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O'Riley Eternity is the Erilaz (subleader) of Salsola. A mostly-wolf hybrid, he shares a penchant for violence and connections to some of the pack's most powerful and notorious families.

The son of Blair Eternity and Reykja Helsi, O'Riley was born in the late summer of 2016. He and his family soon after moved to Fort Preble in Portland. O'Riley's residence there would not last long, as he was sent to live with his grandmother shortly before he was old enough to shift. Raised by the Boss and his grandfather, O'Riley would witness the Second Boreas Conflict while under their guardianship. During his adolescence he lived with his elder cousin Grievous Eternity.

He is one of the primary instigators of the Inferni-Salsola War, and directly responsible for an event which allowed his cousin Elphaba to oust her father from both his position and their pack. In the months to follow the war's conclusion the pair would go even further in their quest for dominance and overthrow their grandmother and then-Boss, Salvia Eternity. Together, they assumed control of Salsola.

Beyond his duties as second-in-command, O'Riley acts as a spy and gathers information on other packs and Outsiders, working in close partnership with Kamari Kaiser. Within Salsola, he serves as a hunter, frequently collaborating with members of the Ranger faction.

Eager to see his and Elphaba's rule be just as successful as the pack's "golden age", O'Riley has continued to focus on bettering Salsola despite the many questionable incidents that seem to happen along the way...

Outside of the pack, O'Riley uses the alias "Elhaz", and claims to be a loner living somewhere around the Halcyon Mountain.

O'Riley Eternity


Credit: Alaine



OOC Information

  • Player & Creator: Mel
  • Account: Forum
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OOC Assumptions

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing O'Riley around Salsola...
    • ...in passing, especially around his home or around the borders.
    • ...with Igor Kotovo or his minor NPCs.
    • ...at his grandmother's home, taking care of the property.
  • For anything else or anything specific, please ask before making assumptions regarding this character.

Plot Opportunities

  • O'Riley is always open to being a villain for non-Salsolan members. Need a bad guy? Let me know!

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


  • Species: Almost entirely wolf -- his facial markings and other faint signs would suggest at his mixed bloodlines if one recognized them.
  • Fur: Thick, double-coated, soft. Along his back, thighs, and tail his fur grows in longer and wavier than average.
  • Facial Features: Prominent jawline, dark muzzle.
  • Build and Size: Large. Hides his weight well, muscular and compact.
    • Lupus: 105 lbs (47.6 kg)37 in (93.9 cm)
    • Secui: 170 lbs (77.1 kg)48 in (121.9 cm) (Preferred)
    • Optime: 260 lbs (117.9 kg)6ft 10in (82 in) (208 cm)

  • Scars:
    • Collection of medium and short scars from bites on left forearm.
    • Medium scar on outer left upper arm.
    • Long scar from an arrowhead on outer left thigh.
    • Series of scars from claws on right side of torso.
    • Scarring on throat, hidden by fur.
    • Scarring on right hand from bites.


  • Clothing
    • O'Riley most commonly wears a belted utility kilt. He goes shirtless when possible, and sleeveless otherwise.
    • In poor weather he will wear a water-resistant leather cloak.
    • Luperci-made leather armor tailored to his size. This has been repaired and replaced over the years, and some pieces are newer than others.
  • Weaponry
    • A sword, which is his preferred weapon.
    • Bow and arrows.
    • A leather sling + small bag of throwing stones.


  • Speech: O'Riley has a rough voice, due in part to injury. He speaks lowly and in a slightly monotone fashion. He is multilingual, and fluent in two other languages.
  • Unique Scent: Mountain and forest rock dust, pine, river water); smoke, meat, fish, lynx, horse/mule, cannabis, plants and herbs.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He got that epic de le Poer brow-scowl. Shows his teeth a lot.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Self-assured, relaxed, dominant, vaguely aggressive.

Coloration Palette


Quill (#D6D6D1)
Napa (#ACA494)
Ship (#3E3A44)

Optime Hair

Ship (#3E3A44)


Logan (#AAA9CD)'

Scars, Nose/Pawpads, Claws

Cinder (#0E0E18)
Tide (#BFB8B0)
Pavlova (#D7C498)

Reference Images

1.2  Personality

Summarized: Aggressive, Arrogant, Calculating, Charismatic, Forceful, Hateful, Observant, Opportunistic, Power-hungry

Highly intelligent and completely ruthless, O'Riley is a Machiavellian schemer and manipulator, confident to the point of arrogance and suspicious as to the motives of everyone around him. Despite this, he knows the value of a powerful alliance or a shared enemy, and generally tolerates his peers and subordinates. When dealing with Outsiders and "inferior" others, he puts on a false-face for as long as suits his needs, though regularly becomes explosively violent. He's mean, regularly pushing buttons and bullying those he perceives as or behavior he considers weak. Owing to his family connections and position in Salsola, as well as several incidents during his youth with corroborated his perception, O'Riley has ridiculously high opinion of himself and his abilities.


  • Outlook:
  • Sociability: Extrovert, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
    • "Will provide for friends, and expects to be repaid in some manner."
    • "Will keep his word only if it is profitable."
    • "Will kill others to get ahead."
    • "Uses any means necessary to evade justice."
  • Motivations: Power, materialistic wealth, authority, legacy, Salsola and it's continued success
  • Fears: Crippling injuries, ostracism, failure, death


  • Likes: Fighting, hunting, falconry, partying, meat (especially goat meat).
  • Dislikes: By and large, anything that goes against the norms of Salsola's society. Rapists, weaklings, coyotes.


  • Species: Highly prejudiced towards coyotes.
  • Non-Luperci: Ignorant barbarians who have missed their full potential. Easy targets.
  • Social Class: Royalty within his own pack, O'Riley sees his bloodline as superior. He in general looks down upon others, values blood connections as important. The “middle class” of his pack is full of people who haven't sought to reach their proper potential, displaying their inability to do so.
  • Gender: Believes females naturally superior to males and puts more weight in matriarchal leadership. Suspicious of other males, views them as potential rivals.
  • Age: Old people annoy O'Riley, who finds most of them to act like stubborn know-it-alls. He thinks all children are stupid, but is more tolerant of adolescents.
  • Outsiders: The blanket term for anyone who does not belong to Salsola. O'Riley places his pack (and himself) at a higher position than the rest of the world, and devalues those who are not a part of it.


  • Regularly smokes marijuana.
  • Takes psilocybin mushrooms for both ritual and casual purpose.
  • O'Riley socially partakes in alcohol, though it makes him mean(er). He has a high tolerance and will goad others into drinking as much (if not more) than himself.


  • Heterosexual
    • Drawn to extreme femininity. He seems to seek sexual partners whom he can control, and starkly rejects advances made towards him.
  • O'Riley is strongly conservative regarding sexual behavior, believing it belongs behind closed doors. He finds public displays of affection uncomfortable and dislikes being touched.
    • Salsola's "cheek kiss" and (brief) handshakes are reluctantly excluded from this, though he will avoid either if possible.


