Rand Coara

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by Despi
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  • Full Name: Rand Coara
  • Epithet: Reed Whisperer
  • Date of Birth: 25 May 2015
  • Sex: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: City Square, Residence 3


  • Family: Coara?
  • Birthplace: Old Caledonia
  • Species: Dog hybrid (various species)

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Pack Information

  • Pack: New Caledonia (September 2020 - Present)
  • Rank: High Lord of Dusk
    • Co-Ranks:
      • Priest II

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Rand Coara is a member of New Caledonia.

Pledged to Lorn, he believed strongly in the divide between Lorn and Taur in spite of the way the war of the Old Kingdom brought them all together. When the situation worsened, Rand took the opportunity to push his own ideals upon those around them, as war turned out to be a convenient excuse for such; those that disagreed with his rhetoric were dispatched of, their deaths unquestioned because of the raging warfare. When it became readily apparent that Caledonia would not be the victor, Rand decided to flee with a group of other Lorn elitists, therein abandoning the fight.

Embittered by the war, they wandered for some time, unaware that another group of survivors had established themselves further east in Nova Scotia. Tensions amongst the deserter band came to a head when Rand accidentally let slip the true nature of some of those that had died months prior; not every death of their comrades had been at the hand of the enemy, which understandably left many of his peers feeling betrayed and upset. With no other choice, he was forced to leave, and from there, he struck out on his own. After almost a year since the fall of his Kingdom, he caught wind of a banner having raised in the west, taking on the name of a "New" Caledonia — he was far too intrigued to not investigate for himself, but Rand is no doubt disappointed and shocked by what he has found.

Much to his surprise, his arrogance regarding this heritage and blood line has not earned him a lot of friends in the new Realm; shockingly, very few of the newer breed of Caledonians are very keen to hear about his Goddess or his path to holiness.

what's the matter with the transformation?
what you've been practicing for days and nights
while i'm watching the creation of this awful creature that no one likes

1.  Appearance


If there is any wolf or coyote blood in him, it certainly doesn't show; Rand is a dog through-and-through. His coat is not especially thick, and his ears are rather large, nor do they stand tall like a wolf's. The fur on his tail is not bushy, but feathery like a golden retriever's. His Optime hair is long and wavy, often weaved back into intricate braids and knots.

Of average build and slightly above-average height for a dog hybrid, Rand is nothing to scoff at. His muscles are developed, and he is healthy-looking overall. He can almost always be found in his Optime form.


  • Lupus: 39 in (99 cm) 95 lbs (43 kg)
  • Secui: 48 in (122 cm) 160 lbs (73 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 10 in (82 in / 208 cm) 270 lbs (122 kg)


While Rand has little in the way of clothing, he does have a few features that help him stand out in addition to his bluish fur. He finds clothing rather constrictive and reserved for special occasions; nevertheless, he is still fairly humanized.

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings

  • Pink claw-mark scars mar the left side of his muzzle
  • Various nicks and other superficial scars on his body, but none of them are especially noticeable unless you're looking for them
  • Golden chain earring on his left ear
  • Puncture wounds and slashes curling around his throat, clearly visible against his liverish fur, courtesy of Wither Rose Soul. They very well could have costed him his life if they had not been attended to so quickly, and it shows

Color Palette

NOTE: Colors may be artistically exaggerated in other depictions!


 Lynch (#5D6B86)

 Skyline (#949DB2)

 Blue Haze (#CACFDE)

 Santas Gray (#D3D6DF)

 Iron (#DCDDDF)

Optime Hair

 Lynch (#5D6B86)

 Blue Haze (#CACFDE)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

 Tumbleweed (#DCA88C)

 Shark (#2D2F35)


 Peru (#E37F4B)

1.1  Gallery

(hover for credits, click for full size!)

by Nat by Kiri Scandalized Parrot Rand by Eike

2.  Personality


Rand, first and foremost, is an elitist: he believes he is almost always in the moral right on account of his close relationship with his Goddess, and he is very stubborn and unwilling to ever think otherwise. Since arriving to New Caledonia, he is disheartened at how far his former home has fallen from grace, and he is an active and persistent critic of the High King. Anyone that doesn't hail from the Old Realm is to be regarded coldly and harshly — unless, of course, they are receptive to his Lady.

