Niernan Stormbringer

Niernan is the son of Brandr Stormbringer and Aracelle Akara, born in the Solbjorg Valley, outside of 'Souls. He is currently the in the Solbjorg Valley with his mate Colibri Haki. He is the father of two sons: Lochlan Stormbringer, Russano Stormbringer; and three daughters: Teagan Stormbringer, Ninian Stormbringer, Fionna vin Haki.

Niernan Stormbringer

by Miyu



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Date of Birth

24 June 2010




Birth place

Solbjorg Valley




50% Arctic wolf
25% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Mackenzie Valley Wolf




Mate Colibri Haki
Pack Vinátta
Rank Vald Ríkr


Mates Grace D'Angelo
Pack Vinátta
Rank Hollr, Vald

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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Coloration
    2.   1.2  Forms
    3.   1.3  Other
  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Demeanor
    2.   2.2  Ideals
  3.   3.  Interaction
    1.   3.1  General
    2.   3.2  Assumptions
  4.   4.  Relationships
    1.   4.1  Key Relations
    2.   4.2  Family: Stormbringer & Dawnrunner
    3.   4.3  Minor Relations
    4.   4.4  Former Relations
    5.   4.5  Residence
    6.   4.6  NPCs
    7.   4.7  Abilities
    8.   4.8  Inventory
  5.   5.  Achievements
  6.   6.  History
    1.   6.1  Timeline
    2.   6.2  Threads

1.  Appearance

Nier is wiry rather than well muscled, his build having come from intensive scouting and hunting. His muscle is more evident in his thighs, calves and shoulders, although it tends to be hidden underneath thick fur, especially in Lupus and Secui form. He gets his thick arctic fur from his mothers side of the family, his arctic heritage also meaning that he will never be a giant, staying average in height at 6'10", and one inch shorter than his brother.

This thicker fur often gives him a 'poofy' look. It is straight and very thick, being longer at his neck and shoulders, tail, groin, thighs and calves. This fur has thinned on his shoulders due to the crisscrossing scars that run from back to front there, leaving skin visible.

He usually carries himself with an air of openness; he is friendly to most and this shows through in his body language. There is often a smile on his face and a laugh waiting to to erupt.

1.1  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: Mine Shaft (#252525)
  • Eyes: Deep Cerulean (#0086AC).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Mine Shaft (#252525).
    • Lighter Cape Paliser (#956C43) and Metallic Bronze (#55381F) on his muzzle, ears, arms, legs and tail.

1.2  Forms




100 lbs (47 kg)
34 in (86cm)

170 lbs (77 kg)
38 in (96cm)

240 lbs (108 kg)
6ft 10in (185cm)

Built more like a Beta wolf; a little bigger than average. Thick arctic fur hides true body form.

Large and muscular, thick fur becomes coarse and harsh to the touch, mane becomes spiky.

Tall and wiry rather than heavily muscled, with body form hidden beneath thick arctic fur in winter. Fur is still thick in summer, but thin enough for body form to be seen. Hair is cropped short but unstyled. Usually seen wearing ripped shorts. Always has Frithr and Otter pendants on.

1.3  Other


  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • Palm of right hand, gained during knife fighting training when his hand slipped.
    • Small cut scar in place of left eyebrow.
    • Criss-crossing claw scars over his shoulders, running from back to front.
    • Small tooth nick in left ear.


His two necklaces are worn at all times and in all forms, while the bracelet is only worn in Optime.

  • Frithr Necklace
  • Carved Otter pendant
  • Black and tan woven leather bracelet


  • Always wears ripped shorts in Optime form
    • Usually grey, sand, or khaki in colour, and usually with extra pockets all over the place.


  • Soft leather bag with a single shoulder strap and a fold over flap.
  • A pair of Skains gifted to him by his Uncle Emeris
  • Leather bound journal of parchment paper, usually carried with a few sticks of charcoal.

