Marishka, by Kiri
Date of BirthOctober 31st, 2008
Subspecies~50% canis latrans
50% canis lupus communis
Birth placeSobirat'sya
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Joining dateNovember 8, 2009,[1] May 18, 2010[2]

Marishka was a former Loner in autumn of 2009 and spring and summer of 2010.

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Relationships
    1.   2.1  Family
  3.   3.  Appearance

1.  History

Marishka was born in Sobirat'sya to a loving mother named Marya Russo, whom after a brief roll around the sack with a gruff, old pirate mercenary named Nazariy Sokolov, mothered her only child.

Marya's brother Saveli, a criminal and not very well-liked by anyone, saw an opportunity at good money when his niece was brought into the world. He had heard from some of his shady sources that a child smuggler was coming through the region and was paying very good money for young pups, very young pups. Saveli jumped at the opportunity to put some cash in his purse and after only three weeks of life Marishka was stolen by her very own uncle in the dead of night and sold off to a short tempered old woman with a crooked maw and not a very good disposition.

A few other puppies were with them, all tied to a rope and pulled along, Marishka among them. She stayed with the small group for two months, others getting bought and sold along the way, by then not knowing she had any other life but this before - save for fading scents and brief glimpses of a kind woman she could not place - and becoming accustomed to the strict old lady and viewing her in a way as a mother. Soon though Marishka was sold off to a dark and intimidating man who wore an eye-patch over his right, missing eye and walked with a well deserved limp.

At first he seemed nice, coaxing Marishka into doing chores with sweet, sugary lumps called candy. She never saw any other children and she soon came to think that this man had saved her from the woman she had once thought of as a mother. Marishka eventually gotten to calling the man daddy at his insistence and she became content with her new life. At the age of seven months though everything turned on its ear for Marishka once more. One day while bringing in milk from the cows in the barn she tripped and fell, breaking the glass bottle of milk and slicing open her palm in the fall.

Blood mixed with the milk in an obscene swirl of pink and Marishka cried softly for her daddy, sitting up and cradling her hand as he crashed into the room like the dark, menacing shadow that he was and kicked her down to the ground, beating her until her sobs became anguished cries and until eventually she lay unconscious. From that day onward she was beaten and thrown in a cage with other youths that she had not known existed. It turned out the man-she-will-not-name bought young orphans, taking care of them and treating them nicely for a time before beating them then selling their bodies to sexual sadists, buying a child only when another died, keeping only seven at a time. It seemed none lived past twelve months of life.

Marishka was not given to someone until she was eight months old for the man-she-will-not-name seemed to favor her and would not lend her for any small price. It was when a masked stranger came that the man-she-will-not-name seemed to know that Marishka was placed in a small dark room upon a bed and left in dark silence for a time. The masked man eventually came in, lighting a lamp and sitting on the edge of the bed she had curled up on.

"Wake up my child, I have come to help you escape," he said in hurried, soft tones, shaking her by the shoulder oh so gently. Marishka, having had any trust within her beaten out some time ago was reluctant to believe, but some small part of her inner child so desperately wanted to and she fell into the envelope of his gentle arms, murmuring soft "thank-yous" into the collar of the mans shirt. "I wouldn't thank me quite yet," he whispered into her ear, gripping her tighter until she struggled and panic finally set in. The masked man raped and beat her viciously, until near climax bones and muscles snapped, fur flowed and re-knit into her Optime form. The masked man threw back his head, howling out his pleasure until finally he collapsed upon her.

"What a treat," he crooned into her ear, before standing and tidying himself up as he headed for the door, turning back to look upon Marishka as she trembled helplessly on the bed and with a great sweeping bow he said "you're welcome." Before sweeping out and shutting the door behind him. Marishka lay still for quite some time afterward until her shoulders began to rise and fall softly and a fine tremble ran through her body. Though it was not tears she was trying to choke back it was laughter. The man had opened up some dark part of the girl and instead of crippling her he had enlightened her, killing the child and giving life to something quite opposite. When the man-she-will-not-name saw her for the first time in Optime form he nearly swooned with delight.

Even at this young age she was striking with her great fall of mahogany auburn hair and golden auburn fur, her eyes an unfathomable lilac. From that point on he saved her for himself, never replacing her among the seven who soon became the six. It seemed she thoroughly enjoyed the particular "attentions" he gave her though deep down a rage built up inside and her inner child was secretly plotting revenge for the innocence she had lost. It wasn't until the age of eleven months that the man-she-will-not-name had finally let down his guard enough for him to leave her next to him in his bed as he slept. He slept oh so soundly as Marishka crawled over to his side and pulled the knife from below his pillow. Oh so soundly as she drew it from its sheath and placed its tip to his neck.

Oh so soundly as she caressed his cheek and placed a passionate kiss upon his lips which roused him from his sleep only long enough for her to savor his expression as she sliced open his throat. She then preceded to cut off his left index finger to keep as a reminder of her time with him, then went and collected her things. As she left she freed the six whom all went their separate ways. Marishka then left, setting the man-she-will-not-name's house ablaze, silhouetted by the flames as she receded into the woods. Marishka, using favor and trickery, boarded a ship and crossed the sea, holding her own amongst the crew. Learning broken English, how to properly use her knife and befriending the captain who fondly called her "Little Fox", the only man able to do so without losing his tongue. A month later she unpredictably jumped ship off the shores of Halifax, now living off the land. His finger kept close to her heart and his knife kept even closer.

When landing on the beach of Halifax she ran into Rurik Russo who helped to warm her by building a fire after she washed up on shore. After her meeting with him though Marishka has remained reclusive for the seven months, not trusting anyone enough to approach them. Now though she is becoming daring and is starting to slowly closer and closer to the areas occupants.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

3.  Appearance

Always in Optime form Marishka is approximately 5'6" with long mahogany auburn hair, lilac eyes and "pretty" if not "striking" rather than beautiful features. Her body is thin and lightly muscled with just a touch of feminine curvature that she will eventually develop into. Her fur is a golden auburn, varying in shades from the lightest upon her underbelly and the darkest along her spine, with mahogany highlights that seem to glitter and move when bathed in sunlight. She has been described as fox-like more then once due to her short stature, sharp features and coloration─as well as her deceptive nature─though no one has ever said so to her face without consequence. Marishka has many scars, mainly along her upper arms and sides, from rough customers in her youth─also a scar across the right palm of her hand─and due to this abuse she prefers the modesty of clothes in the form of a black tank top and jean short-shorts. She has a knife in a outer pants sheath that is always attached to her shorts─a trophy she kept from the man-she-will-not-name after she killed him in his sleep, along with the bone of his index finger which she keeps on a necklace, close to her heart.

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