  • Polytheistic: O'Riley does not worship any particular deities, though believes in spirits and gods as a concept that may or may not influence the living world. He borders on agnostic, believing more strongly in things he can see and experience (even if this is sometimes under the influence).
    • He is extremely well-versed in Norse theology and spiritual practices, with knowledge of The Coisricthe Religion and Khalifism.
    • Engages in both private and public rituals.
    • O'Riley is a believer in fate and destiny, and that both can be influenced. Though a mostly-rational person, O'Riley pays careful attention to things which he think might impact his life. He makes and carries charms, avoids "bad energy", and pays attention to astrology.
    • According to Hearg Njorth lore, O'Riley is exceptionally magical.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Combat, Hunting, Espionage
  • Fighting (Sword, Feral, Unarmed) (Master):
With the benefit of several elder tutors, and a habit towards participating in hands-on training, O'Riley is more than capable when it comes to combat. His primary teachers were Stannis de le Poer and Salvia Eternity, both highly skilled in their selective fields. He favors fighting in his Secui and Optime forms, the latter especially when armed. O'Riley's weapon of choice is a sword, though he is experienced in ranged combat.
  • Hunting (Master):
Capable of hunting solo or with a group, either as a lead or as a support. Favors Secui form for hunting. O'Riley is an excellent tracker, and able to hide his own presence relatively well. Capable with a bow and arrow.
  • Social Manipulation & Information Gathering (Master):
From a young age, O'Riley learned that there were plenty of ways to get people to do what he wanted. He is a talented liar and highly charismatic, relying on his charm and good looks to help mask his true intentions. O'Riley has been spying almost as long, first observing his grandparents and then working his way up to packmates and strangers. Alongside Kamari Kaiser, O'Riley developed a secret written code to help maintain privacy between them.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Construction:
Out of necessity, O'Riley began learning how to repair buildings in his adolescence. He is capable of handling most basic work, and has some experience with larger structures and projects. Beyond this, O'Riley has a talent for demolition – he knows what to look for when it comes to structural safety and weak points.
  • Multilingual (Common Tongue, German, Gaelic):
O'Riley is fluent in English, German, and Gaelic. He has a working understanding of Russian and Norwegian, but speaks both with an accent. He has some familiarity with Arabic, Spanish, and French, though only understands common words.
  • Reading and Writing:
Capable of reading and writing. O'Riley reads books recreationally, though he is a slow and easily distracted reader. There are several words O'Riley spells incorrectly when he writes, especially those he has learned by ear.
  • Disguise:
O'Riley can make and has been known to wear powders to change the color of his fur, most often by darkening his face entirely. He would be capable of applying this makeup powder to others.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

Note: Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.

  • Cousins:
    • Elphaba Revlis and O'Riley are very close. Their shared interest in magic and involvement in some more nefarious behavior has created a twisted bond between the pair.
    • Igor Kotovo is a foreign-born packmate related to O'Riley -- they share a great-grandfather. When Igor and his father joined Salsola, O'Riley became his sponsor. Since then, they've worked very closely together, even if poor Igor seems to have gotten the worse end of the deal.
    • Grievous Eternity is O'Riley's cousin. They have known each other since childhood, and during the early part of their independence shared a home. O'Riley is the dominant figure in their relationship, however, and often reinforces the idea in subtle ways.
  • Half-Siblings: It is important to note that O'Riley does not currently believe he has any siblings. He is only currently aware of Indra's existence, and believes her to be his cousin. He respects her as a warrior but has a rather negative view of her repeated absences from the pack and supposed religious icon she is rumored to be.
  • Parents: O'Riley loves his mommas, but has complicated feelings about them. Less of a father and more of a donor, Dullahan never developed a relationship with his eldest son. As such, O'Riley doesn't feel any particular connection to the man.
  • Grandparents: Salvia Eternity, his paternal grandmother (Oma), and Stannis de le Poer, his paternal grandfather (Daideó), guided him throughout his youth and adolescence. Salvia provided the primary care to O'Riley upon his return to the Kingdom-proper, and her influence is not hard to spot. Kynda Helsi is his maternal grandmother (Amma). A völva practitioner the tradition of his great-grandmother's teachings, Kynda provided many early lessons while O'Riley spent his childhood in her home. She and his maternal gradfather (Afi) Hugleikr Silfr helped to raise him during this brief period. In adulthood, O'Riley would learn falconry from her. She gifted him his own eagle, though O'Riley later "lost" the bird.
  • Extended: O'Riley has two younger aunts, Víborg Helsi and Siv Silfr. He has spent time with both of them, but doesn't feel a strong familial connection to either. His older relative Bogdan Kotovo, lives within the pack and the two regularly interact.

2.2  Other Relations


  • Kamari Kaiser often works alongside O'Riley; the two have developed a secret code for communication when working. The two have a friendly relationship and could be considered partners in the field. O'Riley is less friendly with Kamari's husband, Krios Revlis, but has come to tolerate his presence.
  • Neith Heiwa is his rival. Don't ask, no one understands.
  • Odalis and O'Riley first met when he was spying on Cour des Miracles. Her seeming inability to remember him, combined with her fall from grace, has sparked a dangerous infatuation in O'Riley. He frequently attempts to isolate and harass Odalis.
  • Morrow Larue was made an orphan because of O'Riley, who played a part in his upbringing alongside Elphaba Revlis.


  • Brocade Valentine was hired by Elphaba's father to keep an eye on her, and proved his loyalty to Salsola many times over. Unfortunately, his relationship with Elphaba has led to friction between them.
  • His mothers' friend, Morgana Revlis, works for O'Riley. Her arranged marriage to Brocade was a long-term plan concocted by O'Riley and Morgana, though they framed this to appear coincidental. O'Riley believes that the loss of her child has complicated (and perhaps compromised) her use to him.
  • Till van Ulrich-Lykoi, Salsola's Jagermeister, and O'Riley often work together. O'Riley respects Till's work as a hunter and spiritualist, as well as the older man's long-term commitment to the pack.
  • This is less true for Till's eldest son, Coaxoch, who grew up alongside O'Riley. Coaxoch was often the victim of O'Riley's bullying. These days, the two tolerate each other.

Minor Relations

  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: Former Inferni members, Mateo Salcedo
  • Enemies: Many, largely unknown. His position as Salsola's second-in-command and involvement in the Inferni-Salsola War is likely to have spawned enemies.
  • Kills: Omar de le Poer?, Antioch de le Poer, Patina Larue, miscellaneous other NPCs

Past Relations

  • Significant Positive Acquaintances:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances:
  • The pretty, naive Embla Soul was someone O'Riley developed an infatuation with. Luckily for her, she escaped the pack.
  • Gavroche Benoît was a loner that O'Riley met north of Salsola. The Outsider's charisma and knowledge drew the young man in, though he grew genuinely fond of the old dog. After Gavroche was killed by a coyote, O'Riley performed his funeral rites. He feels the old man's death was unfair (as he did have time to pass on everything he knew to O'Riley) and carries a grudge about this loss.

3.  Inventory


Though he is not a craftsman, O'Riley was raised in a home where material goods were valued by rarity and quality, and these are things that he considers valuable. He is used to receiving items for free, and often expects “gifts”, but generally is fair in in his dealings, especially with members of Salsola. If O'Riley truly desires an item, he will go to extreme lengths to acquire it.

