Nicholai Cecil

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by Jacob

Nicholai Cecil first joined Anathema as a Zepar before it disbanded, but he didn't stick around long enough to make an impact on the group or move further up in its ranks. He didn't like what he saw in the pack's leadership, and ended up leaving Nova Scotia to explore the rest of Canada, running into many loners and groups along the way. Some kind, some unkind. His heart further chilled and guarded, Nicholai returned without fully intending to, and currently takes up residence in Mistfell Vale as a Crowstooth on a whim. With most of his youth and brashness behind him (although he is still prone to his 'outbursts'), he stands a better chance at settling down, and continuing to mature.






  • Date of Birth: 09 Nov 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: None
  • Species: Wolfdog*
    • 90% Wolf Hybrid
    • 10% Dog

*Simplified percentages. Usually characters will identify Nicholai as a full-blooded wolf, and may not be able to tell he is a wolfdog, although they will know he is a hybrid of some sort by smell.

  • Family: Cecil
  • Birthplace: Somewhere in Canada?
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: Victorious; conquerer of the people (Slavic)
    • Last Name: Blind (English)
  • Nicknames: Nic
  • Epithet: The Devil
  • cNPC: N/A
  • yNPC: N/A
  • Minor NPCs:
    • N/A

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • Pack members may reference seeing Nic doing the following:
    • Broodin' and generally being a grump

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


He's someone with a decent chance to catch an interest. It won't be his size though, he is painfully average for a nearly full-blooded wolf, if not a little short since his heritage carries with it a long line of larger subspecies. He stands only about 6'0" in Optime, but weighs heavy for his height; a more muscular build is to thank for that. His almost abnormally thick, wavy and smooth fur coat is a stark black, with some dark grays dappled in at key points, such as the tufts of his ears and muzzle. These grays do not stand out as uniform stripes, but rather blend into the black, slowly overtaken by it. They are most visible when caught by bright light. The eyes of this wolf are a striking icy blue, and they may be his most ensnaring feature. As it is said they are the 'windows to the soul', but it could be no truer than for this man here. These eyes reflect a fraction of the deep disturbance that he feels, and perhaps many a stranger will get a 'bad feeling' upon falling under his gaze—even if the rest of his body looks clean and healthy, staring at his eyes too long might very well give the impression that he is a ragged, suspicious thief (or worse). That is—if he doesn't win you over with his 'charms'.

When he returned, he came back having gained a few scars. The most prominent one being just across the right side of his back. It ends right before reaching around to his torso, barely visible from a front view. There is another noticeable one on the side of his left arm, just before his wrist. Any others are simply small nicks.

In regards to shifting, Nicholai is experienced and shifts frequently. He likes to push the limitations of what he can do with it. Because of this, he can control his Secui form fairly well, and the size listed to the side is the one he uses for hunting and (if possible) feral combat. Depending on the circumstances, his Secui form may become smaller or leaner. He does not have enough control to grow opposable thumbs in Secui form as of the moment. Sometimes his mane can grow into hair, though it never fully grows out into the typical wavy bang that covers his eye in Optime.


Steel Gray (#181822)
Tuna (#2E2E35)
Shark (#191922)
Nepal (#8FBAC6)
Steel Blue (#418CA8)
Biscay (#1A3674)


  • Fur: Primarily steel gray and shark.
    • Markings: Small blotches of tuna blended in.
  • Eyes: Nepal, steel blue, biscay (multi-layered / changes depending on the light)
  • Optime Hair: Shark.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black

By Jacob

84 lbs (38 kg)
30 in (72 cm)

150 lbs (68 kg)
43 in (109 cm)

230 lbs (104 kg)
6 ft 0 in (72 in / 182 cm)


  • Speech: Speaking voice (Bates, from Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within), Singing voice (Explicit Lyrics)
  • Scent: Smoke, sea salt
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Keeps his hands in his pockets a lot. Smiles at inappropriate times.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Intimidating and matured. Judgmental. Looks and sounds condescending, even when he genuinely is trying to give advice.

1.2  Images

2.  Personality

Born with an unnatural apathy for others, this wolf can possess a facade of complexity—despite his simple predatory core. He acts on the whim of what he wants. To those that function in an empathetic or more reactionary manner, this will make his actions & words appear odd and dysfunctional, even nonsensical. Nicholai's way of life is like that of a slow timed, ever-recharging bomb. In most situations, he will push down any undesirable feelings until they bottle up beyond containment and detonate. Then, the process will start over again. And in much deeper depths, in the face of his less than desirable childhood, many more bizarre thought processes worm their way into his psyche...