He is a man that gets what he wants by any means necessary, and he is willing to operate under the guise of his religion to do so. Predatory, conniving and silver-tongued, Rand is a dark cloud brewing in New Caledonia, and it is uncertain where his antics will land him as he continues to push away any potential acquaintances. His standoffish behavior is unlikely to win him any sympathy points from any of his packmates, and that serves him just as well. They are unworthy of his time, anyhow.


  • Demeanor: Largely unpleasant, arrogant, high-and-mighty
  • Speech: Low, gravelly, rumbly — he speaks very emphatically and sharply. Because of his recent attack, his voice has suffered as a result, making it more raspy than before. ref — John de Lancie (Alarak)
  • Scent: Water, reeds, fish, Vodeva
  • General Posture and Body Language: Proud/arrogant, depending on how you look at it; confident and sure-stepped.

2.1  Traits


  • Likes: Water, swimming, rivers, convening with his Goddess, sex
  • Dislikes: Naysayers, do-gooders, his lies being found out, "New" Caledonians


  • Packs: Even though New Caledonia is built upon the foundation of the Old Kingdom, Rand is likely to be highly critical of how things are run there.
  • Non-Luperci: Would likely see them as inferior and inherently lower than luperci; not opposed to forcibly changing them and "enlightening" them if given the chance.
  • Gender: Misogynistic. Generally women are easily manipulated, in his experience.
  • Sexuality: While he has no qualms with non-hetereonormative relationships, ultimately for strong families, a normative approach is necessary (e.g. a nuclear family of a married mother and father).
  • Age: Sees younglings as impressionable and malleable, using this to his advantage.

Motivations and Fears

Rand's primary motivator is power and the pursuit of it. Normally, attaining this power comes through pressing his Goddess onto others, and it was relatively easy to do so back in the Old Realm. Now, however, he is finding that this pursuit is a tad more than he bargained for.

Truthfully, he fears very little; loss of power, perhaps, is always at the back of his mind, now that he has clawed his way out of destitution following the collapse of his homeland. The fear of death looms ever closer as he grows older and more nihilistic.


Pansexual and aromatic. He completely separates sex and romance, only valuing the former, and this is evident in his vast number of progeny that unfortunately (or fortunately, if one ever got him to admit his elation) perished in the fires of the Old Kingdom. Rand is not shy to make his attraction to someone known, and he is eager to forge sexual relationships — even if the other party is clearly uninterested.

Rand is no doubt predatory in this regard, which can make him a dangerous person to get 'romantically' involved with. He often fantasizes about those he wishes to bed, and these thoughts are intrusive and warrant caution. In New Caledonia, he is more reserved than he was previously, if only because he lacks the influence to silence anyone that would speak out against his questionable, uncomfortable tendencies. Even so, as New Caledonia becomes more familiar to him, he is likely to be emboldened and throw caution to the wind.


He used to smoke a lot of tobacco back in his younger years, but he kicked the habit. Otherwise, he's not afraid to dabble in drugs or alcohol, but it's sort of an afterthought for Rand. He likes to have a clear mind... most of the time. Whenever he is trying to get someone into his bed, however, he often results to substances to "sweeten the deal" and even out his odds of scoring. (Either that or it turns into a big mess, but he likes to be optimistic.)


Rand believes very strongly in the power of the Old gods of Caledonia, namely Nín as he is of the Lorn clan. He tolerates Nanin to a lesser degree, knowing full-well that his Goddess is a descent of the Verdant Stag — but because of the bitter relationship he and his people share with Taur, this belief is often undermined. He all but ignores the newer Caledonian gods and was (and still is) not afraid to let this be known.