  • Raw Materials:
    • Game meat, animal parts (claws, teeth, bones, etc.)
  • Other:
    • Labor
    • "Favors"
  • Weaponry & Armor:
    • Blades (knives), leather armor, arrows
  • Raw Materials:
    • Goat meat, gemstones & minerals, antlers
  • Crafted Goods:
    • Unique pelts, leather, paper, journals/books, home decor and furniture
  • Other:
    • Labor
    • "Favors"

Personal Inventory

Note: While the character may have other personal effects, the items listed here are those that are either unique, are significant or have sentimental value to the character, or are items that are regularly referenced to.

  • Wooden bead necklace, with singular black (stone) and white (bone) beads on either end
  • Woven, black fiber bandana
  • Leather belts of various width. Though they are all the same color, he rings and buckles are made of differing materials and design.
  • Various pouches and bags, mostly made of leather. Some are fancier than others.
  • Several styles of utility-kilts.
  • A water-resistant leather cloak.
  • "Fancy" clothes.
  • Armor: Made of heavy leather and crafted for Optime form.

4.  Residence

  • The Helsi Home
    A relatively large one-floor farmhouse with surrounding pasture. The shape of the place suggests that the building was originally a barn which underwent extensive repair; it is broken up into three seperate spaces, the largest of which is an open gathering area with a few constructed storage additions.
Previous Residences:
  • Salvia's Cabin
  • Eternity Cabin
A three room cabin located by Salsola's clinic, the place is relatively isolated. Well maintained, the outside is always clean of debris though the inside of the cabin can be far more haphazard. The horses and wander freely around the area, and it often smells heavily of fire due to frequent use of the firepit.

5.  NPCs

  • Current: ---
  • Previous: ---
  • O'Riley has acquired all of his animal companions as gifts. He typically favors animals with some "unique" feature, especially those he considers "rare".
  • Though he was previously able to ride a horse, O'Riley is too large to do so now.
  • Keenan acts mostly as a spy and messenger for O'Riley, but is otherwise allowed to do as he pleases.

Keenan (Lynx hybrid)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions

Active: 2017 – Present

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Canadian and Eurasian Lynx Hybrid
  • Date of Birth: Fall 2016
  • Size:
    • Height: 27 in (68.5 cm)
    • Length: 48 in (121.9 cm)
    • Weight: 60 lbs (27.2 kg)
  • Key Features: Extremely large paws, very "fit" looking.
  • Coloration: Reddish-brown pelt with darker spots and markings.
  • Salsola members may reference:
    • Seeing him…
      • …around O'Riley's home.
      • …with O'Riley.
      • …hunting, especially around the Pine Barrens.
    • Noticing Keenan watching them.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Hunting
  • Fighting
  • Spying



Self-righteous and arrogant.


Keenan was born in Salsola, the offspring of Abendrot and Mirijam, a pair of lynx owned by Salsolan Luperci. He and his siblings were given as gifts, and Keenan wound up in O'Riley's hands. He has worked alongside the wolfdog his whole life, acting as a sometimes-spy and messenger for O'Riley.

Olaf (Grade Horse)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions

By Alaine
Active: July 2017 – Present

  • Gender: Stallion
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: 2013
  • Size: 17 hands ( 5.6 ft / 1.7 m ) high, 1350 lbs (612 kg)
  • Key Features: Slight feathering along each leg, long and thick mane and tail.
  • Coloration: Black. His mane and tail bleach to Heath (#541012) along the ends during the summer. He has a solid white star; this same color is echoed as socks on both left legs.
  • Salsola members may reference:
    • Seeing him…
      • …in the pasture connected to O'Riley's home.
  • Knowing that he belongs to O'Riley.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Rider trained
  • Cart trained
  • Capable of hauling


A strong, sturdy horse.


Fearless, friendly.


Born to Salsola horse Eyre, sired by Salvia Eternity's primary mount Nacht. Olaf was gifted to O'Riley by his grandmother following his completed Cueponi ceremony, and used as O'Riley's mount until he outgrew horses. He is currently used for labor.

Jonesy (Mule)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions

By Alaine
Active: Dec 2017 – Present

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Mule with Quarter horse heritage.
  • Date of Birth: Summer 2012
  • Size: 15hh, 1000lbs.
  • Key Features: Big head and ears, incredibly cute.
  • Coloration: Bay
  • Salsola members may reference:
    • Seeing him…
      • …in the pasture connected to O'Riley's home.
    • Knowing that he…
      • …is friendly, but stubborn.
      • …is used primarily for good transportation.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Very tough (tougher skin and hooves than a horse)
  • Natural resistance to disease and insects
  • High endurance
  • Rider trained, cart trained


Sturdy. Big head and ears, skinny legs and tiny hooves. Jonesy has a short mane. He is a very easy-to-read animal, and makes his attitude about things very clear. Incredibly cute.
  • Gear: Jonesy has a saddle that fits him (and would fit another similarly sized animal), along with a blanket, decorative gear, and bags. A sturdy but simplistic leather harness.


Smart, stubborn, highly social. Jonesy likes food, working, affection, and mud. He dislikes snakes, biting flies, and noisy birds.


Jonesy was obtained and used by the Salsola Outpost for well over a year.
When O'Riley Eternity came to Portland seeking to return his mother's reindeer, she insisted he take Jonesy in exchange, citing that he would need a reliable pack animal.
Jonesy accompanied O'Riley and Kamari Kaiser on their expedition to the south in 2018.
In late 2020, Jonesy once again traveled south with O'Riley and Kamari. They were further accompanied by Krios Revlis.

6.  History


Duration: 31 August 2016 – Present
Ranks: The Erilaz (May 2018 – Present)
  • The Shield Apprentice (March 2018)
  • The Henchman (Nov 2017)
  • The Warden (Oct 2017)
  • The Tradesman (Aug 2017)
  • The Confidant (July 2017)
  • The Family (June 2017)
  • Bambino (August 2016 - June 2017)
Co-Ranks: Informatore (Spy)
Cazador (Hunter)
Special Ranks: High Inquisitor (Jan-Dec 2019)

Fortunate Son

O'Riley was born in the late summer of 2016 within Salsola, to mated pair Blair Eternity and Reykja Helsi. The son of Reykja Helsi and Blair Eternity, O'Riley was sired by his "uncle", Dullahan Eternity. His birth resulted in contradictions arising against the teachings of Siv Helsi, Salsola's former-Crone and O'Riely's biological great-grandmother -- namely, that völva (like Reykja) were unable to bear sons -- though this information was largely kept secret by the other Helsi women. He and his family soon moved to Fort Preble, Salsola's trading hub in Portland. His youth was spent surrounded by his birth-mother's family, who lavished him with attention and stories of their faith and more or less allowed him to do as he pleased.

When O'Riley was around four months old, his grandmother brought him back to Salsola from Fort Preble, wanting him to be raised in Salsola-proper. He was largely isolated from the dangers of the Second Boreas Conflict, though the dangers of this were impressed upon him well enough. The war's conclusion brought new freedoms, which only continued to expand as O'Riley began shifting. Heeding his grandfather's advice, O'Riley delayed his Cueponi ceremony until the summer – when he was “ready”. His passage into adulthood brought new opportunities with it, and it did not take long for O'Riley to seize upon these.