2.  Personality

Formerly known as a practical joker he has developed into a responsible and respectable pack wolf, though he still has a playful streak a mile wide. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

2.1  Demeanor

  • Easy-going, a fairly laidback male, willing to let minor things slide
  • Kind and polite, friendly to most.
  • Fiercely protective of family, friends and animals.
  • Incredibly loyal to pack and family.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Animals, cats, scouting, drawing, joking around, Norse religion, riding horses.
  • Dislikes: Slimy things, cat haters, conflict.


Friendly, outgoing, protective, loyal, compassionate.

  • Outlook: Realistic with a positive streak.
  • Expression: Extroverted with family and close friends, very private around others. Mostly dominant, submits to those he deems worthy.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Losing his family - to death or them leaving.
    • Specifically Bran and his kids.
    • Also encompasses his cat, Ciaran.
    • And his mate Colibri Haki.
  • Harm coming to his family or any Vináttans.
  • Slugs, snails, eels... Any slimy critter.


  • Family - Protection of, and expansion of.
  • Pack - Protection of, and expansion of.


  • Packs: Suspicious of Sangi'lak wolves due to tensions between the packs.
  • Species: Doesn't like nor dislike any species more than another. Finds dogs, specifically mixbreed dogs fascinating.
  • Non-Luperci: Has never come across a non-Luperci, would most likely assume them to be a Luperci that prefers its Lupus form.
  • Animals: Loves and cares for all animals, tends to harbor a seed of dislike for those that do not understand or like companion animals. Cannot understand how others can live without a companion animal.
  • Age: He believes that the young; pups younger than a year, are entirely innocent and they cannot be malicious. Anything that goes wrong is an accident and will be cleaned up by the adults.


  • Niernan is heterosexual and monogamous.
  • He is generally shy when it comes to flirting, and tends to be sweet rather than lascivious.
  • He may playfully flirt with females and a few males, entirely in jest and only when he is comfortable around them, but he remains faithful if he has a mate.
  • He has a relatively low sex drive for a male and is content enough to go without, working off any frustration through other pursuits.
  • He does not sleep around and will not actively seek someone to sleep with.
  • Doesn't have a particular type, but may be developing a fondness for smaller females that he feels need protecting.


  • Drinks alcohol occasionally, most often on special occasions.
  • Fears alcoholism, specifically in concern for his brother.
  • Has a minor distaste of other intoxicating substances but has no further thoughts on them.


  • Niernan follows Vinátta's Norse paganism.
  • Loki is the Stormbringer deity.
  • Niernan has a fondness for Freyr.

3.  Interaction

3.1  General

  • Speech: Despite never having lived in Ireland, Niernan has an Irish accent. It is softer than his brothers but gets heavier the more intoxicated he is, whether this be drunk or emotionally intoxicated. He sound like Aidan Turner
  • Scent:
    • Vinátta pack scent - salt, pine needles and wood shavings.
    • Personal scent - loam and moss, cat, hay and horse.
    • Stormbringer scent.
    • Faint mate scent of Colibri Haki (Floral)

3.2  Assumptions

  • Niernan may be seen around Vinátta either scouting, hunting, walking with his cats and quolls, or riding his horse Nanna
  • He may be seen in the communal garden, or in Fundy National Park, sketching plants and flowers.
  • He may be seen with either of his children; Lochlan Stormbringer and Teagan Stormbringer.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

