Myrtle Greenwood

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Myrtle Greenwood is a Margrave of Cour des Miracles skilled in aviculture.





  • Date of Birth: 12 August 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • NPC: Anita (snowy owl)
  • Birthplace: Sarasri, Midwestern USA
  • Species: Dog
  • Breeds: Collie, Alaskan Malamute, et al.

1.  Appearance

Myrtle looks like a blue merle collie mix. Her primary fur color is a caramel brown mixed with gray, while her nose, chest, stomach, and ruff are as white as the snow. Her coat is long around her face, legs, and shoulders, and she also has a thick undercoat. Her eyes are an icy blue, and she has a small streak of black beneath each of them which emphasizes their color.

2.  Personality

Absent-minded, protective, creative, and soft-spoken. Myrtle is always moving around at a quick pace, talking with packmates, cleaning cages, or poking her head in to check on a sick or injured bird. She is bird-like herself in the way that she will flutter around a room and give each cage individual attention. She has a protective side when it comes to the animals, and in her eyes, the animals of the pack are as much kin to her as the canines.

3.  Skills

  • Aviculture (Master): Myrtle is skilled at caring for birds and raptors, healing injured or sick birds, and training them to hunt. She was raised around birds her entire life and has a way with them that few others do. She is always studying their behavior and nonverbal communicators.
  • Hunting: (Journeyman): Myrtle is a decent hunter in a group and can hunt small prey using her birds.

4.  History

Myrtle came from a very accepting pack of canines from the Midwestern USA. The pack, called Sarasri, was centered around the idea of training animals to help humans while also living in harmony with them. The animals were treated as a part of the pack, and the dogs who lived there treated them like brother and sister. No "pack" animals were ever eaten, as each had value, and when an animal became too old to work the pack would take care of it until its natural death.

At the beginning of the long, cold winter of 2013, A few canines from a nearby pack who did not believe in the same pack ideals joined Sarasri, and infiltrated the ranks. The two realized how many creatures that the pack had living with them and helping them and saw opportunity. They went back to the opposing pack and gathered forces, then attacked Sarasri and slaughtered all of the animals. The dogs and hybrids of the pack tried to fight back, but were greatly outnumbered and the animals were no match against the attackers. With the pack broken up and a majority of her family and friends slaughtered, young Myrtle headed east to make a new life for herself with her companion, a snowy owl from her home pack that she calls Anita. In winter of 2014 she found Cour des Miracles and was accepted into their ranks, choosing to specialize at working with the birds there.

4.1  Threads

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