Agent Provocateur

Angered by the death of a loner he had befriended, a misunderstanding between O'Riley and a member of Inferni turned bloody and set in motion the events that would lead to the Inferni-Salsola War. O'Riley was responsible for the death of Omar de le Poer (despite framing Lokr Revlis for this act) and continued to have direct involvement in the conflict as it escalated, eventually leading the Salsolans tasked with burning down the D'Neville Mansion. The events which followed the war's conclusion were brought to a head when Elphaba Revlis ousted her father as a traitor. His exile and her rise to power provided the framework O'Riley needed to further his own ascension, which he began focusing on despite his relatively young age. O'Riley fixed his sights on information, and alongside Kamari Kaiser spent part of that winter spying in the south, confirming a rumor and learning of the ongoing Winter of Tarnished Gold. He returned from this mission with a new focus, and began taking the steps to put himself exactly where he wanted.

He and his cousin continued to scheme, and decided to act on Salsola's seventh birthday and overthrow their grandmother. To their surprise, she surrendered her position easily. O'Riley was named Erilaz and promoted to second-in-command.

Dark Star Rising

6.1  Threads



War breaks out as Salsola is threatened by a group of Outsiders. While the Second Boreas Conflict rages on, O'Riley spends time with his wounded grandfather and bears witness to the internal reactions to the fighting. He is often shadowed by Nickodemus Sparhawk, whom he befriends.

  1. sometimes the questions are complicated
    Out with Nickodemus Sparhawk, O'Riley finds his cousin along the coast. He gives the older boy a hint about what his grandmother might be looking for as an answer while the group collects rocks.

February - June

The conclusion of the war solidifies O'Riley's belief in Salsola's strength. He continues to explore the pack territory and take lessons from his grandparents. When sickness passes through the land, he is kept isolated from it. Under advisement from his grandfather Stannis de le Poer, O'Riley delays his Cueponi ceremony even after he first shifts.

  1. fairweather warning
    O'Riley helps Salsola's second-in-command Lokr Revlis, his uncle, unload acquisitions from a recent trading trip.
  2. we live down in a ribcage in the dry leaves of a heart
    A chance meeting with the recently-returned Indra Revlis leads to a hunt.
  3. rabble-rouse and sing aloud
    When Salsola's Jagermeister and new mate host a small party, O'Riley drags his cousin out to investigate.


A newly independent O'Riley begins traveling beyond Salsola's borders. He focuses on improving his skills: riding, tracking, and combat are largely the focus. Towards the end of the month he usurps Neith Heiwa, confirming his own beliefs in his personal superiority. Outside of Salsola, he meets and befriends an old loner.

  1. from the top of the mountain, you cannot see the mountain
    Having learned of Vinátta's disbandment, a curious O'Riley explores the territory, where he encounters a loner.
  2. genesis
    When O'Riley interrupts Elphaba's training, she decides to practice on him instead.
  3. ten thousand days of training to polish
    Out hunting with Keenan, O'Riley runs into The Bull, a gruff mercenary hired by Elphaba.
  4. deeper than the knife goes in
    O'Riley finds Neith Heiwa while waiting for his grandfather. He challenges the older man and usurps him, claiming a position as a Confidant.


Much of his time is spent continuing his training, both inside Salsola and with Gavroche. Under his aunt and grandmother's supervision, O'Riley begins training for mounted combat.

  1. go to hell for the company
    After getting turned around on a ride, O'Riley meets a member of Anathema.
  2. when the gods see us willing to suffer, they pay attention
    O'Riley visits an old loner he has taken up a friendship with. He barters for instructions on making face-paint. The two men notice the strange light when (unbeknownst to them) an eclipse takes place, and worry over its meaning.


Eager to climb up the chain of Salsola's hierarchy, O'Riley makes himself more familiar with pack members. A fight between himself and an Inferni member results in a retaliatory strike from the Clan's leader against one of Salsola's Bambino. His friend and mentor Gavroche is killed by another loner, and O'Riley takes responsibility for performing his funeral. Seeing an opportunity to further her own means, Elphaba convinces her cousins of her father's disloyalty, and they agree to frame the Lord Commander for engaging in an unauthorized attack against Inferni. Things get out of hand when this random act of violence turns to murder.

  1. the perfect party guests
    Elphaba organizes a beach party in September because she's that sort of person and demands her "friends" attend.
  2. Don't start anything you're not prepared to finish.
    Under Gavroche's supervision, O'Riley makes a good luck charm.
  3. 'Cause you live your life in a coma, you're never awake
    An ill-informed Associate learns a few things about Salsola from O'Riley.
  4. I try twice as hard and I'm half as liked
    Kamari Kaiser and O'Riley come across one of Salsola's horses in a surprising location.
  5. Falstaff sings a sorrowful refrain.
    When he finds an Inferni member trapped under collapsed rubble, O'Riley attempts to free him. Unfortunately, this triggers a frightened reaction from Virue, who attempts to defend himself. Angered by this response, O'Riley savagely attacks him.
  6. for all the points of the compass there's only one direction
    O'Riley informs his grandmother of the earlier incident and becomes restless. He travels north looking for Gavroche, only to find the old man dead by unnatural means. When a fox asks him to perform funeral rites, O'Riley does so.
  7. the fell clutch of circumstance
    Though O'Riley crashes at his cousin's home to avoid the hulabaloo surrounding incidents with Inferni, it doesn't take long for Elpbaha to seek him out. When she confides in her relatives suspicions about her father, a wicked idea takes root.
  8. [M] we need more than miracles
    Donning a disguise to resemble Salsola's Lord Commander, O'Riley and Grievous travel towards Inferni with intentions of framing Lokr for a retaliatory assault. The two find and attack Omar de le Poer, who is seriously wounded during their pursuit and later killed in the Stellarton Mines?.


The Inferni-Salsola War grows more violent as the days move on, though O'Riley largely acts as a scout and spy as opposed to a front-line combatant. O'Riley's mother, Reykja, remains in the Kingdom-proper while the roads are unsafe to travel and begins new lessons in magic with him. He is given a belated gift. Things become tense between O'Riley and the Lord Commander (who rightfully suspects treachery) and reach the point of physical violence.

  1. If you want it, you take it
    Eager to better get back in the fray, O'Riley suggests that Kamari make use of Inferni's skull collection to satisfy the answer to her Cueponi riddle, and accompanies her east.
  2. a common provenance in pain
    While skulking near Inferni's border O'Riley is spotted and confronted by a member of the Clan.
  3. [M] just thorns without the rose
    O'Riley assists his mother with a ritual, accompanied by Nickodemus Sparhawk and Coaxoch.
  4. the drum of death is being beaten
    Following the Battle of Drifter Bay, O'Riley and Grievous collect Luigi Benedetti's body.
  5. no more lightning, no more solace in arrears
    After listening in on an argument between the Boss and Lord Commander, and informing Elphaba of what he heard, O'Riley is confronted by Lokr. When he mouths off to the older man, he's given a lesson in respect.


Under orders, O'Riley leads a small group into Inferni during a massive counterattack against the Clan, tasked with burning down the D'Neville Mansion. The success of this event brings the Inferni-Salsola War to a close.

