Ondine Heiwa

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by Gen

Ondine was born with her elder sister, Delfina Heiwa, in the winter of 2014 to Isabella Heiwa in Salsola, she was raised by her mother, her mother's mate Lillith Trombetta, and her slave Kaoru Hideki. A victim of constant bullying from her sister, Ondine closed herself off from most other people emotionally, but does desperately care for her family. The murder of the family slave, and her unbeknownst father, left Ondine determined to be stronger than her sister and excel where she failed. As such, she has exceeded her sister in rank and has made a name for herself in the pack.

She is eager to prove herself, and harbors a clear investment in Salsola despite being on the fence on the practice of slavery. Her motivations are surprisingly mixed, as she struggles with an obsession with a certain Lord Commander despite understanding the futility of the desire. As such, she is far less trusting of people in Salsola, and may be more open to those outside of it.






  • Date of Birth: 2014 February 27
  • Date of Death: 2018 August 11
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Salsola
  • cNPC: none
  • Antoinette - Female Black Cat
    • Acquired by Isabella from Cercatori d'Arte



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1.  Appearance


  • Mandalay (#af752c) - base of her coat
  • Half Dutch White (#fcf0da) - belly, eyebrows, legs, tip of tail
  • Raw Umber (#694312) - Ears, saddle
  • Baker's Chocolate (#201506) - Nose, paw pads
  • Downy (#61d3cc) - eyes

Sizing Chart





50 lbs

24 in


120 lbs

32 in


130 lbs

5ft 7in

Prefers Optime form.

1.1  Forms

Lupus & Secui

Just as much of a wisp as her sister, there is still far more meat on Ondine's bones. Very much designed for hunting and dexterity, Ondine is thin and willowy with smaller curves than her mother. As her father is also a thinner creature, there is decided less on her medium frame that gives her the appearance of being constantly hungry despite being often fed. Her fur, however, is thick thanks to the large portion of snow weather dog blood in her veins. Her tail gives off a slight curl at the end, hinting at the Akita heritage in her, despite her mother's claims otherwise.


Willowy and still slightly curvy, Ondine has modestly proportioned assets. While aware that she does not have her mother's bust, she does know she is not unattractive. Somehow, she lost both her mother and father's wavy hair, leaving her with rather straight hair. Despite that, it still manages to curl at the end, which she smooths down with oils provided to her by her mother.

Whenever she is dressing herself, Ondine tends to gravitate towards simple clothes in basic colors with little adornment. When dressed by mother or sister, her clothes are often gaudy or strangely suggestive. They claim to know how to dress her better, but often disregard what she does wear if there is no need for good appearances.

1.2  Other


  • none



by Miyu

2.  Personality

While her sister suffers from headaches and visions, this girl is very much sane and more in control of herself due to their mothers blood being the only they share between them. Thanks to her mother and sister, this girl could have been a very dark and power driven creature, but all she really wants now is to be freed from her sister's yoke and stand on her own. This means that she will often attempt her own work first without ever asking for help. Often, she will abandon basic projects if she is forced to get help from either mother or sister, or even other members of her pack. She often avoids her family, though enjoys the company of her mother's slave, who seems to understand her better than the others.

Aware of the dark undercurrents in Salsola, Ondine is tight-lipped and quiet, but has a very shrewd intelligence within her. She chooses not to use her wit and cleverness to advance herself much, simply because she does not want to be noticed. That was how Isabella raised her, to be subservient to Delfina, but she clearly fights it in her own silent way.

Since the death of Kaoru, Ondine has been more openly defiant of her sister and spends more time away from home. Her outlook on life in Salsola has not changed but there is a stronger determination to do well and a drive to excel in such a way as to leave her with good standing.

2.1  Details


  • Likes: n/a
  • Dislikes: Gaudy garments & accessories,
  • Outlook: Gloomy, hopeless
  • Expression: n/a
  • Alignment : Lawful Neutral


  • She has a fear of her sister, though it is tainted by an intense dislike of her. According to both mother and sister, Ondine is meant to serve Delfina, who has 'visions' and has a higher purpose. This leads her to fear the 'magic' Delfina wields, so she does not question her sister much and obeys quietly.
  • She has a paralyzing fear of the ocean, despite her name's origins. She will go to lengths to avoid looking at the sea, which can immobilize her within seconds. This stems from warnings from Delfina, that she 'saw' her drowning in the sea.


  • none at the moment


  • Gender: Preference for male company, as he often does not have it, or any other company really.
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: Her family and pack hate them, but she does not know what to think about them. Envies their simplicity.
  • Color: None


  • Kinsey 0 - exclusively heterosexual with no homosexual tendencies.
  • Despite being raised in a pansexual household with two mothers and only a slave male for a 'father', Ondine finds no attraction to the female gender. However, she does admire them for their beauty and grace, though would never become romantically or sexually involved with another female.


  • While she herself does not partake of any drugs, she does not bat an eye at the idea of it. She knows of people who choose to use, but finds that she does not like their mental numbing effect. She, however, will most likely enjoy coca leaves as they provide a great boost to focus and attention.


  • none yet

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Isabella Heiwa is her mother, so the light of her life and regarded well, even if Isa struggles to shower her daughters with adequate praise.
  • Lillith Trombetta is her other mother. Ondine cares a lot for this lady and loves her to death.
  • Delfina Heiwa is her older half-sister. While still more or less afraid of her, Ondine is more defiant and less likely to take her crap.
  • Kaoru Hideki is Isabella's slave. Seen as a kindly nursemaid figure. Ondine does not know - and most likely will not know - that he is her father. Since his death, she regards his memory rather mixed.

3.2  Family: Silevue

Minor Relations

  • Friendly: Salsola
  • Unfriendly: N/A
  • Murders: N/A

Former Relations

  • none

3.3  Companions


  • Antoinette - black domestic cat has taken a liking to her and tends to be with her more often than not.

3.4  Residence

The Ruins, Salsola

Ruins layout by Gen

Krios was born to Ondine in the ruin home that his family has lived in for two generations.

4.  History