Maluka is the daughter of Ambrosine, born the spartan-like Impetus Cadre. She is a current loner.

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100% Canis latrans (Coyote)




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  1.   1.  History
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1.  History

Maluka was born into the Impetus Cadre, a spartan-like group that with roots tied to the crusades when wolves fed off corpses of templars. They rose again after 1988, The leaders dawning the garbs of a "superior mind" as assassins. The first ruler was usurped by his son in 2008, dubbed The General, who placed his father among the council of elders. The Impetus Cadre fell from depending on others for resources and turned to sheer conquest. The General ruled with iron claws, a council of Elders beneath him, captains, and elite trackers called The Legion. Below these Superiors were their Lessers--their workers and pupmakers. Just as the leadership had become corrupt in 2010, The General bred outside his bloodline--an insult to his family and his haram. Many of his underlings defected and mated with Lessers. Those were Maluka's kin.

Like everyone else, Maluka was subjected to mandatory brawls, pitted against per packmates in preparation for war. Fights continued and all other youths were made to shadow various professions. Maluka had an immediate affinity to the field of medicine. Taken from her squad of youths, she was grouped with and moved in with the apprentices of the medical field. She learned how to weave, how to make fire, how to make oils, poultices, how to find herbs, how to grow them from both stem cuts and seeds, how to use them, how to make poisons, how to cut off limb and define basic infection and treat.

As The General's rule was slowly challenged by his bastard look-alike son, called "The Runt", the pack began to divide unbeknowest the Lessers until a full war broke out causing confusion amongst the entire pack. Maluka went mistakenly to "The Runt's" side-- a 6 month old like herself. While simply a folly on her part, she stayed with him, was indeed inspired by him until the last battle. As "The Runt" only claimed the elderly and a few Lessers, they retreated as the last elder attempted to haul him off while The General chased closely after. The General did not return for a week.

The Impetus Cadre knew nothing of a life outside utter control and some died. Maluka managed to get back onto the other side with the Cadre. The General limped back with mortal wounds (which is terrible for a GOD), "CLAIMING" that he slain his son. As his wounds got the best of him, he let his siblings rule for a time. During this time, the Healers took great pains to cure the Cadre's Leader, which is when The General first noticed Maluka, the prodigy of herbalism. After two weeks, leadership secured once again from his family, The General began his tight rule yet again.

Maluka was hence promoted from a Lesser to the personal healer by The General's side--a great honor to all within the Cadre. The General took an infernal liking to his new pet and thought to make her his own, to break her spirit and soul, and open her veins with his fangs to drink her warm vitae; He “loved” Maluka, and all that he loved had to be perfect, for he was a GOD; perfection was merely a prerequisite. Winter of the end of her first year, she began hunting still as a Lupus the Gods commanded. What an Honor.

Next spring, the General tortured her, gently at first, horrors involving rats, suffocation or smothering, heretics forks, and water in any order, in several setting. During this year she learned more of her medical field, hunting, crafting, noble pursuits, yet she still participated in brawls. Mid Summer she was pitted against a frightened pup--the youth's first fight. Maluka could not fight the child and by refusing, she was subject to one full month in at the whims of a devilish leader. Maluka sought for an escape, and found it within defective renegades within the pack who wanted to start another rebellion. In the Fall, she was allowed to join as their healer. Life went on in stagnation and fear.

Within the early winter months, it failed to snow, but instead became dry, so arid that the grassed browned and broke, too cold for decay. A wildfire swept through the packlands on the boundaries of their homeland. Maluka saw her chance, looked upon what she had, saw nothing, and dove ahead into the fire assuming the guise of her halfling form to run through the flames as fast as she could, leaving her badly burned until she emerged into ash. She hardly rested, and continued on, getting use to truly thinking for herself. The General however, and the remainder of the Impetus Cadre survived, and He tried desperately to rebuild, but without his pet to beat and maim, his obsession took him over, like ink tainting water. He sent the Legion after her for he hoped she had not died... and if she did, he wanted proof.