Nicholai is convinced he is an unaware reincarnation, or at the very least, an offspring, of Lucifer himself. It is a fact he struggles with and resents (after all, his parents were the ones to 'force it on him' so to speak). Because of this, his worldview will always be pessimistic in a paranormal manner. His belief is that no matter what type of path of life he tries to walk, the one of a bad man or a good one, his inherent nature and the dark soul inside of him will steer those he grows fond of to death and suffering, and it will likely be by his own hands. He is not aware that it is his own catastrophic cycle of thoughts that makes this a self-fulfilling prophecy. There are days where he believes in this too strongly, and will go to any lengths—subconsciously or not—to make sure it stays real.

His self-esteem can change rapidly in light of this. He never sees himself as a mere Luperci; however, whether this means he is above this species or below it...well, that depends on the day. As fundamentally broke in the mind as Nicholai is, he is, like so many of this kind, very good at hiding it when he wants to. Over the years of his life and the examination (even stalking) of other Luperci, he has learned time and time again that most of his behaviors are not what others would consider 'well'. His outward personality can be a readily charming man, if the scenario calls for it. He can be generous if it's to his own benefit. When entering this facade, for him, it is a bit like flicking on a switch. It can be activated at any moment, even mid-conversation rather than the start of one. Nicholai may get by on the sheer confusion he causes by being an apathetic and dull man in one second, and a grinning, silver-tongued one the next.

Nicholai can be a dangerous enemy to have for those not used to dealing with his type, but he is maybe even more dangerous to keep near to you. If attracted to someone enough to form a strong bond with them, he is protective and loyal, yes—but to an obsessive degree, and possessive and controlling beyond compare. This fact may be hidden from his 'loved' ones for a while, thanks to his repression of negativity, and his patience. There is a sliver of hope for change in him, as he is capable of feeling guilt and regret for his actions, but it would have to be through someone who can speak his albeit flawed emotional language, and undo all the teachings that his past has wrought.

2018 Onward

After his short time in Anathema and traveling throughout the North, Nicholai became more and more fed up with the weakness of well as himself. He drew ever more inward, and only returned to the Nova Scotia area out of pure chance. His time away maturing seems to have mellowed him slightly, and he is no longer quite as aggressive and violent, though he still has all the tendencies and thoughts to be 'unwell'. Maybe that has to do with the scars he's acquired, though. He's tired of fighting, but not tired enough to change his ways drastically, for the time being.

2.1  Traits



  • To have security and support (repressed, unrealized): It may never be admitted in the confines of his mind, let alone out loud, but it appears that all Nicholai has wanted since the beginning is the most cliché, yet necessary, of them all. Deep down, he wants to be loved and told he is worth something more than the raw deal destiny has dealt him. Even the Devil was once God's best friend.
  • To be well-respected and maintain a good social image: Frequently this boils down to having two things: Power, & wealth. This is a man that cannot stand being known as weak by anyone, and will do absolutely anything to obtain his goals and improve his lifestyle. Blind ambition runs through him, and at times he may chase down a particular prospect or demand improvement without even knowing the reason why. It could simply his survival instincts in overdrive, if you're cynical (like him)—or a deeper undercurrent of wanting to be loyal and reliable to those who prove themselves to him.
  • To keep his past and insanity hidden: His past may only be revealed through himself since he killed all that would know it, but when he feels he cannot trust his own mind, the paranoia of being 'found out' increases doubly so. He wants to be seen as 'normal' to align with all of his other motivations. It'd be hard to maintain power and wealth if your reputation was ruined like that.


  • Abandonment (repressed), betrayal, becoming powerless, being 'found out' for what he 'truly is'


  • Likes: Heights, good sleep, attention, formal events, ghost stories, snow, night, the moon
  • Dislikes: Summer, the beach (in the daytime), sunny days, failure (in himself or others)