  • Colibri Haki: Niernan's mate. Upon first meeting Colibri Nier developed a brief and fleeting crush on her as she was the first non-related female he had ever properly met. Over time, through the founding of Vinátta Niernan and Colibri became friends. He relished her kindness and quietness as a change from the big, brash wolves he was used to being around, he willingly shared secrets with her, she was one of the first he told when he was falling in love with Grace D'Angelo. After Grace's unexpected departure Coli comforted Nier, ending up staying the night and sparking off a mutual attraction that was buried in favour of staying friends. Though these romantic feelings could not be hidden forever; Coli confesses her feelings to Niernan and he admits he feels the same. They become mates.
  • Bran Stormbringer: Others have described Niernan's relationship with his brother as co-dependent, but he just sees it as brotherhood. Bran and Niernan were the best of friends growing up, they shared everything with each other and had no secrets. Niernan is one of the only wolves that knows of Bran's synaesthesia. Their only difference in opinion is that on cats. Bran hates them but most of all, Ciaran, Niernan's companion.
  • Saul Stormbringer: His cousin and good friend, Niernan sees Saul as more of a brother than a cousin. Saul and his infant son Temeraire, were the first wolves Niernan and Bran met upon reaching Souls. Nier and Saul became firm friends pretty quickly, finding that they had many similar interests and compatible traits. Niernan greatly respects Saul and is more than willing to follow his lead.
  • Lochlan Stormbringer: Niernan's first born child. Niernan adores his children and is immensely proud of them. Though usually pleased with Lochlan's liberal attitude, he can become frustrated with it due to Loch's views on the wolves of Sangi'lak.
  • Teagan Stormbringer: Niernan's second born child. She is his 'little girl' despite the fact that she is as boyish as a girl can get. He is proud of Teagan's accomplishments to date, pleased that she is getting out in the pack and making friends, and even more pleased that she is thinking of following him into his rank tier.
  • Shiloh Dawnbringer: His cousin and close friend. After initially being nervous about meeting Shiloh again, due to his disreputable actions in the Solbjorg, he finds that Shiloh is forgiving and playful. The two develop a strong friendship and discover a similar interest in their cat companions. Niernan helps Shiloh with her mute tortoiseshell queen, Muddy.

4.2  Family: Stormbringer & Dawnrunner

4.3  Minor Relations

4.4  Former Relations

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4.5  Residence

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4.6  NPCs


  • Species: Horse
  • DOB: 2006
  • Gender: Mare
  • Personality: Nanna was received from Freetown alongside Baldr and is trained as a general riding horse. Shire heritage. Stabled next to Darcy, whom she disciplines and teaches horse manners. Learn more?


  • Species: Horse
  • DOB: 2012
  • Gender: Colt
  • Personality: The offspring of Saul's horse Hermes and a CDC mare named Gypsy, Darcy was born in CDC and given as a gift to VN in thanks for Hermes' stud service. Saul then gifted him to Niernan, who lavishes attention on the colt. Darcy is also a big softy, not a bit of fire in him, though he has grown more wild in recent months. Learn more?


  • Species: Cat (Maine Coon hybrid)
  • DOB: 2011
  • Gender: Tom
  • Personality: Adopted from the wild. Is most comfortable when he is with Niernan, and can often be seen draped around Nier's neck like a furry scarf. He is fluent in High Speech and talks with a slight Irish lilt that he picked up off of Niernan. Learn more?

Anberlynn-Marlene-Leonardo (Leo)

  • Species: Cat (Moggy)
  • DOB: 2012
  • Gender: Tom
  • Personality: Traded by Levent Kartal of Cercatori d'Arte, in exchange for Grace D'Angelo's unfriendly and untrained mare, Mai. Anberlynn-Marlene-Leonardo, or simply Leo, is as well-behaved as a young kitten could be expected. He has bonded with Ciaran, and passed into Niernan's care when Grace left the pack. Learn more?


  • Species: Tiger quoll
  • DOB: 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Grace D'Angelo received both Cabbage and Pumpkin when they were just kits from Baird Byrne, an Australian dingo. The exotic animals are nocturnal marsupials that reside in Niernan Stormbringer's house, after Grace left them behind. Since they are so young, personality and appearance are still developing. Learn more?


  • Species: Tiger quoll
  • DOB: 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Grace D'Angelo received both Cabbage and Pumpkin when they were just kits from Baird Byrne, an Australian dingo. The exotic animals are nocturnal marsupials that reside in Niernan Stormbringer's house, after Grace left them behind. Since they are so young, personality and appearance are still developing. Learn more?

4.7  Abilities


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4.8  Inventory


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Category of Things

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5.  Achievements

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6.  History

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6.1  Timeline


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6.2  Threads


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