She journeyed throughout the winter of 2012, embarking through the territory of other packs and diseased loners. By making use of what she could learn or use, she managed onward, thinking that the further up she went, the closer to ice she would be. If she could reach the cold, she would be a distant memory. By this time, The Legion began to understand what direction she moved and followed diligently through those to which she spoke. She was nearly and actually discovered multiple times. In Mid spring of 2013, she fled into Canada, reaching Nova Scotia in late summer. Coming to the isthmus of Nova Scotia, she tried one last desperate attempt to get away. She gathered what debris was available around her and pushed into the waters paddling as best she could across the bay. It took her a week and a half to get to the other side. Having sustained an attack from an Orca nearing the shallowing waters, she was weak, fatigued, but not without her will. Upon a desolate shore, she slowly recovered and has healed fully, finding herself within the shield of another pack.

2.  Personality

Introverted- She likes to be on her own and gains energy from being alone. Odd perhaps fro someone who works with people but it was simply how she was "raised" as a pup. She is sociable when she has to be but otherwise prefers to be alone with her thoughts. (She rarely let anyone know this preference)

Guarded- If at all possible she will avoid telling others what is on her mind, not as a way of avoiding people or to stop her from making friends, acquaintances, the ilke, etc. but to protect herself and others. It doesn't mean she feels she can pick up and leave but instead keep others from worrying. As part of her background with Natural Medicine, she did this to separate herself from others and to receive them instead of vice versa. This also makes her very cognizant of her emotions, her expressions and may make her appear very pure with her emotions, but they are filtered and distilled.

Thoughtful- She enjoys thinking, philosophy, the world, psychology, morals, ethics, all of it. While in the Cadre this was something of an indulgence, but now sees it as a necessity. Without her mind, she would indeed submit to insanity, for she would not stoop so low as for it to take her.

Intuitive- Part of the reason she is so in tune with medicine is general intuition. She can smell the healing ingredients, feel what they are intended for. Coupled with about 2 years of training since 3 months of age, she is an experienced healer. Besides her path of medicine however, she is skilled with the ability to predict. She sees "patterns" of life, about life, and can use these to tell what a person will do, say, but not indefinitely. Being young she has not yet perfected the art.

Responsible- She takes her charge seriously and puts it before her own personal desires. If she said she would do a favor or a task for someone, expect it done. If it has to be done by a certain date, expect it done early. She does what needs to be done. Work always comes before "play", but it just so happens most of her work is her "play".

Pragmatic- Simplicity. She looks for the effective method for what works in the long term. She is not one to fall prey to the easy answers; indeed, her thoughtful nature nearly prevents it. She is resourceful as she is cunning, as both are needed to see clearly, to focus on the end of a needle for the clarity and acumen of answers.

Tolerant- As she understands the world, there are some hungers that are better to not indulge in, for denial of lesser allow for denial of greater. In this, she is not bothered by not getting her way which leas directly into...

Patient- She is a soul made to wait as she is also made to act, but to act by doing nothing and to desire nothing, to let go, this is patience, and so she maintains herself in all things. Time was not made to serve so selfish a purpose of tending to wounds that are not its own, but to keep going, and Maluka hopes to mimic this.

Resilient- As she is both Patient, she also has the survival instinct of a mother. She has resigned herself to last and she will not let anyone take that away from her, even when facing death, for victory can be found there.

Cautious/Impulsive- She is both childish and keen to preserve her own life. This conflicting nature within her might cause others some amusement as it sometimes does to her.

Benevolent- If she has the ability to do good, then it is her duty to do good, even at the expense of herself. Maluka has never been one to fear death because of this. Indeed it is the natural process, and she is not afraid of the other side, but she knows others do not think as she does, others do not act as she does. Some wish harm upon the unsuspecting and defenseless, and those are her enemies. Seeking no material gain, she wishes merely to do the greatest good she can, and she'll be damned if anyone gets in her way. That is when she'll fear death, when it is due to submission. (Feeds into her unorthodox nature, hm?)

Dependable- As opposed to loyal, Maluka has always felt the desire to do good by others, but not the need, and the distinction is set clearly in her mind. While in no way would she betray those close to her (she hopes) she is there for those that need her, no matter how quiet they are.


Paranoia- She suffers from terrible paranoia: the fear of being followed, the fear of being watched, the fear she's being controlled, the fear... ETC. ETC. ETC.

PSTD- She was tortured in the other pack she lived in--The Impetus Cadre, ruled by a tyrannical dynasty of inbred, inherently insane rulers that tortured her during her second year of life.her paranoia feeds into this. Mainly she hears voices, the past echos of the propaganda she was fed for two years of her life.

3.  Appearance

A coyote!