He is rather pushy with his beliefs, as he was something of a priest in the Old Realm, and he is largely intolerant of any faith systems that contradict his own. In fact, he is likely to grow angry even discussing the possibility of other gods, or the idea that Nín isn't real.

3.  Relationships

Key Relations

Wither Rose Soul is... whew, she's something else. Rand took advantage of her drunkenness when they were first acquainted, and it led to a sexual relationship that was, for all intents and purposes, toxic and unsustainable from the start. When Wither began to question whether she was catching feelings for him or not, Rand immediately shut her down, reminding her that they were friends-with-benefits and nothing more — however, it had been Wither's understanding that they were at least exclusive friends-with-benefits, which he wasn't holding his end of the deal up on. Rand was also quite conscious of their relationship getting around and made her swear her secrecy, which further complicated matters.

Tensions came to a head when Wither, crossed on alcohol and marijuana, made the excellent decision to publicly confront him at Tora and Kalypso's wedding, which ended up in a bloody mess with her jaws around his throat and Rand screaming out for mercy. Thankfully, he was saved, and she was banished to the Underthing for senselessly attacking a packmate. As it stands now, he holds nothing but contempt for her, and vengence for his public humiliation lingers at the forefront of his mind. But if anyone thinks that he isn't going to milk her for all she's worth (slander, sympathy, pity, etc.), they've got another thing coming. Rand is going to play the victim card HARD and revel in her imprisonment.

Notable Relations

Vodeva is the apple of Rand's eye, and he is slowly becoming obsessed with the idea of making her his. The former Queen is everything Rand wants out of a woman: pious, honorable, and willing to put her foot down. If only she could be a bit more receptive to his advances, things would be perfect — and with her recent split from her good-for-nothing husband, he expects this will be much, much easier. They worship the same Goddess and often work together to erect shrines and altars for her around the Realm, even if others do not understand their motivations. But, in time, they will find out. Vodeva is perhaps the only godly person in New Caledonia and Rand would do pretty much anything for her at this point.

Harlan Riis is a newcomer to the Realm, but already Rand's teeth have sunken into the youth. Young and vulnerable, Harlan was desperate and sought solace in Rand's Goddess, Nín, for the sake of his "father," The Commander. Rand cares very little for the elder man and sees him as a potential problem when it comes to further indoctrinating Harlan... but, for now, he is quite pleased that the boy is well on his way for becoming a vessel to the Lady. He is a prime example of what a so-called New Caledonian ought to look like.

He equally despises Iomair and Fennore for their gross lack of leadership and commitment to preserving the culture of his homelands. Iomair ought to know better and is a disgrace to their heritage, whereas the so-called "Moon Queen" is only using their traditions as a tool, and it worked, because some nobody, some Outsider made it to the top. It is no wonder, in Rand's eyes, that Vodeva left her ex-husband — he can provide for her and love her in ways Iomair never dreamed to. As far as the Isiltári is concerned, he's made himself abundantly clear to her in the past (he also totally wants to have hate-sex with her and has shelved the idea, for now, but lord if he doesn't think about it).

3.1  Other Relations

3.2  Minor NPCs


image by TetaSue (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

image by Tetasue (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

  • Pronunciation: KEL-eh-BRIM-boar
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: ~ 2011


  • Appearance: Average in size. Predominantly white/cream-colored save the flecks of auburn on his flank, legs, throat, and back. His mane is white, while his tail is auburn. Dark eyes.
  • Personality: Pretty lax, edging into lazy territory. Takes a bit to get him going, but once he's there, he's a hard-worker. Mischievous streaks and selective hearing abound.


Caledonians may assume:

  • Seeing him roaming/grazing in the Rhovanion
  • Noticing that he messes with other horses >:T

4.  Thread Archive

thread history

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