Orion North

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  5.   5.  History

Orion of the North, or simply known as Orion North, is a noble born from a "kingdom" called the North, where non-Luperci ruled and Luperci were the servants and the inferior. However, before he became a year old, someone who was thought to be his true mother came to retrieve him, and it was revealed in a fit of desperation that he was a bastard incapable of succeeding leadership. He was nearly punished for his true origins, but before the ax could be brought down, the Luperci revolted against the non-Luperci, and Orion managed to escape because of the panic and with the help of his sister.

Orion is formal and respectful to most, but still holds a heavy prejudice against Luperci. He seeks friendship and comradeship, and works for the "greater good" in most situations. He is also a healthy thirst of knowledge, and despite being a non-Luperci, has the capabilities to read and enjoys exercising it. Sometimes he acts too big for his britches, perhaps alluding to the fact that he is still adjusting to life as a normal canine and not as a prince and king-to-be.

He is currently wandering Novia Scotia searching for "his new purpose".






  • Date of Birth: 17 Jul 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Non-Luperci
  • Pack: —
  • Rank: Loners



  • Want to beat up a naive yearling with easily riled emotions? Or wanting to pick on a coywolf hybrid for his heritage? Or have a non-Luperci make frowny faces at your Luperci character? Orion's your guy!

Anyone may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Orion wander about the lands.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Orion is an equal mix of coyote and wolf, and this shows in his appearance. He has more wolf-ish leanings, but one look at him and you can tell he is a hybrid, and this is apparent in his scent as well. His finer features are a mix between the two species.
  • Fur: Orion has the fur of a wolf -- it is soft and plush, and medium length, designed for easy living in colder environments. It is especially thick around his neck, chest, and haunches. His coat becomes lighter in the winter, and darker in the summer, and sheds in the spring. He keeps it well groomed and free of debris.
  • Facial Features: His face is a mixture of coyote and wolf. While his muzzle is shorter and broader like a wolf's, his ears are rather large and shaped like a coyote's. His general head shape suggests that of a wolf's. His teeth are wolfish.
  • Build and Size: Orion is on the smaller side of the average male wolf, but on the bigger side of the average male coyote. He is, in simple terms, a mix in-between. He is broad-shouldered and solidly built, but he has rather wiry legs. He is apparently well-fed and healthy. He usually carries himself confidently and assumes an upright, attentive position when communicating with others.
  • Humanization: Orion has minimumal humanization when it comes to his appearance. He always wears a necklace with a golden coin on it.


  • Fur: Primarily Sandstone with Dawn Pink underside and paws and Mine Shaft overside.
  • Markings:
    • Dawn Pink blaze, muzzle, neck, chest, belly, underside of tail, paws, and haunches.
    • Mine Shaft eye spots, neck, back, flanks, and tail.
  • Eyes: Malibu
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Mine Shaft


Sandstone (#766A5F)
Dawn Pink (#f1E9E3)
Mine Shaft (#303030)
Malibu (#72B5FC)

art by Suga

1.2  Miscellaneous


Orion only wears things that have practical uses or sentimental values. He can only wear a limited number of things given his non-Luperci situation.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • Necklace with a golden coin adornment. Always worn.
  • Luperci-made satchel?. Worn when traveling.



80 lbs (36 kg) — 30 in (76 cm)

Orion is an obvious hybrid of coyote and wolf with a mixture of features. He is neither small nor large when compared to both species.


  • Speech: Orion's voice is distinctly male but lacks the gruffness of older males. He tends to speak formally towards older canines, but becomes more personal and less direct if the canines are a familiar face. With canines his age or younger he enjoys teasing them and giving them nicknames, and he is otherwise more relaxed with them.
  • Scent: He does not have a specific scent about him. He smells like whatever location he has been to recently and whoever he had come across as well.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Head tilting when confused or prompting others, ears twitching when being attentive, shuffling paws when unsure or nervous, etc.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Orion is dominant in the way that he holds himself, caused by his nature and his need to be the authority in a situation. He is open and direct, and rarely tries to hide himself unless the situation deems necessary. His posture can become rather slouched if he is not bothered to be vigilant about his surroundings.

2.  Personality

Orion is a natural born leader, and appears to act older than he is. He is confident and collected by predisposition and generally has a leveled head on his shoulders. Towards strangers he is rather formal and respectful, almost as if he is on official business of some sort. He is keen on keeping good relations with everyone he meets and sometimes goes out of his way to appeal to others, such as helping them when they are in trouble or assisting them in some task. But he respects himself and will not stoop low or bow in order to please others or put himself in direct danger. He has a strong sense of honor and code, and he is somewhat of a vigilante. Orion seeks the purpose and reasoning in things, and believes in achieving the "greater good" in every situation. He cares for the well-being of others and tries to do things that will do the least harm to the innocents. He can be described as chivalrous and "knightly".