  1. we build our own cages with words like honor
    Reykja and O'Riley visit Indra while she recovers from her wounds.
  2. it destroys responsibility and consequences
    O'Riley and a small collection of Salsola members cross into Inferni's territory and set fire to the one of the Clan's central locations, the D'Neville Mansion.


Motivated by the success of their conspiracy, O'Riley turns his attention towards his own goals. Despite protests from Reykja, he decides to return Cennétig to his mother. Their disagreement over the matter, alongside a surprising message from their family, sees the pair traveling to the Outpost early in the month. He returns alongside distant relatives, with new aspirations and a new member to sponsor -- his distant cousin, Igor.

  1. never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it
    When O'Riley returns to the scene of the fire he finds himself joined by Brocade Valentine, who joins him in exploring the abandoned territory.
  2. all it portrays in the eyes of the good and just
    Finding Cleome Valentine perplexed by the land-art in Salsola's fields, O'Riley introduces him to the source.
  3. if there is any reaction, both are transformed
    Following his visit to Fort Preble, O'Riley goes looking for Elphaba only for her to find him instead. Interested in his goods, she accompanies him to his home. O'Riley presents her with a small gift.
  4. a life after this one
    O'Riley and Igor decide to go fishing and are joined by Trident.
  5. tell me more, tell me more
    Out blowing off steam leads O'Riley to a chance encounter with PepsiCola, a young woman whom he takes a liking to and directs towards Salsola.

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Salsola hosts its Last Supper, during which his cousin makes a bold proclomation with his aid. Later, O'Riley travels to a loner's bar in Amherst where he hears a curious rumor. Eager to investigate, he recruits Kamari to accompany him and his mule south. They spend some time in the area while he confirms the ongoing strife within Cour des Miracles.

  1. to overcome the better angels of our nature
    Krios finds O'Riley and Igor acting suspicious and eventually learns of their intentions to visit a bar in Amherst.
  2. [M] obscured by the songs of the maniacs
    The visit to Biff's Bar provides more than simple entertainment.
  3. Like passing notes in secrecy
    O'Riley and Kamari begin discussing the idea of forming a code system.
  4. the terror of knowing what this world is about
    Pretending to be a loner, O'Riley meets a young woman from Cour des Miracles.
  5. move away from the noise of this place
    Continuing with his ruse, O'Riley approaches Galilee Haskel of Cour des Miracles seeking further information.
  6. tell me about it, stud
    Wanting to be presentable for the delivery of his report leads to O'Riley making use of PepsiCola's styling skills.
  7. the legends must be acted out
    O'Riley hosts Salsola's Mafiosi at his home and presents his findings.


Salvia forbids O'Riley from horseback riding due to his size, and this leads O'Riley to an act violence. He begins learning how to drive a cart and devotes much of his time to bettering his writing. He begins collecting materials for writing and works on creating ways to better his methods for note transportation, and begins making plans for the upcoming spring.

  1. [M] that's all there is
    An unfortunate loner finds himself on the wrong side of the river.


His promotion to Shield Apprentice drives O'Riley to further prove himself, and sees him once again looking beyond the pack's borders.

  1. you need more help than you know
    A hunting accident leaves O'Riley injured, though he soon finds unhappy assistance from Neith Heiwa.
  2. you are all rotten fruit
    An angry boy gets some instruction from O'Riley.
  3. irony was the shackles of youth
    While exploring the Burnt Church Mountains, O'Riley encounters a loner.


Growing frustration in O'Riley sees him lashing out in violent ways, though he by and large hides this behavior. O'Riley and Elphaba begin discussing plans moving forward.

  1. burn the scorecards, balance out the scales
    O'Riley visits new neighbor Neith Heiwa. They are joined by Helena Troy Lykoi.
  2. [M] Heimebane
    Itachi Lykoi and O'Riley remove an armed intruder from Salsola's eastern pack borders.
  3. you escape me like its nothing
    Brocade Valentine and Etoile Montgomery are treated to a fishing lesson from Igor Kotovo.


Salsola's anniversary brings with it the open rebellion that lands O'Riley his position as second-in-command of Salsola, with his cousin newly named as Boss. O'Riley begins taking care of his grandparents' horses and training his own to pull a cart. He comes across signs of curious events occuring, and learns unpleasant news about Elphaba and Brocade.

  1. the rise and fall of your vertigo
    Elphaba and O'Riley hold a final meeting in his home and discuss their plans to overthrow their grandmother.
  2. the law of the jungle
    At Salsola's anniversary gathering, Elphaba and O'Riley make their move. They are surprised by how easy their grandmother seceeds power, and find themseleves the new leaders of Salsola.
  3. the tracers from yesteryear are burning in the dust
    O'Riley finds himself responsible for his grandparents' horses, whom they leave behind as they depart for distant land. He enlists Nickodemus Sparhawk as a personal spy while Igor looks on.
  4. here's to the hearts you're gonna break
    Brocade Valentine brings good tidings to O'Riley.
  5. i'll pay my weight in blood
    O'Riley comes across a strange cache of supplies near the borders. When Etoile Montgomery returns to this site, he recruits her for a hunt. She reveals some scandalous information.


His duties see him terribly busy. O'Riley starts making his own books. He continues training his horse, and becomes more familiar with carts and becomes curious about their construction, inspired by a project his uncle begins working on.

  1. Can't be sure when they've hit their mark
    Roaming Salsola's Ediling Ravine, O'Riley finds Kamari. They talk about her new horse, and he gives her a task.


Confrontation between O'Riley and Elphaba leads to an argument, and he names her accuser. A return to a previous haunt results in an explosive fight that leaves O'Riley severely wounded. He is aided by Igor and Neith in returning home, though only has a few days to rest before another greusome murder soon has him active. Worried of conspiracy and on edge, O'Riley attempts to hide his injuries as news trickles in about Sapient's disbandment. As the month goes on, a recovered O'Riley resumeds his duties as an influx of arrivals from Fort Preble arrives and Salsola's numbers swell.

  1. [M] we have seen the fields aflame
    O'Riley confronts Elphaba about her promiscuous behavior, and the two argue.
  2. [M] The Rising
    When O'Riley returns to The Stellarton Mines?, he is attacked by Antioch de le Poer. The two endure a terrible fight before a portion of the mine collapses, killing Antioch and threatening to trap O'Riley, who manages to escape.
  3. the real universe is always one step beyond logic
    Igor searches for O'Riley with aid from Neith, whose assistance becomes vital when he is found.
  4. [M] God never blessed her insides
    Elphaba's late night summons expose a terrible crime.
  5. [M] this world of dust and matter
    After burning Etoile Montgomery's body, O'Riley returns to his normal routine in Salsola. While on a patrol he finds Nickodemus injured, though the pair are soon joined by young Absolution D'Angelo, who offers his assistance.
  6. See the magic of art
    Seeking information, O'Riley visits the pack's library and Paladin, Idrieus.
  7. rivers and roads, rivers and roads
    Siblings Seppo and Symre Rask arrive to join Salsola-proper. When Seppo commits a faux-paux, O'Riley warns him against doing so again.


