Marie Shepard

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  • This character's unknown history is up to the player/up for discussion
  • Marie comes with some baubles!
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Marie Shepard

by Jazzy



More Info

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Date of Birth

01 July 2013





Bitter, Rebellious






Birth place

North America


50% Great Plains Wolf
25% Australian Shepherd
25% Dingo




Current pack None
Current rank None

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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Forms
    2.   1.2  Modifications and Accessories
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
  4.   4.  Family
  5.   5.  History
    1.   5.1  Timeline
    2.   5.2  Threads

1.  Appearance

Would probably be tough and muscular. Size is up to player.

1.1  Forms




xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

xxx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xxx cm)

xxx lbs (xx kg)
xft xxin (xxx cm)

Slim and short furred like a Dingo. (Feel free to add details such as frequency of use etc.)

Up to player

Curvy and big shouldered. Rather bulky and tough. (Feel free to add details such as frequency of use etc.)

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Marie wears a thin headband, which she frequently ties flowers around. Her mother once taught her how to make the flowery headbands, and since then Marie tends to make them as a homage/habit.
  • Extra modifications are up to player.
  • Marie suffers from Stuttering, just like her brothers. However, through determination and practice, she's been able to control the stutter to a degree that it happens less frequently. (Example: "H-hello there, my name i-is Marie Shepard.")

2.  Personality

Rather stubborn. Confident and takes no nonsense. A harsh sense of humour and love for family and flock. Rather tom-boyish, only showing moments of feminine behaviour. (Any additions/changes are up for discussion).

Marie is a good fighter as well, self-trained to fight with her Shepherd's staff.

3.  Relationships

4.  Family

Marie belongs to the shepherding family originating from Australia, the Shepard's. There are many tied bloodlines to the family, though it is unsure whether any Shepard's beyond Marie's father travelled to North America.

Immediate Family


  • Kiko Goat:

Marie's lifetime companion, a tough goat with a personality to match his owner. (Name is up to player).

5.  History

History begins with the large Shepard family. Monty Shepard, Marie's father, was a traveller at most. His long family line over the ages had journeyed slowly from Australia to Europe. For a long while, the Shepard family lived in the Alps, there earning their last name as they raised and farmed all sorts of Sheep. The family was so large, including uncles and cousins and grandparents, that alone the Shepard's were their own pack. They were primarily lead by Monty's father, who kept the family safe from outsiders. But sickness took over the large family, carried from their flocks to the Shepards themselves. Many of the elderly members died, as did Monty's father after a year of struggling. So Monty took charge of the group, although it was now weakened. And worse was still to come for the family pack. Monty was strong like his father, but never as skilled. So numerous times, the pack was raided by others. Sheep taken, stock taken. Even moving to different areas of the Alps, Monty and his family still found themselves in trouble. Monty took it to heart each time he failed to keep the family, including their precious sheep, safe. And so he came to a decision, the family was safest on the road, constantly moving with small flocks. Others thought it was a ridiculous choice, but with all the years of tragedy, no one else had a better idea. Plus, the family knew they couldn't remain together forever. So they split, Monty's younger siblings taking shares of the flock and going off in different directions. One north, a few back to the east. And Monty, he decided to take his portion of the family overseas to the continent of America. He'd given much of his portion of the flock to his siblings, and traded off the few Sheep and supplies he'd been given off to sailors to gain access across the ocean. Monty didn't like the seas very much, it was nothing like the green fields he'd known in his life. But he stayed strong with his decision to leave to America, and was glad he stuck to it. Because not half a year into finding a life in North America, did Monty meet Bella Field, a farmer she-wolf living in a nearby pack. Monty didn't want to join the pack, stubborn in his decision to not settle down like that again after a life of failures. But he did bond to Bella when they met in neutral lands. The two sparked a romance, the only issue was Bella's pack. They didn't approve of outsiders, and so demanded that either Monty joined, or Bella left. And the bold Luperci woman bid farewell to her family, who reluctantly accepted her decision. She was given two sheep from the pack's farm, since they'd belonged to Bella anyway, as a parting gift. And like that, Monty Shepard had a flock to look after again, be it a small one. Though quite soon their numbers would increase, as Bella became pregnant with the pair's first litter together. And thus, Marie Shepard was welcomed into the world, with his tiny brother Tucker, and timid brother, Leo.

After growing up as the toughest of the litter, and looking after her two idiotic brothers, Marie was allowed to explore some more when she was older. She always returned to the group, however, but strived in the freedom she was allowed. Though, it was whilst she was searching for a way down the side of a waterfall that things changed. Marie returned to where the family cart was, only to find it abandoned, and a chunk of the rock nearby broken off to tumble down into the harsh waters below. Marie wasn't stupid, she knew that this meant her family had fallen. The flock was also missing, which worried Marie. She went to go search for the others, but couldn't find anything. In the process of searching, Marie found the bodies of her parents, easily dead from the wounds to their heads and body from being washed away. They were being searched by two lone wolves. Marie beat the two wolves away, before spending a moment mourning over her parents bodies, worrying over the safety of her two brothers. When Marie finally gave up, and returned to where the cart was, it was also missing. Marie assumed a stranger must have taken it, but no longer cared. Although she hated the circumstances for it, Marie was finally given her chance to be free. She and her goat companion explored alone, eventually making their way to Nova Scotia.

5.1  Timeline



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5.2  Threads