Luna Sabino

Luna Sabino

by Luna



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Date of Birth

27 August 2008




Neutral Good







A kind of tree






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100% Great Plains Wolf




Current pack AniWaya
Current rank Kunikoti


Pack Ranks
None (I)

Luna is the daughter of Mylo Sabino and Sophia Sabino. She is a wolf, born into Ottawa. She arrived in 'Souls, looking for a pack to join, without really heading anywhere in specific. Right now she is looking forward to climbing up on her tier and, perhaps, start a family herself.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Luna has a fluent speech, with no accent whatsoever. Usually clear, but occassionally chirpy. She makes moderate use of contractions when she speaks, and uses the prompt "hm" whenever she ponders about something. She is prone to getting lost in her thoughts, so her words may be a bit more deep in these moments. She doesn't need to be spoken to to start a conversation, and gladly introduces herself to new faces within her pack. In foreign territories she is more reserved, and prefers to keep her identity as vague as possible without sounding mispolite. She knows a bit of AniWayan, so it is not unusual to hear a couple of words in this language every now and then.

1.2  Abilities



She learned all what she knows from her mother, who was a healer much before Luna was born. She was an avid student, and soon learned to distinguish a wide variety of plants and their particularities. Also, she knows how to prepare different remedies with which to cure different illnesses and pains. Needless to say, sap runs through her veins.


She has been trying to practice this skill as often as the disponibility of materials allows her. She is not keen at it, but she can manage to craft simple tools and other goods out of bone, wood and natural fibers.


She didn't survive what she did on her own out of luck! She has done so all her life, this she is very good at hunting in her Lupus form.


Horse Riding

Due to her lack of contact with horses during her childhood, she didn't contemplate the potential of these beasts as a transport device. She is used to traveling by her own feet, so she doesn't seem inclined to perfectioning this skill, but she tries, more to blend with the AniWayan ways than anything.

1.3  Residence

Character resides in the Territory of AniWaya in a small hut in The Village. It used to be made entirely by stone, but major repairs have added wood panels to the structure, mainly the ceiling. It has two rooms and a no longer usable...

1.4  NPCs


There is a ghost wolfess who used to follow Luna around. She is about the size of a siberian husky and is pure white with a pink nose (albino). Her eyes are grey, though, they are inexpressive, and Aniwayans can only guess her emotions by her body posture. She is tied to a necklace that used to be hers. It is a silver triquetra, which Luna often wore around her neck (or she kept it in her satchel). Kali is often invisible, but when she fels strong enough, she shows herself. Being shy, she doesn't often show herself to strangers, but she is growing more accustomed to AniWayans by the day. She lingers near Luna's hut, now empty after Luna's departure from AniWaya.

In September 2013, Kali lead Attila Aston and Duyugodv Ayosdi Ehn to Grandfather's Tears to show them to a dead body in the water.[1] Kali remained in AniWaya after Luna's departure, but eventually disappeared during the 2015 AniWaya Flood Plot.

Mihewi (mee-HE-wee)

Luna's female Spirit Guide. She has the looks of a long-tailed weasel (Mustela Frenata), with the characteristic maroon coat and yellow underbelly, white cheeks and lips and dark tipped tail. Other than the fact that she is a spirit, she can be told apart from a regular weasel by her intelligent-looking eyes, which always seem to hide some deep knowledge behind them.

Despite her size, Mihewi has an attitude, and it displeases her when she's left out of an important conversation and has something to say. In an argue, she usually has the last word, and holds it navely. These displays of loftiness, although annoying to some point, always carry the best intentions behind them, for she takes her task as a Spirit Guide very seriously, and is always looking forward to see her cargo going in the right direction.

2.  Appearance

Sizing Chart





100 lbs
(45 kg)

32.6 in
(83 cm)


200 lbs
(91 kg)

40.3 in
(102 cm)


220 lbs
(82 kg)

6'4" (76 in)
(193 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


Her pelt, naturally thick and built for cold weather, is thicker around her neck, along her spine and between her hind legs. Strong, but she is rather built for speed and agility. This form is used to travel or to hunt.


In her Secui form she gains more masculine features and her mane grows longer than the rest of her pelt, getting darker than usual. This form is used mainly for fighting or when she needs the extra fur, so it is the least visited of them all.


The last one, her Optime form, is the most visited because of its utility. In this form, her mane turns into long, dark-colored hair. Because she seldom cuts it, it reaches her mid back. It is curly and thick. After the AniWayan war, she pulls all her hair back, leaving her vision free of obstacles. Her complexion is athletic, with well toned tights but a lean torso. In this form she has a thinner pelt, but with small tuffs in her elbows, her throat and her knees. Her canines poke out of her lips, but barely, so this isn't very noticeable. When she walks, she carries a very secure pace, standing tall and self-confident.

2.2  Build & Species

She is slightly bigger than the average female. Her figure is slender, with long, slender legs and a thin body, and well-toned muscles in her tights and her shoulders.

2.3  Coloration & Fur

Her pelt is mainly a mix of a dark shade of chestnut with darker spots on her mane, her shoulders and the tip of her tail. The back of her ears, her face and the tip of her toes are of a very dark auburn shade, which is easily confused with black. The mask of dark brown of her face covers the area around her eyes, touching her eyebrows, her muzzle and part of her cheeks. The area between her hind legs and up to her belly button is predominantly beige. Her winter coat isn't very different, only that several beige hairs grow between the brown ones, giving her a lighter shade.