  • Packs: Anathema probably deserved to disband, for some reason. :| But, some of its members are still cool.
  • Species: Nic used to only tolerate coyotes, and think of them as nothing but poor-smelling thieves. However, his belief in this is changing thanks to his meeting with Dahlia de le Poer, in which she proved herself to him with wits alone. He is still somewhat on guard around them, less so than before.
  • Non-Luperci: Non-Luperci are a strange oddity. He feels a strong urge to correct them, but sees it as one of his temptations as the Devil. And if the case is that the Devil would want them destroyed, does this not make non-Luperci purer beings...?
  • Gender: There is a noticeable undercurrent of misogyny in his behavior at times, but it is unsure where the origin is from. Luckily, this is a bias that confuses him as much as it might others, so it is rare for him to act out on it. He does not seek to undermine women but the fact remains that he always seems to have less patience with them, and he occasionally goes out of his way to avoid interaction with them. This bias is moderately rooted. It may fade, but not without challenge from other characters.
  • Sexuality: Absolutely none to speak of. As long as it doesn't affect him, anything goes.
  • Age: Contrary to his history, or perhaps because of it, Nicholai is much easier on pups than he is adults. They can do no wrong in his eyes.


Like many things in life, Nicholai views sex with a careful indifference when it is at a distance. It may be the only area where he finds himself easily swayed to come closer, however, not because of a high libido, but rather he believes sex to be a considerably safe form of entertainment. While some may consider him promiscuous or 'easy' because of his tendency to vanish the night after such endeavors, oftentimes as an introvert he does not initiate flirtations, merely responds to them. Because of this relationship with sex and viewing it as only entertainment, not pleasure like most, Nic can be considered firmly bisexual with no preference. If you flirt with him and he finds your looks acceptable enough, he will give you the go ahead. Love is a completely different issue, he does not believe he is capable of it in a healthy sense of the word, and fears it because it comes with a lack of control. But because of his theoretical highly possessive nature, in love he is extremely monogamous, to the point where harmless flirting with another is seen as a great offense.


(As mentioned in his Personality section.) Nicholai's beliefs are shaken frequently, but throughout his life one thing is certain: He was meant to be evil. His most common belief is that he is Lucifer, or the very least, an offspring of him. He believes that is all he has to know, and it is not his place to be able to say for sure whether or not Heaven or Hell truly exist (though he may act as if they are at times). He also does not closely examine the Bible like his parents did. After all, certainly the Devil has no use for the word of God. Nicholai, as he thinks of it, is here on this Earth solely to cause pain and destruction, whether he wants to or not...


Has a craving for cigarettes, though never truly had a chance to get addicted in his life (yet) as he was always on the move. He will gladly take a smoke and a drink. He's a heavyweight and typically does not let himself indulge to the point of getting embarrassingly drunk. He avoids any other substances, especially ones that might cause hallucination, since that would likely spell disaster for someone like him. He is afraid of the lack of control heavier drugs bring.

2.2  Skills

Progression: Neophyte ↠ Known ↠ Accomplished ↠ Grandmaster

War & Survival

  • Education and Learning: Nicholai was forced to learn most survival skills at an age earlier than most, and that has come in handy. As for fighting, it's the only thing Nicholai appears to have been 'born with'. He has successfully killed and wounded a number of Luperci in his years, whether for necessities or simply out of explosive anger, and he came out of it all with only minimal scarring (until now). This is half because he picks his battles carefully, sneaks up on his opponents, or uses other dirty tricks (he isn't above slinging dirt into an opponent's eye) to avoid harm. But the trickery is not there to undermine the raw talent he does have—simple blood lust goes a long way—it's simply to enhance them.
  • Combat: Feral, Knives, Daggers, Martial (Accomplished, near Mastering): With a lack of access to heavier, more sophisticated weaponry, Nicholai made do with what he had. Sometimes, he prefers to get messy, in which case he will use the claws and fangs at his disposal in any form. If he senses danger, he may switch and will tend to be more flighty in combat, using knives instead and waiting for an opening. He has practiced throwing daggers (mostly out of boredom) and is likely to hit a bigger target, but granted, he has never practiced on a moving one.
  • Natural Talent: He can pick up new skills, particularly those related to his survival and to combat, quicker than the average Luperci. Formerly a blessed child (fallen from grace into Hell), Nicholai still carries around that expectancy, and his adaptable personality mixes to make for a quick-witted individual. He puts more effort into learning subjects and grasps new concepts with ease, even with only one demonstration—but that isn't to say it'll work on every subject. In fact, he has a tendency to learn skills he's not interested in slower than anyone else.
  • Tracking (Known): A favorite past-time of his. Nicholai finds happiness in observing others, both prey and Luperci alike (and sometimes the two are indistinguishable from one another), and thus has honed the skill to track their movements and scent. An equally experienced Luperci could throw him off of a trail, however, if they are diligent enough.
  • Stealth (Freshly Known): He has not necessarily 'practiced' this skill so much as formed it as a necessity, to compliment his tracking and hunting skills. He knows how to move quietly and quickly. Usually, he moves like this subconsciously. His black coat blends in with the night, and he has a habit of mentally mapping entry (and exit) routes to any given home or mildly enclosed space.
  • Manipulation (Known): Nicholai is quite good at lying to others, and tempting them. This is 'helped' by the fact that he may frequently start to believe a lie he tells if it is not elaborate, giving him an air of true sincerity. He is trained to read other's personalities to know what they will accept and what they won't, and to push those limits. For the less lucky individuals, he may form abusive relations with them, using them for his own benefit and treating them like dirt when he believes they'll roll over and take it.
  • Stamina, Energy (Grandmaster): Described sometimes as unrelenting, all of Nicholai's stubbornness, arrogance, and ego do combine to one useful trait: the inability to let himself rest. Because he believes so strongly that he is unstoppable, he acts like it, and pushes himself to his limits. This can become a sharp double-edged sword, but it also means it is extremely difficult to outlast him in a war of attrition unless you have an established advantage that can outdo him.
  • Trapping (Freshly Known): He knows how to create basic snare traps and bait them.
  • Hunting: Feral (Accomplished): Because of his abandonment at an early age, honing this skill was Nic's only hope of survival for the first couple of years of his life. It consumed his entire thought process in those months, and because of that, to this day he has a good idea of how to capture prey and where they might roam.


