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by Alaine

O'Brien is a pickpocket with The Troupe.





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  • Date of Birth: 28 May 2015
  • Human Age: ~33 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Birthplace: Eilean Cù, Scotland
  • Species: 100% Dog
    • German Shepherd, Lurcher, Labrador Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Border Collie, Irish Wolfhound, et al.
  • cNPC:

Group Information


Troupe members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • O'Brien often scouts out locations ahead of the group; he is frequently coming and going. He comes back with tips about nearby locations.
  • He hunts for the others (rabbits, woodchucks, other small prey) and helps with tasks around camp, always without being asked.
  • He is a very good listener, though he doesn't reveal much about his opinions during conversations.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

  • Species: O'Brien is a mongrel dog who looks the part -- utterly nondescript. He looks like the average shepherd mix, with his retriever blood showcased strongly. His leanness is indicative of some sighthound heritage.
  • Fur: Short but dense, like a labrador's. Sheds water pretty well.
    • Optime Hair: Messy and a little wavy, slightly overlong but never below the jawline.
  • Facial Features: Rugged, almost-handsome, with a disarming smile. Floppy ears.
  • Build and Size: Average in height (around 6 feet and some change), with a lanky build: a deep chest with longer limbs.
  • Humanization: Medium -- goes on four legs as often as two, but is humanized in Optime form with clothing and carriage.

1.2  References & Gallery

1.3  Miscellaneous


  • Speech: Husky, naturally quite quiet. Cannot get rid of his Scottish accent.
  • Scent: Spruce, cedar, peat moss, rabbit, dogs.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Fidgets with his dagger.
  • General Posture and Body Language: O'Brien makes a living being "invisible" -- so his posture often changes to match the company he's in. Usually friendly. Naturally a little tense when he's out in the open, but he tries to hide this.


  • Wears very simplistic clothing: linen tunics, buckskin pants, dark cloaks for winter; things that give him ample range of movement and don't draw any eyes.
  • Always has a dagger hidden on him.
  • Nondescript scars litter his body, mostly hidden by fur; these include cuts on his hands from mishaps with his dagger.

2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

Quiet and reserved, difficult to get to know well, but also warm, friendly, and affirming. Strongly service-oriented in his desire to please. Flexible and laid-back. Good listener, good at dealing with practical concerns. Needs to have his own space.

2.2  Traits

2.3  Ideals


  • Likes: Woodlands, hunting, water, crowded places, companionship, music, his dagger
  • Dislikes: Black birds, the supernatural, empty spaces


  • Ravens and crows: He considers them messengers of Lugh and omens of bad fate. A distant caw or a glimpse of black wings is enough to put him on edge.
  • Jinx: O'Brien believes that he is a bad luck charm, and that he will somehow cause a disaster that will hurt his loved ones.


  • The Troupe: The boys are like found family to him, and he finds purpose in providing for them and making sure they are okay.


  • Superstitious af


  • Witches: Though willing to try and understand their practices, occult practitioners remind him of the more esoteric worshipers back home, so they creep him out.


  • Bisexual, in the beginning stages of self-discovery
  • O'Brien shows his love through silent acts of service and gracious touch, but he is not one to speak his feelings aloud without difficulty. His fears and division of his duties complicate his current relationships.
  • He is attracted to strong women (bonus points if they're taller than him) and pretty men.


  • Enjoys a good beer and a good smoke (tobacco or cannabis), especially socially.
  • Likely to have a bad reaction to anything stronger (especially hallucinogens). He likes to be in control and will avoid getting plastered when he can, because he knows how easy a mark a drunkard is. That said, he's partial to whiskey; he can just rarely afford it.

3.  History

wouldn't you like to know weather boy

3.1  Post Log & Archives

December 2018

After they save Cookie, The Troupe's simple life in Portland is uprooted. The boys strike out east, following the Amaranthe brothers' guidance.


January 2019

O'Brien scouts ahead for the Troupe, getting himself into and out of minor trouble -- mostly by pickpocketing the wrong people as he explores the cities, and in one instance attracting the attention of a mountain lion.