Inferni disbands, news Salsola learns directly. Projects begin to take shape in Salsola, which continues to see new arrivals. O'Riley stays close to Salsola to keep an eye on Elphaba, and he begins practicing carpentry with assistance from Grievous. A shocking series of deaths disrupts Salsola in the middle of the month, putting the pack on edge.

  1. [M] Imma hurt 'ya real good, baby
    Helena Troy Lykoi brings a man from Inferni back to Salsola. She reveals that the coyote clan no longer exists and announces her intentions to keep the man as her servant, to which O'Riley agrees.
  2. Those bars bent beneath my will
    A distressed Delfina Heiwa finds O'Riley during a patrol. She reveals that her sister the Seer and her mate are dead, one through accident and one by her own hand. Startled by this, O'Riley insists on taking her to see The Boss.
  3. as timeless as infinity
    After seeing Delfina home, O'Riley returns to discuss the matter with Elphaba.
  4. roots spread all the way back to godless times
    Salsola holds a funeral for its Seer.
  5. the stars in the skies crushed carbon into diamonds
    O'Riley visits Salsola's Crone, Loki Helsi.
  6. some migrants are happy to depart
    When Cow develops a slight limp, O'Riley tends to him with assistance from Katinka Holt and her mate, Khael.
  7. we can roll ourselves over 'cause we're uncomfortable
    Julius Valentine returns from Fort Preble alongside a young man he intends to sponsor.


In an effort to move on from the previous month's shocking deaths, a ceremonial wedding is performed for the first time within Salsola. O'Riley participates after Kamari requests his presence. At the feast which follows, the pack celebrates the new union with overly decadent revelry. O'Riley eats and drinks and smokes a lot, and dances with several young ladies throughout the night. His fun comes to an abrupt halt when he sees Brocade and Elphaba dancing together. After a tense conversation with the Director the moment passes, though O'Riley blacks out before nights end. After waking in a precarious position, he finds himself tasked with a new job. While he prepares for this, O'Riley accepts a new Associate to Salsola's ranks.

  1. Never gonna be the same, your blood runs through my veins
    During a rainy night in The Blackwoods, Rhaegar Salcedo is found by O'Riley.
  2. kecharitomene
    Kamari Kaiser and Krios Revlis are wed.
  3. acting without knowing takes you right off the cliff
    O'Riley and Brocade share a dance and have words.
  4. [M] The prince leans to the girl in scarlet heels
  5. get your facts first and then you can distort them
  6. Bloodlines are important, don't disgrace it
    A young woman approaches and joins Salsola.


O'Riley and Kamari travel south towards the beginning of the month, and spent some time gathering information in the peninsula.

  1. everyone is a moon and has a dark side which never shows
    With preparations made, O'Riley and Kamari depart Salsola on their mission. After they make camp, he explains their secondary task.
  2. hear the howl of the rope, a question
    A hunt leads O'Riley to an unexpected location. Though he spooks off members of The Cartel, O'Riley becomes aware of Inferni's gathering remnants.


Much of O'Riley's time is spent preparing for the coming winter.

  1. things which are equally bad are also equally good
    After their repair work on Marrgerd is cut short, O'Riley and Igor discuss cooking a sheep. When Dahlia de le Poer arrives on the scene, O'Riley talks with her about her position in the pack and offers to share the meat.
  2. don't sit down, it's time to dig another one
    As a favor to the Crone, a blackmailed O'Riley uses his influence on Elphaba to request Embla join the Family.


  1. know just how to get just what we want
    O'Riley and Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi hunt deer together.
  2. this dust is all thats left of us
    Much to his surprise, a young woman that O'Riley encountered before has been indebted to the Queen.
  3. Show me what I missed
    Kaeli Blacksun gifts O'Riley a fine pair of bracers.

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A rebellious slave proves to be the least of O'Riley's concerns when Salsola's Crone, Loki Helsi, is brutally murdered.

  1. [M] Over The Line
    New Medicant Micheal, after weeks of hassling by Igor, finally fights back. Unfortunately, he does so in front of O'Riley.
  2. The Edge of the Abyss
    Aidan Massacre, sponsored by Delfina Heiwa, joins Salsola.
  3. Keep your eyes on me
    In preparation for an upcoming gathering, a wild boar is captured.
  4. There is a curse. They say: May you live in interesting times.
    O'Riley roams the wilderness outside of Salsola under the blood moon. Upon his return, he stumbles across a horrific sight -- the charred remains of Salsola's Crone, Loki Helsi, discovered by his daughter Embla Soul.
  5. saving face, secured in faith
    With help from Igor, O'Riley gets Embla and her father's corpse back to Salsola. He orders her to remain in her home, which he leaves under the watchful eyes of his cousin.
  6. blood moon risin' in a sky of black dust
    O'Riley informs Elphaba about what happened to Loki.
  7. conquering the worm
    Brocade is informed about Loki's death.
  8. wing and rain and lightning change me
    Summoned from Fort Preble, Kynda Helsi and her daughter Víborg arrive at Salsola's borders, accompanied by Nickodemus Sparhawk and Torin de le Poer.


Convinced a curse has fallen upon the pack, Elphaba decides to seek the source and [M] launches an inquisition into the matter.

  1. do not go far from me
    Wisteria Valentine and her brother, Aurelion arrive at Salsola's borders.
  2. [M] Chaos is a ladder
    Andrew Winthrop provides O'Riley with information regarding his former master's family.
  3. jaws to the fossil
    Suspicious of the remnants of Inferni, O'Riley seeks out Julius Valentine. Eager to assist, Julius is sent out to spy on the coyotes.


More questions than answers continue to slow the inquisition, while violence within Salsola is carefully covered up. A shocking attack against Kamari leads to a dramatic trial.

  1. come with me
    Odalis lingers near the borders, where O'Riley finds her.
  2. no mountain hides the moon
    O'Riley has a discussion with Isabella Heiwa.
  3. shoulda' been dead a long time ago
    After several reports about suspicious behavior, O'Riley visits with Till and questions him.
  4. [M] his blood was dark, it was almost blue
    After assisting his grandmother and aunt in preparation for a ritual, O'Riley stumbles upon a murder.
  5. [M] Not even in the face of Armageddon.
    Following a violent attack, O'Riley and several of the Inquisitors find themselves just moments away from distaster. O'Riley is injured during the fray.
  6. [M] with a hundred talons
    A wounded O'Riley informs Elphaba about the attack. She treats his hand, things feel a little freaky.
  7. [M] The Trial of Delfina Heiwa
    Elphaba summons the pack to witness Delfina's confession.


Several pack projects help ease tensions within Salsola, but all is not as peaceful as it seems...

  1. [M] Standing Above, Looking Down
    New Salsolan Aidan Massacre struggles with his place in the pack. He and O'Riley come to an understanding.
  2. a universe marvelously arranged, obeying certain laws
    Putting his work horse to use, O'Riley and Igor move logs around the construction site.


Though the murder remains unsolved, O'Riley sets his sights on new targets. He begins practicing falconry in the Helsi tradition, and becomes responsible for his own eagle. Salsola turns eight and the massive feast helps to overshadow the worries of the Family. Unfortunately things do not go as well for others.