  • Education and Learning: He learned reading and writing from his family before they abandoned him, and continued to learn it on his own. Animal Care is primarily from observing others, but he was taught how to ride a horse by a friendly group of traders in exchange for a few pelts (though they kept a watchful eye on him, to make sure he didn't steal the gentle mare he learned to ride on!).
  • Reading & Writing (English: Accomplished): This skill hasn't left him, though it has waned somewhat due to lack of reading or writing in recent months.
  • Animal Care (Neophyte): This is Nicholai's weakest skill, as he saw no need for animals (as more than prey) during his near-lifetime as a loner. However, because of his interactions with others—either trading or observing—Nic has a decent idea of how to approach animals (he thinks), as well as how to ride a horse. Anything beyond that will require teaching from others.

Progression: Imperfection ↠ Limitation ↠ Impairment ↠ Downfall


  • Combat: Mounted Combat, Heavy Weaponry, Archery (Impairment): These are types of weaponry and combat styles he has never had to deal with before, and thus would have no knowledge of how to counter them.
  • Horses (Imperfection): Whatever the reason, he simply doesn't do well with horses beyond the simple task of riding one. Horses that already have a streak of bad behavior seem to behave even worse around him.
  • Unstable, Unpredictable (Impairment): Unsure of what he wants from his life, only that he's determined to get it, Nicholai's motivations and desires can change on a dime. He attempts to regulate them, but there's no stopping a feeling. This particularly stops his manipulation from being as effective as it could be. He may decide to drop an act if it isn't benefiting him enough at the current moment, giving him a 'hot and cold' type of public facade. His emotions are actually in control of him a good amount of time.
  • Illness (Imperfection): He is proven to be susceptible to many small illnesses over the years, so if someone around him comes down with something, chances are it will attach itself to him, too. However, to balance this, he has become aware and takes certain precautions, taking on a stance of more cleanliness than the average wolf. This keeps a good portion of illnesses at bay. He has little knowledge of the intricacies of sickness, but he does know that illnesses spread, and that a bath makes one feel clean.
  • Delusional (Impairment): Once he gets an idea in his mind, there's no stopping him from accepting it as fact (thanks to his stubborn nature). This can be troublesome when his paranoia leaves him to believe his allies are secretly against him, and it can easily lead to a hurt you before you hurt me situation. Though it will come off as unsolicited backstabbing to everyone around him, in his mind it will be completely justified. He also has a history of mild auditory and visionary hallucinations, but he ignores them as to not become (more) insane.
  • Stubbornness (Limitation): It's his way or the highway. Nic might pretend to accept advice for show, but will almost never follow it. This can be a flaw when it keeps him from learning from other's mistakes, thus causing him to make the same ones again.
  • Arrogance (Downfall): Nicholai is intelligent. But even the best minds, or perhaps especially the best minds, can be easily led astray by the ego. He often finds himself in troubling situations because of his self-assurance that he can overcome absolutely anything. He's only narrowly avoided a gruesome end a number of times, whether he acknowledges it or not. Because of his unwillingness to give up, if particularly emotionally-charged in a battle he may continue on even after being severely wounded, or reject medical treatment out of pride. This is the double-edge to his endless energy.