  1. singin' drunk lullabies
    O'Brien visits Biff's Bar and Greed Lykoi
  2. apple blossom, don't you fear
    Renaryn Covington spooks O'Brien with her witchcraft.
  3. enlisted in a cramped stone askew by an iron fence
    Toraberā Tanaka aids O'Brien when he gets his tail stuck in a fence.
  4. [M] a lit torch to the woodpile
    O'Brien gets to know Sawyer Cook a little better.
  5. [M] when i come to
    O'Brien attempts to steal from an unconscious Waynescott Wyatt.
  6. a snapped limb in an unlit fire
    Mateo Salcedo joins O'Brien at Biff's, and acts as a good distraction for O'Brien's pickpocketing.
  7. when nature's had enough of you
    When a mountain lion stalks O'Brien, Willow Cormier and Toklo Ikiaq come to his aid.

February 2019

The Troupe travels eastward to old Krokar territory -- but when they finally arrive, they find the territory burned, and no sign of the pack.


  1. unescaped from the drums and barking
    O'Brien and Percival Parhelion save a stray moggie.
  2. tiny changes to earth
    O'Brien talks to a white cat.
  3. fiver says you're wrong
    O'Brien, Malik, and Mateo rouse themselves for a hunt.
  4. it's too late to turn back now
    The Troupe reaches their destination, only to discover Krokar is gone.

March 2019

Directionless and uncertain, The Troupe lingers in the area while the Amaranthe brothers grieve.


  1. salt from the rim, rub in the wound
    O'Brien tracks down a lost Malik before they are attacked by strangers and robbed of their clothes.

April 2019

In seeking clues about the mysterious strangers who robbed him and Malik, O'Brien unexpectedly runs into Willow Cormier again. He starts spending time with her.


  1. open up your eyes when the clouds break
    O'Brien comes across Willow Cormier again -- as well as the odd strangers who'd robbed them.
  2. the road to hell is paved with gold
    O'Brien and Mateo deal with a flirtatious trader.

May 2019

Following many little brushes with his past, O'Brien is confronted by Lady Luck. In rescuing Malik, he kills a stranger by violent fluke, and the dynamic between the men abruptly shifts.


  1. I saw the constellations reveal themselves one start at a time
    Startled by the corvid skull he pickpocketed from her, O'Brien unwittingly offends Ceridwen Armistice.
  2. I now walk wary
    O'Brien meets Fennore, a woman with a similar heritage.
  3. think of something you love but not too dearly
    An attempt to thieve from Ánh Thị Linh goes poorly.
  4. hold on!
    O'Brien runs into Ceridwen again, and somehow it's even more awkward.
  5. [M] let the willing go willingly
    When a trio of thugs jump Malik, O'Brien comes to his aid -- but kills one of the men on accident.

June 2019

O'Brien begins to spend more and more time with Willow, whose lifestyle in The Shoal reminds him of his less complicated childhood. He develops a guilt complex over his divided attentions between Willow and The Troupe.


  1. I can feel the sun's hands on my bare back
    Inara Ailurus accosts O'Brien after he spends a lazy day with Willow.

July 2019

A complication develops in O'Brien and Willow's relationship.


  1. does he smile like I do?
    Willow confesses that she developed feelings for another, but that she still likes O'Brien. He is tentatively okay with a polyamorous relationship, provided he can meet the man.
  2. you've got so much in common, talk about your taste in women
    Willow introduces O'Brien to the rather arrogant (and alluring) Athras Eryn.

August 2019

O'Brien's love life grows even more complicated.


  1. you're walking into victory, even in your darkest hour
    A pair of coyote strangers join The Troupe.
  2. [M] rivers and roads
    After fearing that something has happened to her, O'Brien has an intimate reunion with Willow, who explains that she lives in New Caledonia now.
  3. [M] break the awkward, come undone
    At Willow's behest, O'Brien visits Athras and learns a little something about himself.

September 2019



  1. fine on the outside
    O'Brien and Mateo discuss love and purpose.
  2. black wings bring dark things
    O'Brien is spooked by Woodsmoke's raven.
  3. carry me to Innisfree like pollen on the breeze

October 2019



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