However, ever since he was chased out of his home, he has become less sure of himself. He is easy to rile and his emotions easily manipulated. Because of his young age, his behavior can contradict his typical personality. Orion is rather hot-headed as a yearling, as well as excitable and somewhat impressionable. He is sometimes uncaring do those "beneath" him and deems it just if he ignores them and go about his own business. He is stubborn and rash, and lacks the experience and wisdom to know better. While he would claim that he is seasoned, he is rather innocent, having been sheltered for most of his youth.

To familiars he is more open and jovial. He relaxes around his friends and he does not make as much effort for appearances. He is teasing, though has a hard time at being genuinely sarcastic, and is prone to giving nicknames to his friends, oftentimes linked to something that occurred between them in the past. In short, he actually acts like his youthful age.

2.1  Ideals


Leader, confident, respectful, vigilante, emotional, easily manipulated, stubborn, rash

  • Outlook: Orion is optimistic in the sense that he looks forward for the best of things, but he prepares for the worst as well. He is well aware how unpredictable things in life are, and he doesn't try to fool himself into being naive.
  • Sociability: He is extroverted and heavily depends on socializing with others to be happy and healthy. While he tends towards being more personal with close friends and familiar faces, he is sociable in any situation.
  • Expression: Dominant and sometimes unwilling to show submission unless it is with respect.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with leanings of Lawful Good


  • Finding purpose — he seeks to find his reason for living and existing.
  • Leaving his mark upon the world.
  • Self-satisfaction — to be able to proudly claim what he has accomplished.
  • Strength.


  • Harm, Injury, and Death: Orion is fearful of permanent injury that will weaken him and of an early, unremarkable death. He also worries about the well-being of his close ones.
  • Purposelessness: He is worried that he will not find his point in life.
  • Lupericization: Orion believes that if he contracts the Luperci virus, he will become an entirely different being with inhibited intelligence and capabilities, thus interfering with his search for useful purpose.


  • Likes: Literature, stories, sparring, hunting, being respected, non-Luperci, half-bloods
  • Dislikes: Prejudice, needless violence, disrespect, Luperci, deceit, dishonorable acts, purposelessness


  • Packs: Orion thinks that packs that are prejudiced against other species are backwards and are to be avoided.
  • Species: He grew up in an environment that was prejudiced against all species but wolf, but ever since he discovered he was a half-blood, he makes an effort to be more open-minded. However, he still shows discomfort around those that are coyote, dog, or jackal. He finds comfort in other half-bloods.
  • Non-Luperci: Orion was raised to believe that Luperci were "tainted" canine and that they have a disease that corrupts their body and mind. He believes that Luperci are less intelligent, but he does not belittle them for it. He fears becoming a Luperci himself and takes precautions against becoming one. He believes that non-Luperci are regular canines like him.


  • 2 on the Kinsey scale: "Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual."
  • Orion was raised to believe that he would only mate to continue the family line. However, since leaving his home, he now sees that romance is a possibility. He is blundering and rather awkward around the object of his affections, typical of someone as young as he is.
  • He has a rather low libido, and he isn't really particularly interested in sex.


The only substance Orion had tried before was alcohol, and he didn't find it very appealing. However, he was young as the time, and may have had a change in taste. He doesn't seek out substances, but will take them if offered. He avoids drugs and smokes, however.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Ramsay Kit is a fox that tried to steal prey from a mountain lion, and was ultimately saved by Orion. Their friendship was forced upon by Ramsay, and eventually Orion gave in. They are now traveling companions as they scoop out Nova Scotia.

Positive Relations

  • Characters is also your character's buddy-old-pal-old-friend-of-mine

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

  • Sex: —
  • Friendly: Neera
  • Enemies: —
  • Murders: —

4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Orion was taught since birth to be able to handle political situations and debates in the North, and has a natural talent for them.
  • Diplomacy (Journeyman): Orion heavily relies on his skills on compromises to achieve what he wants. He is a logical debater and is capable of presenting a good argument for his cause. He is patient and respectful to even the more aggressive canines and he knows how to talk his way around a delicate conversation. It is also difficult to intimidate him when in a discussion.
  • Manipulation (Apprentice): While this is a skill he rather not use, Orion is somewhat capable of deception and manipulation. He tries to bluff others on various things, and relies on his confident appearance to make it seem like what he is saying is true. However, because of his distaste for needless lying, he is bad at it. But he can sometimes talk others into things by guiding them through conversation.
  • Orion lacks overall experience given his young age. In theory he is brilliant, but sometimes he is unable to read situations that he wasn't explicitly prepared for.


  • Education and Learning: In the North he was trained to be able to fight at the head of battles as a future King. This training was more intense than others to better prepare him for his future as a leader in an unforgiving world.
  • Lupus (Journeyman): Trained specifically to fight against Luperci, Orion is specialized to be able to fight against those who assume their Optime forms. He has a lot of endurance and a strong bite, and his typical fighting style is close combat to not allow his opponent a chance to use a weapon or to retaliate.
  • Analyzation (Apprentice): He is good off the battlefield as he is on it. He is capable of analyzing a situation and forming a plan to work the fight into his advantage.
  • Being unable to shift and use weapons, Orion is stuck strictly to Lupus-based fighting. He is at a disadvantage if weapons are used against him, and because of his fear of contracting the Luperci virus, he is forced to be extra cautious around Luperci individuals.
  • His fighting style is dangerous, and often leads to trouble.
  • Again, he lacks true experience. While he was trained, he has some untapped potential that needs finer training. He heavily relies on his lessons as a youth, his instincts, and smarts to win his battles.