3.  Personality

Luna is a very optimistic and cheerful wolf, who always tries to see the positive side of the situation. She is easy going and patient with people in general, but specially with youngsters and pups. In fact, she loves pups, and is likely that she will end up playing with them, if she finds the opportunity. She is intelligent and very skilled in her area. However, this is not apparent in first sight. She is the kind of person who will never doubt to save somebody, asking for nothing in return. She enjoys learning new things and sharing points of view with others. It is hard to catch her in a bad mood. In the other hand, she can be naive when somebody questions her beliefs or her way of thinking, or even her knowledge without a solid proof. And even then, it is difficult to make her change her mind. Despite being hard to offend, when the offense is done and has touched sensible strings, she doesn't forgive easily, and may hold a grudge for a very long time. Only when the things have cooled down and the offender has apologized sincerely, she will forgive and try to forget. She is loyal to her family and to those who deserve her loyalty.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

Immediate Family

  • Parents: Sophia Sabino and Mylo Sabino
  • Half-Siblings: Cairo Sabino and Iris Sabino

5.  History

For the first five months of her life, Luna does not remember anything. The only memory being about her mother running away from somewhere with her. During her childhood, she lived with her mother, Sofía, in the middle of a forest in Ottawa. Despite being alone, Sofía always made sure that her daughter didn’t lack of anything, hunting by herself to feed them both. Since she was young, Luna proved to be a fast learner; reading even before she was able to shift. And soon after, she developed a passion for herbolary. Sofía was a skilled healer, and she introduced her daughter to this practice. She taught Luna how to distinguish between the different kinds of healing plants that grew in their surroundings, and how to use them properly.

When Luna turned one year old, her mother decided that she was old enough to wander along with her to find other wolves. So both females left their small shelter, with the purpose of finding a permanent family. During that time, Luna improved her skills as a hunter as well as a healer, under the guidance of her mother. They wandered for several weeks, until they reached an abandoned city. The place was inhabited by other canines, who formed some kind of society. The females were warmly welcomed by the residents, and were given permission to stay for as long as they wanted. Sofía chose a store in a mall centre as their residence, and they established there. During the next few days, when both of them went sightseeing around the city, they met many other residential wolves. One coywolf in particular, however, a male named Ursus, was one who sympathized with them the most. He showed them the rest of the city, as well as the best hunting places and watering holes.

To their surprise, Ursus lived only a few stores away from Sofía’s and Luna’s place. As the days passed, he hung around with them frequently, chatting and telling each other stories. With time, Ursus began to develop feelings for Sofía, who reciprocated them. It was not long before they became mates. As for Luna, she began to become more independent. She often explored the city – making friends and spending time with them. It was only a matter of time that she, too, found a mate. His name was Liam, a loner wolf and a musician. Luna loved him as well as his music, which encouraged her to find a hidden talent: dancing. The couple was often seen in the forest; Liam playing his flute and Luna dancing beside him. Sofía and Ursus (who saw Luna as his daughter by now), approved of their relationship, claiming that that Liam was an adorable wolf. After several months, the couple were making plans to live together in order to start a family.

Eight months after the arrival to the city, things were looking up for Luna and her mother. However, the situation took a turn for the worst. One morning, when Luna went to visit Liam, he was nowhere to be found. She walked around the city, thinking that she would find him there, but to no avail. Even as some of her friends joined the search, he didn’t turn up, and Luna was close to giving up the search. Luna was passing an alleyway when a familiar, pungent scent floated in her direction. Turning, she looked upon the mangled corpse of her mate, Liam, brutally beaten and dumped carelessly away. Luna was completely shocked, and stood there frozen for a few moments until she saw a shadow moving in the distance. In that moment, Luna turned and ran away, too shocked to even cry. She kept running, fueled by adrenaline, until she reached home. When she got there, she fainted – overcome with sorrow and fear. Sofía and Ursus were concerned, as they caught their frightened daughter. Moments later, a friend of Luna’s appeared, who had found Liam’s body shortly after she had, and told the scared parents what had occurred. Sofía feared that her daughter would loose her memory when she woke up, too traumatized by fear of what she had seen, so she decided to change the whole story. When Luna finally woke up, it was as Sofía had predicted – Luna barely had memories of Liam, coming to her own conclusion that Liam had disappeared long ago. Therefore, no one told Luna anything about the incident, deciding it was best for her that she never know.

Liam's murder was only the first of several mysterious deaths. The residents of the city were very scared, fearing for their lives. One by one, the wolves left the area. Luna and her family were one of the last ones to leave, heading back to the place where everything began: The old cottage. Once they were settled back home, they went on with their lives as a family. Soon enough, Sofía became pregnant again, and things were slowly starting to look up. Luna was excited by the idea of having siblings, as she loved pups. Though she had lost her memory of Liam, her knowledge of herbalism remained, and Luna helped her mother during the pregnancy and with the delivery. But after the pups were born, her mother and adoptive father paid more attention to the pups than to Luna. The young female then realized that it was time for her to take her leave and find a family of her own. Neither Ursus nor Sofía were very happy with the idea, but they decided to let her go. Before Luna's departure, Sofía packed a few things for her first daughter, to have and to remember them by: A book about medicine, a skirt that Sofia had found during their stay in the city, her own journal, and a letter. Sofia made Luna promise that she would not open the letter until she had found and made her own family, and Luna reluctantly agreed. With those gifts, Luna departed, wandering for several months alone using her growing knowledge of hunting and medicine. It was only recently that she discovered the lands of 'Souls, where she now resides.

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