Miir'ra was related to Beorc and Zera'im. She was daughter to one of their numerous inbred sisters, making her their niece. She is a former member of Sonnerie and the mother of Liuva Tarasova.


  • Miir'ra was born in 2009 in the ruins of the suburbs of New York state to a family of seemingly purebred collies. From a young age she was taught all human knowledge that her mystic family had gathered. She learned about the various human religions, practices, medicines and cultures.
  • Miir'ra often blew off her studies and soon left the suburbs far behind to join a gypsy clan. She learned many things on her travels that supported her beliefs in witchcraft and other magicks.
  • She knows of her family's incest, and adopts the belief that she should be abstinent. She rejects many advances from many males, some of whom try to force themselves on her, but with her wits and luck she remains pure into her third year.
  • In the autumn of 2012 Miir'ra joins the Sonnerie gypsy pack in Ontario, where she meets Domovoi Tarasova. He is young and kind, and for the first time, she develops romantic feelings for a male. He told her he believed in "free love", so she does not ask for commitment, but cannot keep herself from falling for him anyway.
  • Miir'ra and Dom lose their virginity together, and share a short-lived romance through the winter. She was uncertain if he reciprocated her strong feelings, so she did not protest when he took on additional casual partners. In time, she felt, the young man would mature past his idea of polyamory and realize she was his one true love. She would wait for him until then.
  • In January '13, Miir'ra discovered she was with child. She yearned to tell Dom the joyous news, but sudden family drama changed the gentle young man into an angry and bitter husk, and Miir'ra gave him space to recover from his physical and mental wounds. In time, he would heal. She did not want to burden him with any more stress.
  • In March, Dom abruptly leaves Sonnerie. Heavily pregnant, Miir'ra had avoided him for fear of upsetting him with her condition; now she did not get a chance to say goodbye, and her heart finally breaks for him.
  • In seclusion, she goes into labor, and something goes dreadfully wrong. When her single daughter emerges into the world, Miir'ra continues to bleed, and is too weak to move or call for help. Her packmates Cosette and Clopin finally chance upon her, but she knows she is dying. With the last of her strength, she pushes the child into their hands and gives her a name: Liuva Tarasova. Someday Dom would return and meet his daughter, and know that her name meant love.