Nightingale Huxley

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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Basics
    2.   1.2  Miscellaneous
  2.   2.  Personality
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    2.   2.2  Details
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Nightingale Huxley is a coymutt traveling with her littermate in search of Inferni.

She is the daughter of Priam Nothing and Wander, a middling of their eight children, born at an old ski lodge in New Brunswick. She lived in close quarters with her family for much of her life, and had an uneventful childhood by most standards. Nightingale seemed most dissatisfied by the provincial lifestyle carefully crafted by her parents, and often found herself needing to be dragged back home from associating with strangers and spending time training alone in the woods.

Nearing her second birthday, she happened to catch her youngest brother in the act of squirreling away supplies for what seemed like a long trip. When Gilderoy finally tried to sneak off into the night, she tracked him distantly for several days before being found out. After a brief argument -- in which she refused to return home -- Nightingale began to accompany her brother under the guise that they were to start their own lives elsewhere, unaware of his true destination or intentions.







  • Date of Birth: 1 December 2015
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: —
  • Rank: —
    • Co-Rank: —
  • Pronunciation: nahyt-n-geyl huhks-lee
  • Etymology: an old World thrush, noted for its nocturnal melodies -- night singer
    • surname: "inhospitable place"
  • Origin: Old English, German; English
  • Nickname: Gale
  • cNPC: —
  • Animals:

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Nightingale appears to be a healthy mix of dog and coyote, unable to pass explicitly as one or the other upon closer inspection.
  • Fur: Her pelt is flat though slightly long, curling, and feathery -- a prominent feature of her dog heritage.
    • Optime Hair: Long, thick, wavy. She keeps the bulk of it wrapped or braided into a ponytail that hangs more than halfway down her back.
  • Facial Features: Tapered and coyote-like, her muzzle is marginally longer and her tall, pointed ears crook back like a sighthound's when not at attention.
  • Build and Size: Long-legged and athletic with understated curves. A runner whether on four legs or two.
    • Lupus: 31 in (78 cm) — 70 lbs (31 kg)
    • Secui: 44 in (111 cm) — 150 lbs (68 kg)
    • Optime: 6 ft 3 in (192 cm) — 205 lbs (92 kg)
  • Humanization: Low to Moderate -- Gale wears what she deems necessary and will occasionally hide her bare body in a show of modesty.


  • Speech: Nightingale has a sweet, velvety voice that she unconsciously tries to conceal through employing either very few words or complete silence. She tends to treat conversation like a burden; talking in a clipped manner that can alternate to a sort of weary resignation depending on her company.
  • Scent: She smells primarily of a mixed breed -- dog, coyote, wolf -- and of honey, coals, metal, and fire. Beneath these more pungent aromas, she carries the lesser accents of her brother, moose, and cat.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Gale repetitiously rubs her thumb over her fingertips when deep in thought; occasionally attached to a lock of her hair. Habitually avoids eye contact.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Aloof and standoffish. Will not relax around strangers.

Palette and Reference by Despi

1.2  Miscellaneous

Scars, Tattoos, etc.

Nightingale has received her share of wounds, mostly from practicing with very difficult weapons and mostly nondescript. There are only a few instances where her fur doesn't hide her scars, and even then they're often hidden by her choice of accessories.


Modest and practical, Nightingale does not wear anything flashy and will be clothed almost as often as she isn't. She handcrafts her own wardrobe, and nearly always keeps her hair tied back and her hands wrapped.


  • A long forehead scar along the base of her left ear
    • Hidden in Optime by her forelock


  • An assortment of small scratches and burns across her palms and fingers
  • 8 in. slash above the curve of her left hip



  • Green cloth wraps for her hair, hands, and forearms
  • Ankle-length purple skirt and a pair of tan trousers belted at the waist and ankles; wears topless
  • Black leather half-dresses; stopping mid-thigh
  • A thick, hooded patchwork fur coat; winter-exclusive

2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

  • Blunt, Inquisitive, Kind-hearted, Reserved, and Suspicious

To those unfamiliar with her, Nightingale will likely seem unapproachable. She is a woman of few words, and fewer emotions, naturally defaulting to a shelled demeanor when she starts to feel overwhelmed. Even her fury is quiet; and lashing out is nearly a nonexistent occurrence for her. Overall she makes a distant and begrudging sort, but love and respect becomes clear through her genuine actions.


2.2  Details


  • Likes: All things related to nature, perfection, and fire
  • Dislikes: Inconsiderate or destructive behavior


  • Freedom


  • Emotional dependence
  • Crippling injury
  • Death


  • Prefers not to judge or hold favor, if it can be helped
  • Any bias she displays is purely based on a case-by-case basis


  • Monogamy
  • Peace


  • Will not smoke under any circumstance
  • Generally resistant to anything that can impair her functionality


  • Kinsey 3 -- Equally heterosexual and homosexual
  • Demisexual


  • Very private with her beliefs; does not identify herself as "religious"
  • Generally follows the philosophical opinions of Gaianists -- honor the earth; respect all life -- even going as far as to border on Animism

3.  Assets


  • Large heart and lungs; endurance runner.
  • Extremely flexible, borderline contortionist.
  • Deeply attuned to the earth; an excellent tracker.
  • Musically inclined.


  • Skills fostered by a master-combatant father; honed her own abilities through intensive daily regimens.
  • Talented swordsman. Becoming proficient with the meteor hammer.
  • Learning to apply fire to her weapons skills.


4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

4.2  Connections