  1. Here are all your familiar spirits
    O'Riley, his young aunt Víborg and her mother take Arnlaug to the Halcyon Mountain to hunt. Though their prey is lost, O'Riley notices signs of loners living in the Eastern Realms.
  2. I wouldn't dare to fix the twist in you
    A frustrated Kamari confides about problems within her marriage to O'Riley.
  3. the thistle and the burr
    Salsola celebrates it's eighth birthday.
  4. [M] couldn't look you in the eye
    Sometime during the party, Odalis slips away to secretly take psilocybin mushrooms. Unfortunately, O'Riley finds her. He lures her to his home with the promise of further intoxicants. While there, he molests her -- Odalis fends him off and flees.
  5. burning splinters beneath my skin
    O'Riley attempts to smooth things over with Krios Revlis.


As new groups settle in the surrounding areas O'Riley busies himself with looking for answers. Things become strange during a drug trip, leaving him with conflicted feelings.

  1. More ripples in the water
    The Inquisitors gather to discuss their findings, though little progress is made.
  2. the whippoorwill's cry
    A wounded loner is found by O'Riley, who questions him. When the man reveals his purpose O'Riley becomes suspicious about his origins. Solomon, wisely, quickly abandons his camp.
  3. How sadly hath The Lord testified against you.
    The arrival of a woman from Zion further rouses O'Riley's suspicions.
  4. [M] the rules are the same as they always were
    Elphaba, O'Riley, and Odalis journey to the Isle Haute. There, they take psilocybin mushrooms and perform a ritual. When Odalis attempts to flee, the Mafiosi hunt her down.


The first big break in Loki's murder presents itself.

  1. withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy
    Symre Rask joins O'Riley on a hunt.
  2. [M] ice is bark of rivers and roof of the wave
    Khael Lykoi stumbles across O'Riley attacking a loner carrying tarot cards that previously belonged to Salsola's murdered Crone. The pair violently interrogate and execute the loner, though O'Riley asks Khael to keep the incident a secret.


The day-to-day duties of Salsola delay O'Riley's progress.

  1. we are what we always were
    O'Riley and fellow conspiracist Morgana Revlis discuss plans moving forward.


A new pack attracts the interest of Salsola's Boss, forcing O'Riley to show his face openly.

  1. [M] Through a meadow running
    When O'Riley comes across Till on the trail, he joins the other hunter as the older man updates his maps.
  2. my god is gonna owe me
    Elphaba, O'Riley, and Brocade Valentine travel to meet with the rulers of recently-formed New Caledonia, Iomair Nartholiel and Athras Eryn.


A newcomer arrives in Salsola, though his true motives remain unclear. O'Riley tests the limits of a servant's willingness to obey. Elphaba receives a message from nearby pack Casa di Cavalieri and elects to attend a gathering. Though horribly reluctant to join her, O'Riley refuses to let the Boss attend alone and accompanies her to the gathering. The pair are joined by Nickodemus Sparhawk and Igor Kotovo, while a smaller convoy of Salsolan members lurk in the neutral lands beyond. The meeting proves less productive than hoped, and despite lingering tensions, concludes without incident.

  1. Tumbling into the snake's nest
    Argive Hemlock joins Salsola.
  2. truth covered in security
    Returning from a long night's travel, a hungry O'Riley comes across mute servant Silas del Morte.
  3. Celebrate Eachother
    The Salsolan envoy arrives in Casa di Cavalieri alongside other visitors. The pack's leader, Luca Knight greets the assembly.
  4. We Lead the Mighty
    For the first time in many years, the leaders of the active packs in the area meet in one room.
  5. Crown of Thorns
    Aldora Knight introduces herself to O'Riley during the party, and they have a brief conversation.


After months of scheming, O'Riley finally sets his plan to end the Curse once and for all – by striking out at two nearby groups of loners. The pack organizes two parties intent on capturing these Outsiders for questioning, but both groups encounter violence. The survivors are are brought back as prisoners and held for questioning.

  1. [M] those who do hear cannot again return home
    O'Riley leads a contingency of Salsolan members to the White Knell camp, whom they intend to bring in for questioning. Though they intend to capture the loners alive, violence erupts following O'Riley's demands. In the brief and bloody confrontation, two of the Outsiders are killed and four others are captured.


The prisoners are contained in Millstone Village as they are questioned. O'Riley and Elphaba decide on how to best move forward and maintain their control over the pack.

  1. you have your demons mixed up
    Elphaba summons O'Riley to her home late one night to discuss their captives – and their plan.
  2. [M] a life of gathering gloom;
    Though the celebration is delayed until the trial concludes, O'Riley assists Morgana Revlis in leading a ritualistic sacrifice.

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The Curse of the Sanctum comes to its conclusion. In the aftermath, Salsola slowly begins to readjust. A caravan heads to New Caledonia. O'Riley and Kamari follow this and spy on their northern associates, and discover some familiar faces. O'Riley and his hunting partner take down an unusual buck, whose head O'Riley later mounts in his home. He increases his border patrols after having them tested by a loner, but encounters nothing strange in the days to follow.

  1. [M] unsullied Eunomia, glory of the Puritans
    Salsola holds a trial to determine the fate of their prisoners.
  2. a rope across left field
    Kamari and O'Riley head to New Caledonia to spy on the borders while a Salsolan convoy visits. Much to their shock, they instead encounter Teagan Stryder. Unaware of her new allegiance, the pair discuss the possibility that New Caledonia may have allied themselves with the Cavalieri and betrayed Salsola. O'Riley and Kamari conclude their activity and fall back quickly.
  3. cannibal class, killing the son
    Clementine Salcedo delivers her report on New Caledonia to O'Riley.
  4. [M] Don't swear to God, He never asked you
    O'Riley and Till go hunting together and bring down an unsual looking animal. They split the kill, with O'Riley claiming the buck's head and Till taking the pelt. When Till brings up the possibility of the animal bearing some supernatural presence, O'Riley deflects most of the questions but insists that Till follow whatever religious protocol is required when it comes to handling the body.
  5. [M] a pleasure in the pathless woods
    Symre comes to clean O'Riley's home. She creeps around while O'Riley hides in his room and smokes weed. When she finishes, he shares this with her. Her reaction and attempt to come on to O'Riley lead him to see her out soon after.


Beyond his regular duties, O'Riley often acts as a babysitter for Morrow Larue, the newest ward of the Boss. O'Riley attends his cousin's wedding. Salsola celebrates Saturnalia.

  1. hellmouth
    Elphaba summons O'Riley to help her with Morrow.
  2. the past increases, the future recedes
    With Morrow teething, O'Riley takes him out to search for something to chew on. They find Silas along the way, and the mute joins them. He and O'Riley have a brief conversation about children.
  3. The greatest thing you'll ever learn
    Grievous and Idrieus Eternity finally get married!
  4. [M] go ahead and bark after dark
    The pack comes together for its annual holiday celebration.
  5. [M] the untold
    O'Riley hassles Odalis, but tries to smooth things over by sharing his joints with her. The two get into a debate about Odalis' future.
  6. The fools spin on their tops without knowing why
    Apparently not content with bothering just one person, O'Riley tries to get Krios Revlis to stay longer. They talk about marriage.