  • Education and Learning: Orion was taught a handful of other skills while living in the North that was deemed necessary to have for kingship, and picked up other skills along the way.
  • Reading (Apprentice): He is able to read basic scripts such as books, messages, and maps. He has difficulty with reading long sentences and words that are not used in everyday language.
  • Low Speech (Apprentice): Orion is able to hold rudimentary conversation and understand some words of some creatures. His strongest suit is the low speech of ravens and crows.
  • Reading is a difficult skill for him to execute because of his lack of hands and thumbs. He has a hard time handling books and papers, and he really doesn't try to pretend that they were made for him to use. Half of the time he needs assistance in order to actually read something.

4.2  Inventory


Orion isn't big on trading since he doesn't have a lot to trade himself. He usually opts to stealing small things as a means to get what he wants, but if trading is an available option, he is willing to do so.

  • Offering: Food, pelts, bones, books, baubles.
  • Accepting: Books, maps, sources of information, etc.



  • Luperci-made satchel?, fitted to be wearable by a canine.

5.  History

Orion of the North was the firstborn son of King Polaris and Queen Ursa, the rulers of the North at the time of his birth, born alongside his younger siblings, Aries and Atria. He was born in a society that claimed themselves as a "pure kingdom", labeled simply as "the North". It was a settlement based on the idea that wolves were now the top species now that the weak, dull humans had diminished into nothing, and that those infected with the Luperci virus (labeled as "the tainted") were half-human and thus inferior. Those who became Luperci, were born Luperci, or were dogs, coyotes, or jackals became the servants of the North, living to serve the non-Luperci wolves and the royal family (who were believed to be immune to the virus).

Orion, from birth, was destined to become the next King of the North. Because of this, he had been receiving lessons ever since he became aware of his surroundings. He was taught diplomacy, hunting, fighting, and even reading to prepare him for kingship. His tutors were mostly Luperci scholars that were went to retrieve information from the outside world and bring it back for the non-Luperci to learn without them risking themselves. Orion became fond of his teachers, but was reprimanded often for his childish affections. It was instilled in him that the Luperci were tainted and that getting close to one risked becoming a Luperci himself, and it was his duty as a wolf to rise above them.

On his sixth month, in the middle of winter, Orion and his siblings was "crowned" as Princes and Princess of the North, each receiving a necklace with a human coin, one side engraved with the image of a human while the other side had a crown. Orion received the added title as Grandmaster of the North, serving as secondhand to his father despite his extremely young age. As he grew into his body, he began showing a different appearance than that of his siblings, beginning to show obvious signs that he did not appear to be a full-blooded wolf. Tension also began growing within the Luperci community as whispers of a planned usurping began to go about.

On his eighth month, a coyote Luperci woman who claimed on the know the King infiltrated the North, and she was taken before the court for trespassing and what were assumed to be false accusations. It was at the hearing that she claimed to have come to retrieve, Orion, her son who was stolen from her at birth. She was able to describe a scar on the back of neck, hidden by his scruff, that she claimed was inflicted during his kidnapping. Shock swept the room, and accusations were made that the King and his bastard son were Luperci, since the coyote was as well. In a fit of desperation, the King admitted that Orion was the result of a tryst with the coyote woman, but he was conceived and birth when the coyote woman was still "pure".

It was decided that they could not allow a bastard half-blood to become their future ruler, and least King Polaris wanted to risk being killed for treason, he allowed the court to rule for the execution of Orion and the coyote woman within the hour. They were brought before the gathered members of the North, and the Luperci executioner prepared to execute Orion. But, he suddenly turned attack the royal family watching nearby, and hell broke loose. The Luperci servants, who had been collecting and smuggling weapons for the past handful of years, used this opportunity where most of the North's non-Luperci had gathered to watch the execution to revolt. In the panic, Atria, Orion's younger sister, freed him, and hastily told him the truth: The coyote woman wasn't really his mother, but a hired canine to act as if she was returning to retrieve him in order for King Polaris to publicly admit his tryst. He asked how she could have possibly known this, and another secret was revealed.

Queen Ursa, his adoptive mother, had planned for this. She could not bear the thought of a bastard taking her children's rightful place as the heir, and wanted to punish the King's unfaithfulness by killing his firstborn son and to attempt to have him dethroned.

Orion managed to escape thanks to the confusion and Atria's help, but it is unknown to him the fate of the North or the condition of family. Once a future King with a promised kingdom, he was left with nothing but empty titles and a lack of purpose. He fled east, and after surviving the winter and spring, arrived in Novia Scotia in the summer of 2014.


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