his features from the Mackenzie Valley Wolf side of his heritage. He is large, with a larger than normal head, and a large neck. His fur is thick and fluffy from the Siberian Husky is the family. The Great plains Wolf in Ray is not very prevalent, only in his coat colors.

Ray's coat does not does many colors. Ray's base color is a light gray that goes from head to tail. On his front paws, Ray has a "socks" pattern in white and in black on his back paws. Ray's underbelly and inside his ears is white. On his shoulder are patches of black. Ray's entire muzzle, as well as a stripe going up his forehead, is dark gray. Ray's ears are the same dark gray color. Over his eyes, down the sides of his face, and between his ears is all black. That black follows into his long, but neatly groomed, mane as a stripe that goes halfway done. The underside of his long, bushy tail is dark gray, while the top side is his base light gray, and the tip is black. Ray's paw pads are dark gray as well. Ray has icy blue eyes and a light pink nose.

Ray has one scar on the back of his left ear. It is a four point star that was given to Ray by way of a knife. This scar is only visible when Ray is viewed from directly behind.

His only permanent accessories are two necklaces on leather strings. One has a pendent of a little bear (symbol of the Branstone pack) craved from wood with "Ray" craved into the back. The other has a wooden wolf face pendent and one wooden bead on each side of the necklace string. During the winter, Ray will wear a white-tail deer pelt cloak if he needs it.

When he is training with his weapons, he will always have one of three items on. He will either adorn a leather belt with a dagger sheath on the right side, a leather harness around his torso for his wooden staff, or a leather and deer pelt quiver for his arrows.


Ray is a very dedicated male, as well as stubborn. He won't give up in any situation unless he is forced too. He is a very strong wolf and is not afraid to fight, but only if he must. He has very high self-confidence because he has won many fights, but is not going to brag about that. He is also very hard working and willing to put into the extra mile of work. He is highly family orientated and very supportive. He is passionate about learning to use more than just the weapons he does now, as well as about music. Secretly Ray also loves birds, but will never say so.

He doesn't like keeping secrets and is very loyal. He does not like to be alone, as he was always with someone in whatever he does. He is fairly quiet and very trusting. He can easily be taken advantage of due to his trusting nature and very loyal personality. His loyalty will not falter.

Ray has problems with people who are slackers and do not value hard work. He doesn't take criticism very well. He does not have a short temper, but if he does lose his temper he will resort to violence in a heartbeat.


Ray Branstone was born in pack that lived near what use to be Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada). He is the oldest of the 5 children of Aurora and Adolph, but the only one from his litter to survive. This four sibling were all born in the litter after Ray. Adolph, his father, was an ambassador for the pack and was always gone trying to better the pack's relationships. Aurora, his mother, was the pack's cook and was never home either. Due to the extremely large size of their humanized pack, Aurora was always needed to cook for someone or some event, leaving Ray to take care of his brothers and sisters.

Ray, at 7 months old, took on the responsibilities that a father would. He hunted for his family. Despite how much Ray hunted, he couldn't trade the pelts he had for everything his family needed. So Ray turned to the Brawler's Circle, a secrete fighting ring within his pack. To become a brawler, Ray had to pass a simple task. This task was to let the head brawler, Liam, crave a four-point star on the back of his left ear. Ray did just that, knowing that when he would win a fight he would gain items he could use to trade for everything his family needed. At 9 months old, Ray became a full fledged brawler. As a brawler, he got other BC members to teach him how to use weapons so that he could hunt more efficiently. Ray learned to use a staff, dagger, the bow and arrow set, and the bolas. To be able to entertain his siblings, he learned to play the guitar as well.

For the next year, Ray fought daily in the BC, and tried to everything his siblings needed. If they needed him to be a mother, father, brother, friend or just someone to listen to them, he would try his best to be exactly what they wanted.

When he was 23 months old, Ray decided it was time to leave and find a new place to leave. His siblings were more than able to care for themselves, so Ray knew he could leave. Before he left he traded most of his possessions for a cart and horse to use as transportation. The possessions he traded away where some he had gained from the BC and never traded away. He knew one day he would leave, so those items were what he would use to start his personal travels. Along with Thomas, the horse, and the he cart he also traded and gained some other things to use for trading, such as empty journals, humans' books, some daggers, a good many jars and baskets, and a couple pelts. After that trip to the local market in his pack, he left and found his way to Nova Scotia.


Parents — Aurora Branstone & Adolph Branstone
Siblings — Shamus Branstone, Scarlet Branstone, Iris Branstone & Jax Branstone