Nothing out of the ordinary happens this month.

  1. Climbing higher, through the fire
    Out checking in on the Bay Horses, O'Riley and Kamari instead come across a pair of coyotes.
  2. a hundred arms, a hundred years
    Bogdan Kotovo gets stuck in the mud. Though Twila del Morte finds him, she is unable to get the older man free. Luckily, O'Riley and Igor soon arrive to help. With Twila's guidance, they free Bogdan from the muck.
  3. He who desires, but acts not, breeds pestilence
    Canon D'Angelo joins Salsola.


O'Riley focuses heavily on hunting and loses a gift while in the mountains.

  1. all the magnificence of an accident
    O'Riley follows a deer into Drifter Bay, and comes across a loner. Though reluctant to work alongside the young man at first, their successful hunt encourages O'Riley to take more interest in the stranger.
  2. the jealousy of the malcontents
    A hunting trip proves costly for O'Riley when his golden eagle abandons him.


Spring continues on, and O'Riley stays close to Salsola as his babysitting duties continue. The grotesque murder of Andrew Winthrop is kept under wraps as the Mafiosi and members of the Shield Faction investigate.

  1. the voice of the emptiness below which tempts and lures us
    Looking for Morrow, O'Riley instead finds Odalis.
  2. [M] Alphabet Town
    A panicked Rufus Troy Lykoi calls for help when he discovers the body of Salsola's Proctor. O'Riley comes to his aid and takes charge of the scene.
  3. [M] beliefs contagious; spreading disease
    After removing the body from the beach, O'Riley is joined by Elphaba. As they discuss what to do, she summons the Director and Emissary. The suspicious nature of the event is not lost on the group, who begin an investigation.
  4. Why did I see graphite on the roof?
    Grievous and O'Riley cross paths while at the shore. They touch on the murder, and O'Riley voices his opinion that "coyotes" may be responsible for what occured.


A strange discovery in the waterways in and around Salsola wake worries in the pack, but with no answer to be found, the mystery remains unsolved. Salsola holds a large Last Supper despite the strange goings-on.

  1. a happy ending is only relative
    The discovery of dead fish lures O'Riley and Igor to the river, where they discuss ways to get rid of the mess. Lyra Salcedo, conducting her own investigation, joins them. They decide to use nets to help pull the carcasses out of the water.
  2. animals don't forget
    After losing his prey in the forest, O'Riley instead comes across Coaxoch, whom he ropes into helping him.
  3. finders keepers
    O'Riley and Keenan explore the Halcyon Mountains.
  4. The Kindness of Strangers
    Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi informs O'Riley about his newest acquisition -- Amos Gaines.
  5. hunger for the aristocracy
    The pack gathers together for it's regular group meal.


After a quiet month, O'Riley begins expanding his hunting range. He has one notable encounter. A terrible incident late in the month leads to the exile of Symre Rask from Salsola. O'Riley, perturbed by what is uncovered soon after, sends word to Fort Preble about the event.

  1. [M] we are all secretly attracted to violence
    O'Riley discovers wolf tracks while hunting in the area between the Arisaig Shoal and the Black River Reserve. The man he discovers proves to be an Outsider who trespassed in Salsola. Though friction sparks between the pair, O'Riley and Wrath eventually come to an understanding – and O'Riley offers the loner a chance to prove himself.
  2. [M] i am the end
    A call for help is answered by O'Riley, who soon discovers a terrible crime has been committed.
  3. the wolven storm
    When it is discovered that Symre Rask has killed a child, a hunt for her ensues. O'Riley and Brocade, the victim's father, are unable to catch up with the soon-to-be Pentiti. Much to O'Riley's horror, he discovers a creepy stalker shrine dedicated to himself in Symre's house.


Within Salsola, a pack project eats up portions of O'Riley's time. He finds ways to let off steam elsewhere. The return of his supposed rival for a somber occasion still manages to rub the Erilaz the wrong way. O'Riley further becomes aware of a young woman's intent to become a spy, which he encourages.

  1. the rose of no-man's land
    O'Riley and Indra meet to target shoot, while the less enthusiastic Clementine and Igor accompany them.
  2. the cages and courageous, the followers of chaos
    On one of their regular romps into Amherst, O'Riley and Igor are joined by Krios. The three men proceed to demolish an abandoned building using an assortment of makeshift tools.
  3. steadfast
    Neith Heiwa returns to Salsola-proper to attend his mother's funeral. O'Riley is kind of a dick to him.
  4. as closely-formed as the wood
    O'Riley provides his expert advice when it comes to reinforcing the underground Root Cellar. He is joined by newcomer to the pack, Aani. The young woman expresses her desire to work as a spy, and O'Riley suggests she continue investigating New Caledonia – but not before informing the Emissary.


News about the destruction of Death Mountain comes from an unlikely source. O'Riley accompanies a trade trip to Portland for a large portion of the month.

  1. evil intent in the ground
    During a patrol, O'Riley discovers Salsolan border guard Lace having a disagreement with an Outsider. When she is joined by the pack's Paladin, Idrieus, the woman repeats her outlandish story before – realizing where she is – leaving the area.
  2. swimming above the rising sea
    Returning from Fort Preble sees O'Riley in Amherst, where he encounters a loner.


October brings storms with it, and strange encounters.

  1. you’re the magnet and I’m the metal
    Attempting to escape a storm, O'Riley ducks into the Springhill Cemetery chapel -- and finds Elphaba.
  2. [M] the same decaying organic matter as everything else
    The trail of a violent encounter leads O'Riley to Braxis Blackmarsh.
  3. their blood and self and purpose
    On his way back from a night patrol, a horrible screaming lures O'Riley into the Blackwoods where he finds Idrieus Eternity and her daughter, Azalea. The pair help him try and locate the source of the sound, which O'Riley believes to be a goat. Mysteriously, they are unable to do so...


A discussion at The Last Super sparks a trip to the south. Regular partners O'Riley and Kamari are joined by her husband (and master scout), Krios. They visit several places of note and make several new discoveries along the way – that the leadership of Casa di Cavalieri has changed, and that a group of loners have landed a ship along the coastline. The Shield Faction holds a meeting regarding the matter before a second group of traders is sent south. O'Riley leads them to their destination but does not participate in the trade, intent on keeping his true identity a secret.

  1. hold the line
    Salsola hosts another Last Supper.
  2. on this road you will fade
    O'Riley bothers Odalis.
  3. [M] Real life is not quite as great as fantasy
    Kamari, Krios, and O'Riley spend some time relaxing at the Grotto dei Avernus, the hot springs within The Waste.
  4. fools little gold and suffer a little
    After making camp in Ethereal Eclipse, O'Riley and Krios hunt an elk.
  5. [M]She was lookin' kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb
    Kamari rejoins her partners, concluding their mission. Shennanigans ensue.
  6. camera obscura
    The morning after, O'Riley discovers a loner -- but soon realizes that Finn is hardly alone.
  7. the thrill of it all
    Salsola's elite Shield Faction gathers in the Barracks for a meeting, which O'Riley attends.
  8. one might have all sorts of reasons for avoiding people
    Having broken away from his traveling group, O'Riley explores the Shiloh Hills.


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