Olexiy Vovk

Oleixiy Vovk

Art by Libri
Date of Birth05 Jun 2011
Subspecies90% Common Gray Wolf
6% Russian Wolf
4% Dog
Birth placeSobirat'sya

'Souls Profile

Olexiy Vovk is a Loner wolfdog born in Sobirat'sya of the Domitrovich family.


  • Olexiy was born in Sobirat'sya of the Domitrovich family.
  • He tried his hand on a ship but didn't find it to his liking.
  • Ends up joining his mother on trade trips to Moscow and meets his father who maintains the trade routes to and from Kiev.
  • Stays in Sobirat'sya until he is one and a half, hanging out with the Chezov family and working their still when not out trading with his mother.
  • After leaving Sobirat'sya he travels the trade routes with his father and learns the way of a merchant from him.
  • Olexiy ends up accompanying a shipment of goods to Freetown to oversee things. This is done a few times before Olexiy decides to just stay in Freetown for a bit before moving on to 'Souls.


  • Drunkard: Olexiy loves the drink, perhaps a bit too much. It is rare to find him sober and he seems to actually function better with something to drink in him.
  • Gambler: Olexiy enjoys a game of dice or of cards or anything that bets could be placed on. If there is a chance to make a bet then he is typically front and center.
  • Cheater: Olexiy hates to lose and so he will often cheat to win. Of course when he is called on it he says that he is just lucky.
  • Shaman: Olexiy has learned the craft of healing touch from his mother. He also suffers from synesthesia, both mirror-touch and chromesthesia.
  • Advocate: If Olexiy has an opinion on something then everyone knows it. He is not afraid to say what is on his mind and is passionate about his convictions.
  • Adopter: Olexiy has a penchant for taking in young animals that can't do for themselves and raises them. He will fight tooth and claw to keep these "children" of his safe. He could care less about adult animals if he didn't raise them.
  • Trader: Olexiy is always looking for a good deal, at least where he is making out well in the end. He has learned from his father how to work a trade in his favor.
  • Superstitious: Olexiy was brought up to believe in Slavic mythology and superstitions. He fears the wrath of deities and such and will not risk their ire.


  • Maksim - Eurasian Lynx


Winter Reference by Raze
Summer Reference

Olexiy has a thick coat that changes shades between the seasons, darker and richer in winter and pale and indistinct in summer. His colors are listed with winter first, summer second.

  • Zeus (#241F1A) / Merlin (#49443F)i marks his mane and saddle, reaching around to form a "collar" across his chest. This color also tips his tail.
  • Ironside Gray (#696662)i / Friar Gray (#83817E)i overlays his back.
  • Nomad (#BDB6A5)i / Tide (#BBB5A9)i is his most common color. It washes up his legs and covers his underside as well as forming a wolfish mask on his face.
  • Sandal (#B19571)i / Hilary (#AF9C89)i accents the border between white and grey on his hind legs, as well as marking the tip of his snout and his ears.
  • Roti (#CFA555) is Olexiy's eye color.

Wears a polar bear pelt.

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