3.  Connections

3.1  Family: Cecil

  • Mother: Renee Landson
  • Father: Ethan Cecil
  • Siblings: Unnamed x4

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

Positive Relations

  • Upon finding her trying and failing to make her first successful trap, Nicholai stepped in to teach Venus Naefir the basics of the skill. He became mildly attached to the yearling (at the time) and subconsciously feels a duty to support her in her endeavors. He had a chance re-encounter with her as a loner, in which she convinced him to join Mistfell Vale.

Negative Relations

Notable Associations

4.  Property

4.1  Residence

Right before the heart of the city ends and wilderness begins, a one-story brick house remains. This is where Nicholai has made his home. There's a porch out front that has collapsed in on one side: some of the debris is now moved out of the way and into the grass nearby, to allow easier access to the entrance. Inside there is one large room, with two smaller rooms attached. The first room is the only one in use at the moment. It's completely dark, of course, and cobwebs line every corner. There is a collection of furs in the middle for a makeshift bed, and fragments of glass are scatted near the broken windows. More intricate spiderwebs are built where the glass used to be. Nicholai seems to have taken a bit of a liking to the arachnids, so they likely aren't to be cleaned away anytime soon...

Residence Inventory



  • Backpack, for use when needing to travel
  • Knife — it holds no intricate design, but it's in surprisingly good condition, save for a bit of rust near the handle
  • Pelts, varying in quality (from stunning to scraps)
  • Various herbs (kept in jars)

4.2  Trade

Offered Goods

  • Herbs, pelts
  • Services such as fetching animals, odd jobs, etc., even assassinations if the pay is good enough
  • Mentorship for any skill he is well-versed in

Requested Goods

  • Clothing
    • Especially well-tailored
  • Any items that symbolizes good wealth, such as expensive jewelry
  • Tobacco, cigarettes
  • Also may have an interest in haunted items or spiritual services, if only out of curiosity

5.  History

Born into a religious family (of the Bible) as a 'miracle only child', as a young pup Nicholai was doted on heavily by both mother and father. They passed onto him the teachings of God whenever they could, however the more he grew, the more they noticed oddities in their beloved son. When socializing with other pups Nicholai would always play too rough - here he would injure his would-be family to the point of bleeding and chase them off. He was overly fascinated with death, more than the natural predatory instincts required. And his paranoid mother felt a dark energy within this boy, growing each passing night. Verbal scoldings only seemed to worsen such incidents. Afraid for their child's soul, they took to beating him into shape. Lucifer would show him no more mercy in Hell if he continued living such a life.

When even that failed, and Nicholai became more disobedient and his situation more concerning with each growing day, they did the only thing they thought they could—chased him out far away to fend for himself, hoping that he would starve with how young and inexperienced he was and this 'curse' would be over. They did not plan for the wolf-heavy hybrid to survive by the skin of his teeth, and they certainly did not expect for him to come back as fully grown Luperci years later...unfortunately not for God's forgiveness like they hoped, but for vengeance. That night, Nicholai successfully overpowered and murdered his parents and the newborn pups that they'd birthed to take his place. His father proved the most difficult, but once he was bested his mother was but an emotional mess...not much of a challenge. Then he ate them parts of them all—a mixture of delusion and starvation after the grueling adrenaline-filled journey tracking back home. He saw it as a rite of passage for what he would now become.

Nicholai searches the earth not truly knowing his purpose after the death of his family, but his fragmented brain desperately gives him twisted reason and an instinct to keep living. Because of the gruesome nature of such a history, he is determined to never let anyone know what transpired that night. The sole reason why he killed the children was so that they would not grow to tell the tale.

5.1  'Souls History

He briefly joined Anathema but shortly after disappeared one night; likely not satisfied with the leadership at the time. When he came back in September 2018, he shortly thereafter met a young girl who convinced him, against his better judgment, to give pack life another shot. As such, he joined Mistfell Vale at her request.

5.2  Post Log & Archives

July-August 2017

Pretty much nothing happened because Jacob fell off the face of the earth for a while. :(


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    With Lelouch Amarok. Nicholai joins Anathema briefly.

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