Odin Lykoi

Odin Lykoi is the son of Samael Lykoi and Kite.

Odin Lykoi

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Date of Birth

31 October 2010






Coyote Hybrid


25% Texas Plains Coyote
25% Plains Coyote
12.5% Northeastern Coyote
12.5% Mexican Coyote
12.5% Dog
12.5% Red wolf




Pack Ranks
Fall 2013
Tiro Bellum

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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Lupus
    2.   1.2  Secui
    3.   1.3  Optime
    4.   1.4  Modifications
    5.   1.5  Accessories
  2.   2.  Personality

1.  Appearance

1.1  Lupus

1.2  Secui

1.3  Optime

43 lbs (19 kg)
23 in (58 cm)


160 lbs (73 kg)
31 in (79 cm)


168 lbs (76 kg)
5ft 6in (66 in) (168 cm)




1.4  Modifications

  • Odin's left ear is chipped and bends strangely at its end. This was a birth defect he was born with.

1.5  Accessories

  • maybe

Build & Species

Odin is a coyote and his build speaks to that. Small, slim, and agile, he possesses an athlete's body, built for running and speed. He is very fast on his feet and is an excellent sprinter. His face is outlined with stern, strong features.


  • Odin's coloration is primarily Shadow (#8B7453).
  • Arrowtown (#98876E) decorates his belly.
  • West Coast (#6B491E) colors his neck, shoulders, rear legs, and the dorsal half of his tail.
  • Birch (#322B23) colors the tips of his ears, his shoulder, and a patch on the dorsal half of his tail. This same color is "dappled" along spine and shoulders.
  • French Gray (#C4C5C8) colors his muzzle and throat. This same color is "dappled" along spine and shoulders.
  • Espresso (#572819) colors his muzzle in a classic Lykoi streak.
  • Dixie (#DA8A18) colors his eyes.

2.  Personality

Odin is a suspicious sort of canine; he distrusts most others. His experiences early in life with his mother taught him fear and paranoia, primarily, and he carries it with him in everything he does. Though he wants to be able to trust and have friendships outside of his sister, he has been unable to do so. He is the strategist -- always planning, thinking, and plotting ahead. Odin does nothing without thinking it through thoroughly. He gets exasperated when Snapdragon acts quickly and without thinking.

Odin is generally immune to insults, mockery, and other petty cruelties, having developed an extremely thick skin due to his sister's tendency to play the trickster. He's heard just about everything one could hear about his funny-looking ear and it has utterly ceased to trouble him. He is the more moral of the pair -- he agonized over his decision to "euthanize" his sister's mate, and agonized further over his decision not to tell her. He hopes to tell her someday, but is deeply afraid of her shunning him if he does.